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How to Import / Export Zimbra TGZ to Thunderbird in Batch?

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If you are seeking for a helpful guide to learn the exact process to import Zimbra to Thunderbird account, stay connected on this page.

Here, we will help you with two definitive method to import Zimbra Mail TGZ file to Thunderbird with or without attachments.

This post is drafted to migrate Zimbra desktop to Thunderbird for beginners and others with full information.

So, let’s get started!

When Zimbra users try to import TGZ file into Thunderbird profile, they face a couple of challenges like TGZ file size limitation, attachments are not migrate with emails, no other option than CSV to upload Zimbra contacts, cannot switch Zimbra mailbox to Thunderbird directly. These limitation are also faced during the Zimbra desktop configuration in Thunderbird. So, to overcome such challenges user should take help of an expert solution to import Zimbra TGZ to Thunderbird.

Thunderbird is a popular open-source desktop email client used by end users, startups, and enterprises. It has millions of active users who loves its simplified interface, multiple account configuration ability, and above all free of cost feature.

A desktop Thunderbird profile supports MBOX file format for mailbox and EML for single message. On the other hand, Zimbra Mail client support TGZ file format for mailbox data. Since, both the email client work with different file format, user often get worried to migrate emails from Zimbra to Thunderbird account.

A Couple of Real Scenarios to Migrate Zimbra TGZ to Thunderbird

Migrate Zimbra desktop to Thunderbird is one of the most asked user queries for saving one mail client data to another. The team of DotStella engineers have often received requests like:

We want to switch our employees from Zimbra Mail Client to Thunderbird account due to cost cutting in the organization. To migrate from Zimbra to Thunderbird, we have twenty users’ data. Can you help us with an instant solution? – Mike Dylan
I like to know what is the best way to export Zimbra to Thunderbird account other than configuration. Please help me with your solution- Charlie
Is there any good software solution to bulk import Zimbra Mail profile mailboxes to Thunderbird account? – Robert Phillips

With the above queries, one thing is clear that users are looking for a robust and quick solution to migrate Zimbra TGZ to Thunderbird. If you are also looking for a top-tier Zimbra to Thunderbird migration technique, checkout the below tips.

Find out the Expert tips to Import Zimbra to Thunderbird Profile

One of the obvious way user can import mail from Zimbra to Thunderbird is with the configuration method. However, this method has various limitations and stops the user from importing batch Zimbra TGZ files to Thunderbird with attachments.

Steps to Configure and Export Zimbra to Thunderbird are following:

There is no doubt that Zimbra and Thunderbird both are desktop based email client. But, the two differ quite a lot into functionality and pricing. For those, who wants to access Zimbra emails in Thunderbird profile by configuring the account, follow the given steps:

  • Open Zimbra Mail and tab on the Preferences tab.
  • Now, from the left panel choose Export/Import option.
  • Under this plug-in, check the Advantage setting.
  • After this, choose the database item like emails, contacts, and more.
  • The chosen item will get exported in the TGZ file.

This way, your Zimbra desktop data items are exported into TGZ file. But, to import Zimbra TGZ files to Thunderbird account, you need to take help of the software solution.

Migrate Zimbra TGZ to Thunderbird Account using DotStella Technique

Zimbra to Thunderbird migration toolkit is an independent solution. It allows user to import TGZ files to Thunderbird with attachments and other attributes. The utility has the finest interface that let end users to import mail from Zimbra to Thunderbird account easily.

Import Zimbra TGZ File to Thunderbird Tutorial with Images

download software

  • Tap on the Open button and pick from Choose File & Choose Folder to upload .tgz files from the saved location.choose files or folders
  • Now, mark the required Zimbra data item for the import process.browse folders
  • Read the Zimbra data items in the preview window with multiple properties.preview zimbra emails
  • Go to Export tab and choose MBOX as the saving option.select mbox saving option
  • Mention a desired location to get import Zimbra to Thunderbird results.select destination path
  • Hit the Save button and analyze a live report of the process.click save to convert zimbra files to mbox

This way, user can migrate Zimbra TGZ to Thunderbird account instantly. The process is 100% smooth and provides complete results without any modifications.

Access the Free Trail Anytime

The user can also take the free of cost trial of the Zimbra to Thunderbird migration tool. Launch the software demo edition on your Windows application and import 10 Zimbra TGZ files to Thunderbird account. Once satisfied for your task, switch to premium edition to export Zimbra multiple TGZ files to Thunderbird user account with precision.

Learn More about the Advance Mode

The Zimbra TGZ to Thunderbird import toolkit has various special features for the end users and enterprise task such as:

  • Preview Mode: The software allows user to open & read Zimbra TGZ data items in a preview window and analyses the data through various properties tab.
  • Search Filter: This exceptional feature of Zimbra TGZ to Thunderbird toolkit helps users and forensic investigators to distinguish desired information from Zimbra TGZ files.
  • Extract Option: Users can enable this mode to fetch out data like phone numbers, attachments, email addresses, and more in just one click.
  • Set Desired Location: The best solution to import mail from Zimbra to Thunderbird let set a desired location for the output file after task.
  • Bulk Migration: With the help of powerful software to export Zimbra desktop to Thunderbird account, user can migrate bulk Zimbra TGZ files in Thunderbird at once.

The Conclusion

The above blog post narrates the best technique to import Zimbra to Thunderbird desktop mail client with attachment. Download and try the software solution for free of cost.

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