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Migrate Gmail to IMAP Server With Complete Associated Folders

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Would you like to migrate Gmail to IMAP? Do you not have the slightest idea whether or not this is even possible? If you answered “yes,” then you should go ahead and read this article. You could discover an absolutely incredible solution to transfer Gmail account to any other account that uses the IMAP protocol here. Therefore, if you want to migrate Gmail folders to IMAP server in a timely and efficient manner, we recommend that you continue reading the information that is provided below.

An All-in-one Way to Export Gmail to IMAP

Gmail Backup Wizard is one of the most remarkable Gmail to IMAP migration tools available. It’s a tool for transferring Gmail messages to any account that supports IMAP server. You may use the tool to export Gmail folders to Yahoo, Hotmail, Zoho, and other email services by simply entering the corresponding IMAP server name and port number. It gives you control over the whole process and allows you to pick the data you wish to migrate rather than moving all connected data. We recommend that you read the step-by-step instructions below to learn how to utilize the tool.

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What Are the Steps to Migrate Gmail to IMAP?

  • Simply click the download link above to get the software required to migrate Gmail folders to IMAP server. Install it, and then launch it to begin the Gmail to IMAP migration process.download gmail to imap migration tool
  • After the software has finished starting up, go to click the Open tab, and after that, select the Add Account option from the drop-down menu.click add account option
  • Provide your Gmail account information. After entering your Gmail email address and password, select the Add After that, the app will load all pertinent data.enter gmail credentials
  • When all of the folders connected to your Gmail account have been imported into the tool, you will be able to preview the contents of those folders.preview emails
  • After you have finished analyzing the data in your Gmail account, you will need to click on the Export After that, you will need to pick the IMAP option from the selection that drops down.select saving option
  • In order to migrate Gmail to IMAP, you will first need to provide your login details for IMAP account, and then click the Save.click save to migrate gmail to imap
  • The relocation will now get underway as soon as possible. As soon as the transition from Gmail to IMAP has been completed successfully, you will be notified.migration completion

This concludes the software-assisted transition from Gmail to IMAP. Now that the data migration has been successfully completed, it is time to evaluate the tool’s attributes. Examine the following list of the software’s characteristics to determine its effectiveness.

Discover Some Traits of the Gmail to IMAP Migration Tool

  • Batch Migration Capabilities: You have the ability to migrate all of your data at once from Gmail to IMAP using the mass data migration feature. This tool gives users the ability to choose and export an unlimited number of Gmail folders at once.
  • Transmit of All Data: The app provides you with the capability of transferring all of the data included within Gmail mailboxes. You are not restricted in any way in moving items to the IMAP server, including attachments and contacts.
  • Selective Data Migration: Customers have the option to selectively move their data from Gmail to IMAP using this tool. The decision of which folders to transfer and which to keep in their current condition is entirely up to you.
  • System Support: It is compatible with all versions of Microsoft’s Windows operating system. As a direct result of this, you will not be required to upgrade your operating system. You may migrate Gmail to IMAP on Windows 11, 10, 8.1, 8, and earlier versions.
  • Standalone: There are no other tool required to migrate Gmail folders to IMAP server. This Gmail email to IMAP migration tool is self-sufficient and capable of completing the work without the support of settings.


We have presented you with the most advantageous option available to migrate Gmail to IMAP. The application for migrating emails from Gmail to IMAP is user-friendly and needs only a few steps to complete. It includes a trial version, which you may obtain by following the link provided above. You are able to migrate Gmail folders to IMAP server using the free version, in addition to another Gmail, iCloud, Exchange, ProtonMail, and other services. As a consequence of this, we highly suggest that you evaluate the application so that you can quickly complete your assignment.