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How to Migrate Windows Live Mail to Office 365 — Query Solved

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Looking for a way to migrate Windows Live Mail to Office 365 ? If yes, continue with the expert tutorial.

Here, we will bring on the answer for all such queries:

  • How to export Windows Live Mail to Outlook 365?
  • Can you export Windows Live Mail to Outlook 365 on another computer?
  • Which are the most liked Windows Live Mail to Office 365 tool
  • How to convert Windows Live Mail contacts to Outlook 365?

After reading the complete guide, you can confidently migrate Windows Live Mail emails, contacts, calendars, and more into Office 365 mailbox.

Quick & Potential Solution

The ultimate way to migrate Windows Live Mail to Office 365 / Outlook 365 is with DotStella Windows Live Mail Converter. It is an expert solution to export all data from WLM profile to O365 mailbox without any trouble. The software has an easy-to-use interface and smooth functionality. No chance of any risk and freedom to test the utility free of cost!

Office 365 is a complete business applications suite accessed by thousands of organizations. The Microsoft application provides services like Excel, PowerPoint and Word for free.

Most organizations prefer Office 365 to store the entire database on the cloud with powerful security features. There can be many other good reasons for choosing Microsoft Outlook 365 as the primary email service.

On the other hand, Windows Live Mail is a retarded desktop-based email application. Its instability and multiple errors frustrate users at the end of the day. This one of the biggest reasons people are looking for alternates like Office 365 for Windows Live Mail migration.

Moreover, there are some significant benefits offered by Office 365 than Windows Live Mail. Check out the list below:

Top 3 Big Advantages Of Office 365 You Can’t Miss Out.

  1. Exchange Online Accessibility: Office 365 applications are easy to access and can be used through its Web UI or mobile applicationsOn the other hand, the Windows Live Mail email application is limited to the client or web interface.
  2. Sharing function: Office 365 provides a different file sharing option, where you can quickly transfer or share any file. Its advantages are minimal and can be optimized for sharing.
  3. Global access: Office 365 is the default application that can access globally. On the other hand, Windows Live Mail has limited access.

Now, we have done enough talking about Windows Live Mail and Office 365. Let’s now move on to the professional solution that helps you import windows live mail to outlook 365 with complete precision.

The Different Ways To Export Windows Live Mail To Office 365 

In general, there are two methods to export Windows Live Mail to Office 365 – Manual and Automatic. In the below section, we will detail both the method. The user can choose as per the need.

Solution 1: Easy Way To Import Windows Live Mail to Outlook 365 With Professional Software 

Windows Live Mail Converter is an expert-recommended application for directly migrating WLM mailboxes to O365 account. It doesn’t require any external installation or plug-in.

Users can choose single or multiple WLM folders for the task. The best thing about the software, you can see a prescribed preview of WLM emails. It has other many advantages that we will highlight in the upcoming sections.

Can I Test The Professional Software Absolutely Free of Cost?

Yes, users can evaluate the working of expert solutions free of cost and without providing payment details. All you need to do is download Windows Live Mail to Office 365 tool demo edition. Select the first 10 WLM emails and migrate into O365 easily.

Next, you can switch to the licenced edition of the software. It allows users to move bulk WLM emails into Office 365 with attachments.

The Complete Tutorial of Software

The following steps and pictures let you convert windows live mail to outlook 365 smartly and safely.

So, here we go!

download software

  • Go to Open Tab and select Windows Live Account from it.click open button
  • Now, select Choose Folder and pick required WLM folders from saved location.click choose folder option
  • The software analyzes all the emails present in the WLM folder. Please check the required folder for Windows Live Mail to Office 365 migration.browse wlm folders
  • Users can now preview WLM emails in the specific Preview window with options like Hex view, Properties, Header information, and raw message.view emails
  • Go to Export tab in the menu and select Office 365 in the email services section.select office 365 as saving option

Then, fill the credentials of your Office 365 account such as user name and password. Please provide the details correct. Finally, click on the Save button and start Windows Live Mail to Office 365 export process.

Customers can see the final results in their Office 365 account with a folder named Windows Live Mail. That’s it for the automated solution.

The Complete Feature List of Windows Live Mail to Office 365 Tool

  • Complete and Error-free Method: Customers often complaints that they face many errors when exporting WLM to Office 365 another computer. Using the expert solution, anyone can convert WLM to O365 directly and safely.
  • Independent Solution: One of the best things about the software is it is standalone software. A user doesn’t need to install any other application to export Windows Live Mail to Outlook 365.
  • Preview All WLM Emails With Attachments: It is one of the powerful features of the software. Now, users can view emails and respective properties easily in the preview mode.
  • Extract Phone Number and Email Addresses: The professionals can also extract WLM contacts using the software without any trouble.
  • Simplified GUI: The software interface is clear and easy-to-understand. Using the automated way, one can easily import Windows Live Mail to Outlook 365 with accuracy.

Solution 2: Manual Way to Move Windows Live Mail To Outlook 365

Phase1: Convert Windows Live Mail to Outlook

First, Open Windows Live Mail. Then go to “Export Email” and select “Export Mail“.

After that, select “Exchange Server” and click “Next“>> Now, you must click “Yes” on the confirmation window.

Select your Windows Live Mail EML folder >> finally, click the “OK” tab.

After transferring the EML file from Windows Live Mail to PST Outlook, we must export the PST from the Outlook email client through the Import and Export Wizard.

Phase 2- Extract PST Files

  • Open Outlook and go to the “File” button. Then select “Import and Export Wizard“.
  • Now, select “Export File” from the new window and go to “Personal Folder File” (.pst). Then press the Next button, and then select the imported EML data file.
  • Please include the location where you want to store these files and protect them with any password. Then, click the OK tab.
  • Finally, after following the above steps, you can get the PST file on your computer, and now you have to export to an Office 365 account.

Phase-3: Import PST Files in Office 365

After extracting all PST files, import into the Office 365 account through Online Upload or mailing method.

Isn’t The Above Long & Complicated?

The above steps are tedious and challenging. Moreover, it requires the number of email application active on your machine, such as MS Outlook, Windows Live Mail, etc.

We recommend you choose automated professional software to get rid of long and confusing steps. The utility easily migrates Windows Live to Office 365 and also to Yahoo, Gmail, Outlook, Thunderbird, Windows 10 Mail, PDF and more. with complete accuracy.