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Directly Convert Gmail to HTML in Bulk While Maintaining All Properties

Admin ~ Modified: 25-Aug-2022 ~ Convert Data ~ 5 Minutes Reading

Are you constantly looking for a way to convert Gmail to HTML?

Can’t find what you need for your ultimate solution? Give us an opportunity; we can definitely meet your needs by bringing you the most amazing and powerful solution.

Check out Why Users Need to Convert Gmail to HTML

Hello, I want to access all my Gmail account data from a browser in order to see their tags, bullets, hyperlinks, and everything, and it appears that HTML is the ideal platform for that.” The issue I’m having right now is that I don’t know how to batch convert Gmail to HTML, so could you please assist me in finding a solid solution? Thank you very much.”                                                                                                                                                                              Sara, California

Well, it’s true that HTML is the only way for a user to see their Gmail data through Web browser by looking their hyperlinks an all. So, we’re hoping that your requirement for your Gmail data is the same, which is why you chose HTML.

Therefore, in order to assist you in completing your assignment in the simplest manner possible, we have devised the best approach that allows you to do it in a matter of minutes. So, please read through it carefully and find out everything about it.

Gmail to HTML Converter: The Easiest Way to Access Gmail Using HTML

The DotStella Gmail Email Backup Tool is the ability to export emails from Gmail to HTML format. It is the very effective tool to export your data directly in HTML format without using an alternative route. In addition, you can convert data from any of your Gmail accounts. This converter is fully safe and secure, and it ensures that all of the properties connected with your Gmail data are preserved. As a result, you may rest assured that no data will be lost during the conversion and that everything will remain as it was prior to conversion.

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Let us go over the tool in further detail. The procedure is the first thing we must discuss and you must understand in order to convert Gmail to HTML. As a result, we’ve prepared a comprehensive guide for you. So make sure you don’t miss any steps and pay attention to what you need to do.

Detailed Guide to Convert Gmail Data to HTML Directly

  • Download Gmail to HTML Converter by clicking the provided link. Install it by accepting the very general terms & conditions. Finally; launch it to convert emails from Gmail account to HTML format.download gmail to html converter tool
  • Click on Open tab; Click the “Add Account” in the drop-down box to provide the tool with your Gmail.click add account option
  • Enter your Gmail account’ credentials. Provide the IMAP server name and port for Gmail. Then you need to click Add button.enter gmail credentials
  • Once you add a Gmail account, the Gmail to HTML Converter will start uploading all of the associated data to the left pane. Now, if you want you can preview all your Gmail emails here.preview gmail emails
  • Click the Export tab and then select HTML from the drop-down list.select html as saving option
  • Specify the target location for your resultant files. Activate all the visible options for a better and appropriate output of the data.apply filters
  • Finally, in the top right corner of the tool’s interface, click the Save button.click save to convert gmail to html
  • You will receive a message as soon as the data has been transformed.conversion completion notification

So, this is how the Gmail to HTML Converter helps you convert Gmail to HTML.

Now let’s dive deeper into the tool. We would like to explain the advantages of this tool to you. So, if you also want to know why this Gmail to HTML converter is the finest for you, go through its features.

Learn about the Advantages of Gmail Data to HTML Converter

  • Export Gmail to HTML in batch / convert entire Gmail folders in the single procedure.
  • It can convert numerous Gmail accounts. You can add as many accounts as you wish.
  • Allows you to select folders to export in HTML and deselect any that aren’t needed.
  • All of your Gmail emails, as well as their attachments, can be viewed in the tool.
  • All of your Gmail emails’ raw view, hex view, and message header can also be viewed.
  • Includes email header of all your Gmail messages before converting them to HTML.
  • You can name files depending on the subject and other fields using the file naming option.
  • You can also browse the location to specify a convenient spot for your resulting files.

Note: If you want to learn about all of the other functions that haven’t disclose yet, we recommend that you run the programme and try them out for yourself.

In Conclusion

It is now feasible to convert Gmail to HTML in just a few simple steps. Gmail converter is the tool that made it possible for you to download Gmail emails to your desired saving. It’s a one-stop shop programme that can do a lot more than just finish your essential work. It can also export Gmail mailbox to PST, CSV, PDF, Text and other alternatives as well. So, all we can say is that if you want to convert emails from Gmail in a matter of minutes, regardless of the size of the data, this programme is worth a shot.