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How to Bulk Export Gmail to Thunderbird With All Attachments & Other Properties?

Admin ~ Published: 25-Oct-2021 ~ Export ~ 5 Minutes Reading

Looking for a way to access Gmail email through a Thunderbird account? We mean a way to export Gmail to Thunderbird.

We have the most reliable way to do this.

The Gmail account may give you more flexibility in accessing the data, but if you are the person who wants all of your data on the local drive and space is also your concern, you can use the Thunderbird account.

Thunderbird account gives you the option to store all the data on the system which will solve your storage space problem as you can have any amount of your data as it is not stored on the cloud server like Gmail.

There are several other advantages, such as the single Thunderbird allowing you to add many accounts at the same time so that you can easily manage them. So, all we can say, exporting Gmail folders to Thunderbird can make a positive difference for you.

Therefore, in order to enable you to export Gmail to Thunderbird, we suggest the appropriate way. You kindly go through it, know it, and use it to accomplish your goal.

Gmail to Thunderbird Export Tool: The Most Amazing Way to Migrate Data

The Gmail Emails Backup Tool is the most amazing solution for exporting Gmail data to your desired platform like Thunderbird. It’s the most fascinating way to export Gmail to Thunderbird because it takes very little time and exports all of the properties in batch at the same time. You can add many Gmail accounts in the tool and easily export data from them at any time. It supports exporting all the folders and properties of your Gmail account in bulk. So let’s tell you how to add an account to the tool and then export data from it.

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Step-by-step Process to Export Gmail to Thunderbird

  • Download the Gmail to Thunderbird Exporter to the device for which you are configured with the Thunderbird account. Install it according to the conditions and complete the setup. After that launch it to export Gmail folders to Thunderbird.download gmail to thunderbird exporter
  • Click the Open tab, and then click Add account that you want to export data from.click add account option
  • Enter your Gmail account details, provide the IMAP server and port number for your Gmail account, and then click the Add button.enter gmail credentials
  • Your Gmail folders will now be uploaded in the left pane. You can now preview all Gmail emails and their Hex and Raw views.preview emails
  • Click the Export tab, and then select MBOX from the drop-down list.select mbox as saving option
  • Select the Gmail folders you want to export by checking them.select the folders
  • Browse the destination path and select the desired location for your resulting data.select target location
  • Activate the various visible options according to your requirements.apply filters
  • Finally click on the Save button.click save to export gmail to thunderbird

Your Gmail folders will now be exported to Thunderbird compatible email files.

Once the data is saved in your chosen location, you can use the manual method to import it into the Thunderbird account.

Here’s how you can export Gmail to Thunderbird using the suggested automated approach.

Now let’s tell you what other things this tool can help you with. We would now like to explain the tool to you in detail so that you know how reliable, effective and efficient it is. So check it out

Checkout Some More about the Gmail Folders to Thunderbird Exporter

  • It has one of the simplest user interfaces so you won’t have any problems working on it.
  • It allows you to export only selected Gmail folders and leave all unnecessary data.
  • You can export Gmail to Thunderbird in bulk with all folders such as Inbox, Send Box.
  • It can also export Gmail contact calendars, attachments and all related properties.
  • Gives you a detailed preview of all your Gmail account emails and their properties.
  • You can also check the hex view, message header, and raw message of all of your emails.
  • With Gmail Exporter you can specify the desired destination path to your resulting data.
  • Allows you to include the email header for all of your emails that you’ve selected for export.

So now you know that you have a thorough understanding of the Gmail to Thunderbird Export Tool. But that’s not all; there are many more things you need to know. So we suggest that you know them personally by using them.

In Conclusion

The Gmail to Thunderbird Export Tool is possibly the easiest way for you to export your data. This software is an all-in-one application that can help you with many things. It supports the export of more than one account with overall properties preserved. We must also mention that the software can also export Gmail emails to Outlook, PDF, Hotmail, iCloud, Zoho, Exchange and more. So if you want to export Gmail to Thunderbird and other saving options as well conveniently and in no time, give this tool a try.