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Manually Export Windows Live Mail to MBOX File Format

Admin ~ Published: 30-Aug-2022 ~ Windows Live Mail ~ 5 Minutes Reading

Numerous users want to switch from Windows Live Mail to MBOX files. There are valid reasons for such a data transfer, such as the fact that Windows Live Mail is an out-dated email service and MBOX is the file format that supports countless email accounts, such as the commonly used Thunderbird. Consequently, if you are among the users who desire to export Windows Live Mail to MBOX, you may find the ideal solution in this post.

How to Export Windows Live Mail to MBOX?

Note: To manually export email from Windows Live Mail to MBOX, the first step is to utilise the Thunderbird email account. To complete your job, you must utilise a Thunderbird email account that is compatible with MBOX. Follow the detailed instructions to build MBOX files from Microsoft Live Mail emails.
  • Authenticate using your Windows Live Mail account.
  • Navigate to the File menu, choose Options, and then select Mail.
  • Select the Advanced tab, and then click the Maintenance option.
  • Click the Store Folder’s icon to get access.
  • Here is the whole path of your message; feel free to copy and paste it.
  • Now, if you follow the path and go to the folder containing EML files, you will discover that all messages are saved in EML format. This will become evident when visiting the folder in question.
  • Once the location of all EML files has been discovered, it is time to import them into the Thunderbird application.

Now that you’ve found your Windows Live Mail data in EML files, you may go on. It’s time to import your EML messages into Thunderbird and convert them to .mbox files. You will need to install the Thunderbird email client, if you don’t have one, before you can export Windows Live Mail to MBOX format.

Import Windows Live Mail EML Files into Thunderbird Account

  • Create a new folder in which to keep the eml files. Consider, for instance: MailImportedFromWLMAccount
  • Use the right mouse button to choose the newly created folder.
  • Simply choose the directory, then select “Import all messages from a directory” from the ImportExportTools menu in Thunderbird account.
  • Find the folder labelled “eml files” on the desktop of your computer.
  • Ensure that every folder inside the directory is chosen.
  • Each mail will be imported with its matching folder structure inside the MailImportedFromWLMAccount folder.

Once all of the EML files have been loaded into Thunderbird, you may export them in MBOX format. So, that is how you may export Windows Live Mail to MBOX manually, which seems to be difficult and requires a lot of technical expertise.

Limitation of the Manual Approach

  • To use the manual method, you must have technical expertise.
  • The manual method is both time-consuming and difficult.
  • A Thunderbird account must be installed on your computer.

Thus to eliminate all of the limitations of the manual technique, we have outlined an option that is considerably superior to the manual one. As a result, examine it.

A Professional Way to Convert Windows Live Mail to MBOX

If you want to import email from Windows Live Mail to MBOX with the least amount of time and effort, utilise the Windows Live Mail Converter application. With the help of the software, multiple Windows Live Mail messages may be exported to MBOX at once. In addition, it provides a concise overview of the procedures to be followed to complete the work. In order to fully grasp the program’s working process, we advise review it below.

download button

Complete Steps to Professionally Export Email to Microsoft Live Mail to MBOX

  • After running the tool, you need to click on Open tab and then select either Windows Live Mail Accounts or Folder.select windows live mail account or folder
  • Start navigating all Windows Live Mail files and import them into the application.start browsing the files
  • Once all files have been uploaded to the application, you may preview them.preview emails
  • Now, go to the Export Tab and select MBOX as the saving option.select mbox as saving option
  • By clicking the Browse button, you may choose where the output files should be saved. Now, simply click the Save button to export Windows Live Mail to MBOX file.click save to export windows live mail to mbox

When the conversion from Windows Live Mail to MBOX is complete, you will be notified. Easy conversion of Microsoft Live Mail emails to MBOX is now possible; thanks to the tool. If you’re interested in learning more about the software, please read on.

Learn More about the Professional Windows Live Mail to MBOX Conversion Tool

  • It allows you to mass convert Windows Live Mail to MBOX files.
  • Allows you to pick a Windows Live Mail account if you have one set; otherwise, you must manually select the files to convert.
  • Provides a preview of all Windows Live Mail files before converting them.
  • For in-depth research, you may view Windows Live Mail emails in Hex and raw format.
  • It has a search tool for finding any given attribute among hundreds of files.
  • Compatible with all Windows operating system versions, including 11, 10, 8, 7, and so on.


We’ve included both manual and automatic methods to export Windows Live Mail to MBOX. While the manual method requires a Thunderbird or other MBOX-compatible email account, the automatic method is fully independent. The automatic Windows Live Mail email to MBOX converter also allows you to convert Windows Live Mail emails to Outlook, Windows 10 Mail, Gmail, and other accounts.