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Export Windows Live Mail to PDF With All Attachments In Just a Few Steps

Admin ~ Modified: 30-May-2023 ~ Export ~ 5 Minutes Reading

Do you want to switch from your Windows Live Mail but don’t want to import its data into another email account? Well, you can try the PDF. This platform is best for keeping large amounts of files and then you won’t have to use another account to access WLM data. So, if you find this suggestion valuable and want to move on with this, let us explain how to export Windows Live Mail to PDF.

Well PDF is the one that solves your problem of not using any other email client to save the WLM data. There are many reasons for this, so take a look at these and see what values you can generate for your data by choosing such a platform.

Why Export Windows Live Mail to PDF Format?

  • Well the first and foremost reason is that you can store a large amount of data in it. This will make it easier for you to manage your data as you only have to manage one or two PDF files instead of hundreds of WLM files.
  • PDF files do not require an internet connection to open. You can open it anytime, regardless of whether you have a proper network or not.
  • This PDF file can be opened with any standard app on your device, so you don’t have to buy an expensive app for it.
  • On the other hand, they are flexible, and you can even open them on your phone, making it easier for you to access your important information whether you have your computer or not as you can keep them on your phone.

Now found it more sensible to keep the WLM data in PDF after reviewing all of these benefits. Well, trust us; you will get more benefits than those discussed. So now if you’re ready to export Windows Live Mail to PDF, let us bring you something.

We are now offering you the best Windows Live Mail to PDF Converter as this is the possible way to accomplish this task. So go through it and see how it helps you convert Windows Live Mail to PDF.

Windows Live Mail to PDF Converter: An Advanced Method to Migrate WLM Files

Windows Live Mailbox Converter is an application designed only to migrate data from Live Mail account or files. Hence, you can think of it as a specific tool for your specific data migration. It gives you the option to convert data from both configured accounts and if you are not set up with one you can also select the data individually as this app lets you do that.

So let us tell you how to select accounts or files in this Windows Lie Mail to PDF Converter. To do this, we need to explain the associated process to you, so follow it and use it to export Windows Live Mail to PDF.

Check out The Step-by-step Process to Export Windows Live Mail to PDF

  • Download Windows Live Mail to PDF Converter on your WLM configured device by using the link below. Install it following to the given instructions.
    download button
  • Launch Windows Live mail to PDF Converter to convert WLM to PDF format.start the tool
  • Now click on Open tab and then on either Open Configured Windows Live Mail Accounts or Choose Folder. Here, we select the Choose Folder.choose folder option
  • Navigate through the Windows Live Mail Folders you want to convert to PDF and prepare to get them into the Windows Live Mail to PDF Converter.browse wlm folders
  • You will now see that all of your selected Live Mail data has been appeared into the left pane of ​​the WLM Converter. Here, if you need; you can preview all of your WLM emails.preview emails
  • Click on Export Tab and then on PDF in the drop-down list.select pdf saving option
  • Browse and select the final destination for your resulting files. Now hit on the Save button visible on the top right corner.click save to export windows live mail to pdf
  • Your conversion will now start in a moments. Once this is completed, you will be informed. You will also be given an “Open Folder” tab to access the resulting files location directly from the tool.click open folder

For a better understanding of the Windows Live Mail to PDF Converter, we are now offering you some of its functions. We encourage you to go through them and find out how this application can be your best asset and perfect for your data migration.

WLM to PDF Converter: Discover Its Advantages

  • Gives you dual mode option to select data either through setup accounts or files.
  • Bulk export Windows Live Mail to PDF along with all attachments and other items.
  • Offers a preview of all WLM attachments, email and its hex, raw view and email headers.
  • It also supports creating a single or separate PDF for all of your Windows Live Mail folders.
  • Allows you to find a specific email or property in the WLM data using the search function.
  • Allows you to choose the destination you want for your files by browsing it in the tool.
  • Include the email header of all your WLM emails so you can check their path after export.

In Conclusion

You can now export Windows Live Mail to PDF along with all attachments, emails, and other properties. This has become possible thanks to the availability of Windows Live Mail to PDF Converter. It’s an all-in-one application that gives you a lot of great benefits and easy travel. It has a free trial version that enables limited conversion. When you purchase to its license version you may also be able to export Windows live mail to Thunderbird as well as Windows live mail to Windows 10 mail and other alternatives. So, if you prefer amazing data migration with total reliability, you have to try WLM Converter.