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Migrate Gmail to Yahoo Mail in Bulk With Complete Properties

Admin ~ Published: 22-Oct-2021 ~ Migration ~ 5 Minutes Reading

Do you want to migrate Gmail to Yahoo Mail?

What else would you like? A suitable solution that you can use as a medium to import emails from Gmail to Yahoo Mail.

We can help you with both of these. We have the best way to make it easy for you to move Gmail to Yahoo Mail. To know what this method is, follow us a little.

“It is now possible to use the data of one account to some another account. This was made possible by the user’s requirement-centric tools. Such tools allow you to transfer data, e.g. Migrate Gmail to Yahoo Mail in the easiest way possible.”

To enable you to transfer from Gmail to Yahoo Mail, we offer you such an automated technology. A suitable method that can export Gmail contacts, calendar and email attachments all at once, even in a few moments. So take a look.

Gmail to Yahoo Transfer Tool: A Smart Approach to Migrate Data

The Gmail Backup Tool is that approach that allows you to migrate Gmail to Yahoo Mail. It is a tool that has been designed with all user needs in mind and therefore is entirely dedicated to ease of use. It’s purely automated and just requires users to add an account and select the storage option. It’s not limited to transferring data from just one account. You can add any number of Gmail accounts in this tool and then move the data one by one. Therefore, this app also works as a time saver when migrating large amounts of data from any number of accounts.

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Another thing that will save you a lot of time is the steps you need to follow to migrate Gmail to Yahoo Mail We therefore suggest that you must review the detailed process first so that you can familiarize yourself with it as well and when you do the task in person you won’t have any problems.

Step-by-step Process to Migrate Gmail to Yahoo Mail

  • Download Gmail to Yahoo Migrator on the device you want to start the task on. Install the setup and prepare it to run it to import email from Gmail to Yahoo Mail.download gmail to yahoo migration tool
  • Now you need to click on the Open tab which is visible in the top left corner and then click on Add account from the drop down list.click add account button
  • Enter the details of your Gmail account such as the user address and password. Also enter the IMAP server name and port for the Gmail account. Then click Add Account.enter gmail credentials
  • The tool will start connecting to the account as soon as you click Add and then upload all related folders into the left panel. Now, you can preview your Gmail data in detail.preview gmail data
  • Now click on the Export tab and then choose IMAP from the additional options.select saving option
  • Enter your Yahoo Mail address and password, also provide the server and port and finally click the Save button.click save to migrate gmail to yahoo

Your Gmail data will now be migrated to the Yahoo account in a few moments.

You’ve covered one thing about the tool, which is the detailed process to migrate Gmail to Yahoo Mail. Now is the time to know some other aspects that can provide you with many benefits.

Hence, we are offering you some of the features so that you know which qualities make this Gmail to Yahoo Transfer Tool the best.

Check out the Beneficial Features Gmail to Yahoo Migrator

  • It has the simplest UI so you won’t have any problems using it even if you’re a newbie.
  • You can use the tool to transfer specific mailboxes and deselect all unnecessary data.
  • You can bulk migrate Gmail to Yahoo Mail / move entire folders in a single operation.
  • Import emails from Gmail to Yahoo Mail with all the properties such as attachments.
  • This app can also easily export Gmail contacts and calendars directly to Yahoo Mail.
  • Gives you a preview of all Gmail emails and their hex view,raw view and message header.
  • The search function allows you to find specific emails and attachments in Gmail data.
  • The Gmail to Yahoo Transfer Tool allows you to include the email header for all the emails.

Note: These features are only intended to give you an idea about Gmail to Yahoo Migrator. So, if you want to see all of the other advanced and useful features available in the tool, we recommend that you run the tool.

In Conclusion

Migrate Gmail to Yahoo Mail the easiest way using our suggested tool. We brought you the best and most amazing Gmail to Yahoo transfer tool. It is very advanced yet very simple so that any user can easily use it to accomplish the task. It is effective and efficient and can migrate large amounts of data at once. So if you’re looking for a solution that gets your job done easily and in a snap, try our tool.