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How to Import Windows Live Mail to Yahoo Directly With All Attachments?

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So you’re finally considering ditching your Windows Live Mail account? Have you chosen a platform for WLM data storage or are you still looking for one that meets your needs? Well, you can think of Yahoo; this account will provide you with as many benefits as you can imagine. So, if you choose this platform and wish to import Windows Live Mail to Yahoo, let us guide you.

You can consider Yahoo a great replacement for WLM for many reasons. So let’s bring you some of the top perks that can strengthen your decision to use Yahoo to import Windows Live Mail accounts.

Why Choose Yahoo to keep WLM Data?

  • Yahoo account gives you 1TB of large storage space for your data; which will not be fulfilled anytime soon. So you can keep large amounts of WLM files in it.
  • You can protect your data better in the Yahoo account than on the hard drive. The reason for this is that all data is stored on a cloud server and if you accidentally delete an item, you have the option of getting it back. On the other hand, if your drive crashed, you have no chance of getting it back.
  • Yahoo account gives you more flexibility in accessing your information. Well, cloud accounts like Yahoo can be accessed from any device, which is not possible in desktop-based clients like WLM. You get the flexibility and mobility to access your data without being tied to a specific device.

So, these are just a few of the many compelling reasons to use a Yahoo account. Therefore, in order to receive these benefits and to have this experience, you must first import Windows Live Mail to Yahoo.

In order to enable such a data migration, we therefore offer you a tool that fully supports you throughout your entire journey. So let’s take a look and find out the most amazing migration tool you can ever use to import Windows Live Mail to Yahoo!

Windows Live Mail to Yahoo Migration Tool: An All-in-one Data Migrator

The application that was specially developed for migrating the WLM and not only intended to import Windows Live Mail to Yahoo, but also to make it the easiest migration is Windows Live Mail Converter. This application is completely efficient for your job as it can import your data in bulk.

Yes, no matter how many files or folders you have, this app is designed in such a way that you only have to spend a few minutes with your migration, even with the large amount of data.

So let us explain how you can migrate large amounts of data. For this purpose, we offer you the step-by-step guide on how to migrate Windows Live Mail to Yahoo directly. So please go through each instruction and find out how the tool works.

Step-by-step Guide to Import Windows Live Mail to Yahoo

  • Download Windows Live Mail to Yahoo Migrator by clicking the link below. Install it according to the terms and conditions.
    download button
  • Launch the tool to migrate Windows Live Mail to Yahoo!start the windows live mail to yahoo migrator
  • Now click on the Open tab and then either on Select Configured Account or Folder. Here we select Choose Folder.click folder option
  • Browse through all of the WLM files that you want to migrate to Yahoo and upload them to the tool.browse windows live mail folders
  • You can now see that all of your selected data has been loaded into the field on the left. Here at this step you can preview your data before migrating it.preview emails
  • After previewing the data, click the Export tab, then choose IMAP.select imap saving option
  • Enter the Yahoo email address and password, provide the IMAP server name and port for it. Now finally click the Save.import windows live mail to yahoo

Want to learn more about Windows Live Mail to Yahoo Migrator?

We recommend that you go through some of the qualities of the tool. These will help you go deeper into the tool and then you will know how valuable this tool is to you and your migration.

What Makes WLM to Yahoo Migrator Perfect for You?

  • It has simple user interface so you won’t find any issue using it even for the first time.
  • This tool automatically detects the account that you configured with Windows Live Mail.
  • Also allows you to migrate selected folders and deselect all unnecessary WLM folders.
  • You can also manually select the WLM files / folders and upload them to the software.
  • This software import Windows Live Mail to Yahoo in bulk, with no slow process and error.
  • It supports the migration of overall properties associated with your Live Mail account.
  • Gives you a preview of all emails, contacts and linked attachments of your WLM account
  • It’s also helpful for forensic investigator as it provides hex, raw-views of WLM emails.
  • Offers you to attach the email header of your WLM emails before migrating them to Yahoo.

In Conclusion

Import Windows Live Mail to Yahoo in the most amazing and easy way. WLM to Yahoo Migrator made it possible for you. It is an amazing tool with a lot of amazing benefits for you. There are different functions that you can use to serve different purposes and to fortify your data migration service. Its licensed version also allows you to export data from Windows Live Mail to other services; such as Office 365, Gmail, Outlook, Thunderbird, PDF and more. So if you find this tool that will meet all of your needs, give it a try.