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How to Migrate Gmail to Another Gmail with All Mailboxes and Properties?

Admin ~ Published: 25-Oct-2021 ~ Migration ~ 4 Minutes Reading

Are you having a storage issue with your Gmail account or is it a security issue? We suspect that maybe it is time to secure your account, but don’t worry; you don’t have to choose any other platform. You can use the same account. All you have to do is migrate Gmail to another Gmail.

Gmail is a cloud-based account and all data storage is on a server. So, if you have been using it for many years, at some point you will face the space problem that leads to not receiving other emails that can negatively affect you.

There are many points that indicate that you need to move your account information elsewhere, such as: have a problem opening your account, securing data, dealing with contingencies and other problems.

Well whatever the problem, the good thing about all of this is that you can use the same account to hold your data. So let’s introduce you to the best way to Migrate Gmail to another Gmail so you can get what you want quickly.

Gmail to Gmail Migration Tool: A Specific Tool

The Gmail Backup Tool, we developed this very powerful tool to migrate all emails from Gmail to Gmail. It is very specific and transfers the data directly without using any other platform. This software supports exporting the data from multiple accounts, so you can achieve your goal in a few moments, regardless of which account you want to transfer data from.

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To introduce you to the Gmail to Gmail Migration Tool in detail, we will first explain the process to migrate Gmail to another Gmail. We offer you step-by-step instructions, which you follow carefully and familiarize yourself with.

Quickly Migrate Gmail to another Gmail Using the Proposed Program

  • “Download the Gmail to Gmail Migration Tool” on your Windows compatible device. After downloading, install and launch the tool to migrate emails from Gmail to another Gmail.download gmail to gmail migration tool
  • Click on the “Open” tab visible in the upper right corner. Select “Add Account” to choose your Gmail.click add account option
  • “Enter the Gmail email address and password”, also provide the server name and port number for your Gmail account, then click “Add”.enter gmail credentials
  • The tool will verify your provided credentials and then “upload all of the Gmail account folders” to the left pane.loaded gmail folders
  • Now click on the “Export” tab and then select the “Gmail” account from the various storage options.select gmail as saving option
  • “Enter your backup Gmail address and password” and click the Save button that appears in the top left corner.click save to migrate gmail to another gmail
  • Your “process will now begin” to migrate Gmail to another Gmail. Once the data is successfully exported, you can access the Gmail account to which you migrated the data directly from the “Open Gmail”.click open gmail option

Your task is now completely done.

Now, let’s get to the benefits of the Gmail to Gmail migration tool. We would now like to bring you some of the features; you will go through them and see how they can make your data migration more effective and efficient.

Features cum Benefits of the Gmail Migration Tool

  1. Gmail data Migrator has the simplest interface that you can easily use without any help.
  2. You can only migrate selected Gmail email folders as you can select and deselect data.
  3. Migrate Gmail to another Gmail in bulk. You can export all the associated folders at once.
  4. It migrates all of the folders like Inbox, Outbox, Sent box and each of your personal folders.
  5. Migrate the general Gmail properties, such as; Gmail contacts, calendar and attachments.
  6. Gives you a preview of all your Gmail emails and their related properties like attachments.
  7. Also gives you a preview of all your Gmail emails, Hex View, Raw View &Message Header.
  8. The Gmail to Gmail migration tool allows you to include the email header of all your emails.

So, these are some of the key features of the tool that will make your data migration journey better. However, you need to know that these features are just a glimpse, and there are many others out there that will make your experience one level faster and more convenient.

In Conclusion

Migrate Gmail to another Gmail account has now become very easy and short, this is due to the proposed Gmail to Gmail migration tool. It has several things that will make your data export better. It has a lot of features to speed up your migration. So, if you are looking for a great and better experience, then you have to try your recommended software.