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How to Export Gmail Emails to PDF with All Attachments?

Admin ~ Modified: 23-Aug-2022 ~ Export ~ 5 Minutes Reading

Are you thinking about backing up Gmail? Think PDF. This file format is best for viewing files offline, which makes data access easier for you. This is also printable which makes a layer more beneficial. So, if you think this file format is the one that you can consider, let us help you export Gmail emails to PDF.

Take a Look at the Current Scenario

“Hello, I am using a Gmail account, so is one of my friends. His account was hacked a couple of times ago and he lost all of his data. Now I am afraid that if this happens to me, I will suffer a great loss. So I decided to back up my data in advance and chose PDF for it, but I have no idea how to go about this. So can you please help me to export Gmail emails to PDF?”

Well, securing account information has become more important in today’s scenario. Especially with cloud-based accounts like Gmail. This is because all the data is stored on a cloud server. However, it also has many of the advantages, but there are also some problems too.

Hence, exporting up the data gives you the relief to handle any situation even if you lose all your data from the account, and PDF is best for that as it gives you the flexibility and mobility for accessing data.

In order to accomplish this task, we therefore offer you one of the easiest to use and yet very powerful tool. We recommend you go through it and easily export Gmail emails to PDF with attachments.

Gmail to PDF Converter – An Advanced Solution

The Gmail backup Tool is the most used technique to download Gmail emails to PDF. As you wish, such data export needs to be very easy and less time consuming, this software fulfils that desire and gives you the ability to get the job done with ease. It is the most advanced Gmail to PDF converter that has many advanced features for you that can make your data export speedy and more appropriate. It can export multiple Gmail accounts to PDF. Yes, no matter how many accounts you have, you can add them all to the tool and do the job.

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Complete Manual to Export Gmail Emails to PDF with Attachments

  • Download Gmail to PDF Converter by clicking the link below. Install it by accepting the terms and conditions and then launch it to download Gmail to a PDF file.download gmail to pdf converter
  • Click the “Open” tab; Click on “Add Account” in the drop-down list.add account
  • Enter the credentials for the Gmail account and also provide the IMAP server and port of Gmail. Click Add accountenter gmail credentials
  • Once you add an account, the Gmail to PDF Converter will start uploading all of the Gmail folders to the left pane.loaded gmail folders
  • Now you can preview all of your Gmail data here. Preview of emails in detail.preview emails
  • Now click on the Export tab and then select PDF from the available save options.select pdf as saving option
  • Check the folders you want to download as PDF.select folders
  • Enter the target path to your resulting data Finally, click the Save button that appears in the top right corner of the tool’s interface.click save to export gmail to pdf
  • As soon as the data has been converted, you will be notified with the notification.conversion completion

Your task is now done.

Now let’s proceed to get more details of the Gmail to PDF Converter.

We now offer you some of the features in order to make you familiarize you with the tool. You go through them and see what purposes they can be used for and what values they create for you. So, take a look at them and use them to export Gmail emails to PDF with attachments more appropriately.

Features and Benefits of the Gmail to PDF File Exporter

  • Bulk export Gmail emails to PDF / convert entire Gmail folders in the same process.
  • It can export multiple Gmail accounts. You can add as many accounts you want in the tool.
  • Allows you to select folders that you want to export as PDF and deselect any unnecessary.
  • It can download Gmail to PDF with attachments and all other related properties.
  • You can include the email header of all your Gmail messages if you’d like to see their fields.
  • You can enable the “show the page number” option. This is useful when you want to print it.
  • The file naming option allows you to specify names based on subject and other fields.
  • You can browse the location to specify easily accessible destination for the resulting data.

Note: To find out all the other advanced features of Gmail to PDF Converter, we recommend that you run the tool.

In Conclusion

Gmail to PDF Converter is the best and most convenient way to easily export Gmail emails to PDF with attachments. It has various advantages for you that you can find by making use of its features. It also comes with a demo version so that you can try and experience it in person before you buy. So, all we can say for the end, if you need a trustworthy and suitable method to export multiple Gmail emails to PDF, give this tool a try.