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Backup Windows Live Mail Email Folders with Complete Data

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Summary: If you require continued access to Windows Live Mail even after undesirable events such as the inadvertent loss of emails or the theft of data, the only solution is to create a backup. Email backup is the protection against unforeseeable tragedy. Thus, if you also need to backup Windows Live Mail emails and save them in a secure location, continue reading this article.

Why Should You Secure Windows Live Mail Emails ?

  1. The fundamental objective of creating a backup of emails is to protect the confidentiality. If you accidentally delete emails, the only way to retrieve them is to create a backup of them beforehand and store it in a secure location.
  2. The second and more convincing point is that the Windows Live Mail account is almost out of date. It is time to move on to a different email service. It will be easier for you to make use of the Windows Live Mail messages in another email client, such as Outlook or Windows 10 Mail if you secure them up first.

An Instant Solution to Backup Windows Live Mail Emails

It is highly recommended that you use the Windows Live Mail Converter tool to create a copy of Windows Live Mail to a number of different alternatives. It is a comprehensive method for saving copies of Windows Live Mail elsewhere,. Be it on a local machine, in another email client, or on the cloud. The software can copy your Windows Live Mail inbox to other email clients like Outlook. We’ve compiled a summary of everything you need to know and do to get started with the software. So have a look and get started with backing up your Windows Live Mail messages.

download button

Complete Steps to Secure Windows Live Mail Messages

  • Click the button above to download the software. After that, you can begin by installing and running the software to backup Windows Live Mail storage folders.download windows live mail backup tool
  • Choose the option to Open Configured Windows Live Mail Accounts or Folder from the tab’s Open drop-down menu.select windows live mail folder option
  • Now browse the Windows Live Mail folders you want to secure and get them into the tool.browse windows live mail files
  • You may view the emails before performing a backup. You may also preview emails in Hex and raw mode.preview emails
  • Now, click the Export tab and select your preferred saving option.
    select saving option
  • Click the browse button to select desired destination for output files. Finally click the Save button to backup Windows live Mail messages.click save button to backup windows live mail emails
  • Your Windows Live Mail messages will now be backed up to the location you specified. You will be informed once it is complete.backup process completion

So, that is ow you may secure Windows Live Mail massages to various alternatives with the aid of the tool. Now, if you’d like to know a bit more about the tool, check out its traits below.

Find Some Traits of the Windows Live Mail Backup Tool

  • Bulk Backup Capability: The tool is quite powerful and gives you the ability to backup Windows Live Mail emails in bulk. You are able to secure an unlimited number of emails in parallel to any of the several storage options that are currently accessible.
  • Backup Particularly: If you do not need to secure all of your data, you may choose which parts of it to backup specifically. The Windows Live Mail backup software also lets you retrieve attachments, email addresses, and contact information from your account.
  • Data Analysis: The software also gives you the ability to review Windows Live Mail messages. You have the option of seeing all of your emails in a raw or hexadecimal format for further in-depth research.
  • Offers Multiple Saving Options: The utility is comprehensive and offers several saving possibilities. If you desire to backup Windows Live Mail messages in Thunderbird, Windows 10 Mail or Outlook account; it is possible with the aid of the tool.
  • Secure Emails in Online Servers: You will also have the opportunity to backup Windows Live Mail folders to web servers such as Gmail, Office 365, Yahoo, and any other IMAP-compatible client via the use of this software.
  • Complete Secured App: The recommended¬† software is entirely safe and preserves the integrity of your data. During the backup operation, the original file structure will be retained and nothing will be altered.


You may now backup Windows Live Mail emails in an effective and expedient manner. We have made available to you a professional tool for the accomplishment of the task. You can use the suggested software to secure Windows Live Mail folders to a number of other platforms. Using the tool, you can create backups of the messages in Windows Live Mail in MBOX, PDF, and other formats. You may finish your backup right now by utilizing the software by downloading it for free from the link above.