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Zimbra to PDF Converter Tool to Export & Save Zimbra Email as PDF

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In this blog post, readers will learn to know how to convert Zimbra mail to PDF file or in black white for any purpose. Here, we have complied the best trick to save Zimbra emails as PDF and also showcase the step-by-step tutorial with screenshots. So, stay tuned!

Every day we work with hundreds of file format to manage and save our data. One such file format is PDF also known as Portable Document Format that allows user to share information irrespective of data type, system dependency, email client, and many more. It is no wonder that PDF is called the universal file format for saving and accessing data on any platform. This file type has numerous benefit from password protecting to printable copy of data. Also, PDF is the only file format acceptable in judiciary system to showcase the evidence. Therefore, saving your Zimbra emails as PDF will be beneficial in all senses.

Common Questions when Saving Zimbra Emails as PDF Adobe Format

How do I convert Zimbra Mail to PDF is a general query asked by users from different corner of the world with several good reasons such as:

  • Can I convert Zimbra emails to PDF along with attachments?
  • Can we batch convert TGZ files to pdf without mailbox information modified?
  • I want to buy Zimbra to pdf convertor. Can you help me with right choice?
  • Is there any solution to print Zimbra emails in pdf?
  • How to save Zimbra emails into pdf for legal purpose?

There are many good ways one can switch Zimbra emails to PDF file format with attachments. We are going to talk about the one top-notch way to convert Zimbra to PDF in the below section. The mentioned method are tried and tested and helpful in converting Zimbra desktop mail in PDF documents.

How to Convert Zimbra Mail to PDF in Bulk Instantly?

One of the simplest and quickest way of converting multiple Zimbra TGZ file to PDF file format is with the help of top ranked solution. DotStella Zimbra to PDF Converter is the most recommended solution for saving Zimbra mailbox data as PDF document with all attributes maintained. It has simplified interface that offers many beneficial modes such as preview mode, dual search option, open and save attachment option, and many more.

Follow the step-by-step tutorial to Save Zimbra Mail in PDF format with full accuracy.

  • Download and start the best Zimbra to PDF converter on Windows machine.

download software

  • Hit the Open tab and select the mode from Choose File and Choose Folder to load TGZ files from save location.choose files or folders
  • Now, browse Zimbra files and import them all into the software.browse zimbra folders
  • Select Zimbra email to read information in the preview window with multiple modes.preview zimbra files
  • Enable the Search option to sort data items from Zimbra mailbox as per the need.use search feature
  • Go to Export button and choose PDF to save Zimbra emails directly.select pdf saving option
  • Specify the destination location for final outcome.browse destination
  • Press the Save button and live conversion begins in the software window.click save to convert zimbra files to pdf
After the process of converting Zimbra to PDF completed, the software provides a completion messages followed by the log report detailing the information of the task.

This is the simplest way one can convert multiple Zimbra mail to PDF file without any loss of data.

With the help of Zimbra to PDF Converter, user can do the following:

  • Convert TGZ to PDF without Zimbra mail client configuration: The powerful Zimbra to PDF converter toolkit is an independent solution which means user can convert TGZ file to PDF straightforwardly. This software solution doesn’t need any external installation for the task.
  • Support Zimbra to PDF conversion in bulk: The software save the time and effort of saving individual Zimbra email to PDF. It offers the Choose Folder option to save multiple Zimbra emails to PDF file format with all properties intact.
  • Preview Zimbra Mail items: Using the professional solution to save Zimbra emails as PDF, users can also read the message data in the preview window with several helpful modes like properties, hex view, content, and many other.
  • Dual Search Filter: The robust solution for converting several Zimbra Mail to PDF Adobe provides two ways to filter data items from Zimbra Mailbox. The Quick Search helps to find the keyword, name, email addresses, and other information whereas Advance filter helps in sorting information with other helpful options like date, subject, has attachment, file size, content, and many more.
  • Open and Save Zimbra Mail attachments: The application helps in saving Zimbra Mail to PDF with attachments. While previewing the Zimbra mail, if the file contains the attachment, right-click to avail the Open and Save as option. After that, mention a location to save Zimbra Mail attachment easily.

The Closing Words

The above blog post helps users to convert Zimbra Mail to PDF file with attachments using the most recommended solution. The best Zimbra to PDF converter makes the complete process of saving Zimbra emails as PDF swift and direct. The software free demo edition is also available to save 10 Zimbra emails to pdf but to avail the advance feature of the toolkit, they need to purchase the license edition.

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