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How to Migrate & Move Zimbra Account to New Server without Single Bit of Data Loss?

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Zimbra is a desktop-based email client application used by thousands of users and enterprise organization for day-to-day communication through emails, chats, contacts, calendars, and more. However, if you look at the present scenario, the email world is dominated by two of the email service applications called Office 365 and G Suite. These days, queries like how to migrate Zimbra to another server are everywhere on the internet. If you plan to move Zimbra from one server to another, but don’t know the right solution to consider, continue this guide for a few minutes.

Why You May Need to Migrate Zimbra from One Server to Another?

There are many better servers available today to meet companies need for data maintenance. Also, there are many reasons to switch from a Zimbra server to another. Migrating from one Zimbra server to another is the process by which an enterprise decides to migrate data from an existing server, such as Zimbra, to another server. This is a difficult task. You need to ensure that you transfer the entire data, including financial, official, professional, and all other types of data. So it’s a big challenge for the organization

Whether you’re a small organization or an enterprise, choosing the right and reliable solution for migrating from Zimbra server to another is essential.

DotStella Zimbra Converter Toolkit is a professional solution for migrating Zimbra from one server to another without changing your data. It is 100% result oriented and has many advanced features for Zimbra server migration jobs.

The software is a third-party application tested to migrate Zimbra to another server with full data. It can conduct the migration in many scenarios such as:-

  • Migrate On-Premise Zimbra Server to Another.
  • Hosted Zimbra Server to Another Server migration.
  • Migrate Zimbra server TGZ extracted Folder.

The software is a straightforward and easy solution. It gives you the freedom to choose multiple Zimbra mailboxes at one click. Also, it keeps all the information safe and intact during the Zimbra from one server to another migration process. The IT admin can do the task on their own as the software working procedure is simplest to follow.

Step-by-Step Process to Migrate Zimbra to Another Server

To perform Zimbra to another server migration task easily and seamlessly, follow these simple steps:

  • First, you need to download and run the Zimbra Migration Tool on your system and click the Next tab.

download software

  • Then select the Zimbra files and folders in double-select mode, such as Select File or Select Folder.select files or folder option
  • Now check the preview and select the mailbox folder you want to export to the new server.preview emails
  • Then select the desired save format from the list of various save options.select saving option
  • Click browse button to selected path for the resultant files.select destination path
  • You can also apply a filter to transfer the selected Zimbra data to another PC.apply filters
  • Click the Save button to start migrate Zimbra to another server process.click save to move zimbra to new server
  • Finally, the process of moving Zimbra to another domain has completed successfully.process completed

Checkout Multiple Server Options Available in the Software

Professional software is a versatile solution for migrating Zimbra from one server to another. There are various options that make it easy to migrate data from your on-premises Zimbra server.

You can choose between Office 365 and IMAP servers that can migrate your Zimbra Server mailbox to any server. All you have to do is enter the correct server credentials and select the option according to your requirements. Just a few clicks.

The List of Advantages using Zimbra Migration Toolkit

The application comes with a 100% secure interface panel to migrate Zimbra to another server. This tool has been tested by various professional users and laboratories.

  • When Zimbra mailboxes is moved to a new server, the software maintains the email folder hierarchy.
  • Many users do not have the technical skills. Therefore, the program is developed using advanced algorithms that provide a simple and easy-to-use interface.
  • Maintaining data structure and attributes:-During the process of migrating from Zimbra to another server, the application will export Zimbra contacts and an email with attachments, an email address (recipient, cc, sender, bcc), email subject, Email Keeps email attributes such as online. Images, email titles, etc.
  • The software has two selection options that allow you to select multiple Zimbra profiles at the same time. The Add Folder option allows you to select multiple Zimbra profiles in one process.
  • The program offers some additional filtering options to move selected Zimbra profile emails to a new server. You can also select an email folder after selecting the Zimbra profile.
  • The software is compatible with all versions of MS Windows and Windows Server such as Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Windows Server 2019, 2016, 2012, 2008.

The Conclusion

The step-by-step tutorial above described one of the most frequently asked questions from IT admin users: “How to migrate Zimbra to another server.” Explained complete and useful information, along with professional software to use. You can also check out the free trial version.