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How to Convert Zimbra to Outlook with All Properties?

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If you wish to convert a Zimbra TGZ file to a PST file or export Zimbra mailboxes to an Outlook profile, this article will teach you how. There may be a plethora of excellent reasons for someone to need to know how to convert Zimbra to PST file format, since Outlook is a superior email client in terms of support and functionality than Zimbra.

Alternatively, the company may have bought the Office 365 licensing package and want to change the Zimbra profile mailbox’s email address to that of an Outlook one.

However, the reasons for learning how to convert Zimbra to Outlook may vary from user to user or business to organization, but the top two techniques listed below will assist you in doing the Zimbra conversion easily and quickly.

Converting Zimbra to Outlook is a simple and fast process

If you believe that exporting Zimbra to PST would be a difficult or lengthy and complicated procedure, you may not have explored the fast and professional options yet. DotStella Zimbra to PST Converter is the finest method to quickly and precisely convert Zimbra to PST. This program is especially intended to convert Zimbra mailboxes or TGZ files to PST format while preserving attachments and other characteristics.

However, there are manual methods accessible to convert Zimbra to PST files, but the most of them are complex procedures that are divided into phases. Furthermore, many of the manual methods are ineffective for novices attempting to import emails from Zimbra to Outlook.

In the following part, we will show you how to convert Zimbra to Outlook both professionally and manually. It is entirely up to the user to choose the best option for their requirements.

In the following section, we explained the process for:

  • How to convert Zimbra TGZ to PST with all attachments?
  • How to export Zimbra mailbox to Outlook mail client?
  • Which is the best Zimbra to Outlook converter for Windows?
  • How to import mails from Zimbra to Outlook with data properties maintained?

#Method1: How to Convert Zimbra to PST File without any database modification?

Data conversion from Zimbra to Outlook is a critical job, just like any other. Your Zimbra mailbox may include sensitive information or financial data that is important to you. Even for routine organizational or personal email conversion from Zimbra to PST, we suggest using a reputable and professional tool such as the Zimbra to Outlook converter.

It is one of the most suggested and powerful methods for converting Zimbra TGZ to PST files with minimal data loss. The program features an easy-to-use interface that enables both novices and IT administrators to export full emails from Zimbra to Outlook. It also includes many other excellent features, such as mass converting Zimbra TGZ files to PST format, reading Zimbra databases before conversion, finding and analyzing data from Zimbra mailboxes, applying useful filters, and many more.

As a result, if you want Zimbra to PST Outlook conversion to be a simple and straightforward process, download the Zimbra to Outlook PST Converter toolkit and follow the instructions below:

Working Steps to Export  Zimbra Mailbox to PST File with Attachments

  • Start the Zimbra TGZ to PST Converter utility on Windows computer.

download software

  • Go to Open tab and select from Choose File & Choose Folder to upload Zimbra TGZ files.click open tab
  • Check Zimbra database folder from saved location and press the Select Folder button.browse zimbra folders
  • Now, mark the checkbox of the desired Zimbra mailbox and open the data in preview mode.preview zimbra emails
  • Tap on the Export button and choose PST to export Zimbra emails.select pst saving option
  • Mention a destination location to save final results. Hit the Save button and check the live conversion from Zimbra to PST with attachments.click save to convert zimbra emails to pst
When the Zimbra mailbox to PST conversion is finished, the application displays a complete conversion message. Click the Ok button to get a log.txt report including all of the information regarding the Zimbra to PST file conversion procedure. Finally, the program accesses the resulting folder at the user-specified location and converts Zimbra emails into PST files without any changes.

#Method2: To manually export Zimbra to an Outlook PST file, follow the three-step procedure outlined above.

The manual method may also be used to answer the user question “how to convert Zimbra to Outlook.” Before we begin, this is what we need to know:

What is needed?

#Zimbra Mail Client installation on your system.

#MS Outlook mail client configuration.


  • Start your Zimbra mail client and select Preference button.
  • Now, choose Export/Import from open panel and in export section, enable all folders as source.
  • Here, select your Zimbra mailbox item and click on Ok to Continue.
  • Hit the Export tab to start the process and mention a location to get output folder.
  • User will find Zimbra profile data items in .zip file and need to unzip to access data in .eml file.


  • Now, as you know all the Zimbra emails are saved as .eml and can be accessed with the MS Outlook mail client.
  • Open your MS Outlook account and tap on Folder in the menu. Then, select New Folder button.
  • Enter a name for Zimbra data and hit the Ok button.
  • After this, save .eml files in named folder via drag and drop.


Now, to export Zimbra mails to PST using the Import & Export wizard which includes following steps:

  • Tap on File button and choose Open and Export option.
  • Now, tap on the Import and Export tab and enable the Import and Export Wizard.
  • Choose Export to a file option from its list and mark Outlook data file.
  • Check the folder having Zimbra backup data and tap on browse to specify a location to save resultant folder.

A Quick Comparison: Software Solution vs. Manual Approach

We have shared both manual and straightforward process to convert Zimbra to PST file in the above section. There are many ways a professional method is better than manual approach such as:

  • The toolkit allows you to convert Zimbra to PST without mail client configuration whereas manual trick needed Zimbra desktop configuration for sure.
  • The Zimbra to Outlook converter utility allows to export Zimbra mailbox to PST with attachments of all file type. It is not supported by manual process.
  • Zimbra TGZ to PST conversion solution support TGZ file of all size and provide complete results after conversion. User may face challenges with large TGZ file and also didn’t receive accurate results using manual method.
  • The software solution to convert Zimbra mailbox to Outlook provide Zimbra database preview with properties. This option is not available with manual approach.
  • The suggested approach to export email to Outlook is simple and direct whereas manual method is complex and lengthy.
  • Export Zimbra to Outlook PST with utility offers many advance functions like Search modes, filter option, select Zimbra mailbox conversion, open and save attachment, read email address, content, and more attributes of Zimbra messages, extract phone numbers etc. None of the options are accessible with the manual method.
At the end of the day, the decision is yours as to how to go about zimbra to pst conversion. With the Zimbra to PST converter toolkit, users may try the solution. It comes with a free demo version that exports a small number of Zimbra TGZ files to PST. Select the necessary licensed edition for a full Zimbra mailbox to Outlook PST conversion, including all characteristics, and click Next.

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