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Export Gmail to Text File in Batch Using Only a Few Simple Steps

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Do you want to export Gmail to Text file in bulk without losing any property? This webpage is the place that you need to check out. Here is the most valuable solution to help you migrate Gmail folders to your desired Text files all at once.

Well, securing your Gmail email data is critical, but choosing the proper platform to store it is also crucial. This is because it will influence whether you can access your data easily or if you will run into accessibility issues.

So, using Text files to store Gmail data is a wise approach. They’re small but mighty, and they’re also highly adaptable. For the same data stored on different platforms, KB and MB are also less in size. Furthermore, they are simple to send via any platform and to access with any standard software.

Therefore, we give you with one of the most extensively used and easy to use methods for storing Gmail as Text files. So, please read it and see how to export Gmail to Text file using only two tabs. So, let’s get started.

Gmail Data to Text Export Tool: The Most Comprehensive Gmail Data Exporter

Gmail Email backup Software is a solution that has been created for users with the goal of allowing them to save Gmail data on a variety of platforms. This programme is ideal for your needs because it can effortlessly export Gmail to Text file. It’s entirely self-contained and works with any Windows version.

This Gmail to Text Export tool, like its processes, is totally automated. Between tasks, there isn’t much you need to do. You only need to make a few clicks while navigating among the two tabs and the tool will take care of the rest without requiring you to exert further effort.

So, let’s go over the two tabs you’ll need to go through in order to export Gmail to Text file. We walk you through the entire procedure, including how to preview your data before exporting it. So, please take a look at it.

Detailed Instructions on How to Export Gmail to Text File

  • Download the Gmail to Text file Export Tool. Install it by completing all of the setup.

download software

  • Launch the tool to export Gmail emails to Text file.


  • Now you need to click the Open tab first and then select Add Account to enter the account you want to export to Text.


  • Enter the Gmail email address and password. Also include the IMAP server name and port number for your Gmail account. Then click the Add button

Note: The IMAP server name for your Gmail is (imap.gmail.com).


  • Once the tool has verified your account credentials, it will load all of the related folders that you can see in the left pane.


  • In this step, you can now preview all of your Gmail emails and attachments before exporting them.


  • You can also preview the message header, as well as a hex and raw view of your emails.


  • After reviewing the emails, click the Export tab, then select Text as needed.


  • Then check the files to select them for export.


  • Browse the destination for your resulting files and choose the most appropriate one that you can easily access.


  • Activate the various options displayed, such as Include email header for better output.


  • Now finally click on the Save.


So, this is how you can export Gmail to Text file with the help of the suggested tool.

Now let’s take a look at some of the features of the Gmail data to Text Export Tool. If you take a look at the feature, you will learn what values you get from this tool and how it can be the first choice for you to export Gmail emails to Text file format.

Gmail Folders to Text Exporter: Explore Its Benefits

  1. This application allows you to add any number of Gmail accounts for exporting data.
  2. Despite being an automated tool, it has the simplest & most effective user interface.
  3. You don’t need to export entire folders if you don’t want to because you can choose them.
  4. Bulk export Gmail to Text / it can export entire Gmail account folders in the same process.
  5. Export Gmail attachments, contacts, calendars and other related properties to Text files.
  6. Gives you a preview of all Gmail emails and attachments, as well as hex and raw views.
  7. The search function allows you to find any specific email & other properties with one click.
  8. The Gmail data to Text Export Tool allows you to choose the destination you want for files.

So, we’ve provided you with an overview of the tool’s features. So, if you want to learn everything there is to know about the tool, you must run it. As you can learn more by doing it on your own.

In Conclusion

Export Gmail to Text file with all the data in just a few steps. Gmail data to Text Export tool has made it a lot easier for you to accomplish your desired task. It’s an all-in-one tool that has many benefits for you. It’s an absolutely efficient and effective tool and requires little effort on your part. So if you want to export Gmail emails to Text in the easiest way possible, give the tool a try.