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Directly Export Gmail to CSV in Batch Including All Related Properties

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Export Gmail to CSV in the simplest method possible, including all data, by following a few simple steps. That is what this site strives to give for you. So, if you’re eager about how to complete your assignment in such a straightforward manner, come along with us.

Well, we must inform you that, despite being a difficult task, it can be completed in the simplest manner possible, thanks to the solution we have prepared for you and your convenience. So, before we show you that solution, let’s have a look at the reason to use CSV.

What Purpose Should You Use CSV For?

CSV is the dominant format for organising, filtering, and visualising a big quantity of data in the simplest way. It’s simple to open, readable, and small, and it’s widely accepted as the standard format. Furthermore, CSV is supported by practically all applications and is less in size.

So, these are the factors that entice users to adopt CSV. However, the primary reason for users to export Gmail to CSV is for personal reasons.

Therefore, in order to take use of CSV and assist customers in meeting their individual needs, we now provide a fantastic option to export Gmail emails to CSV. So, let’s have a look at it and see what you can do with it.

Gmail Folders to CSV Exporter: A Complete Gmail Data Migrator

The Gmail data backup tool is capable of exporting Gmail emails to CSV in a few simple steps while maintaining their integrity. This software is designed specifically for Gmail users to assist them in migrating their data to their preferred platform, such as CSV. It is a full-featured Gmail data migration tool. It has a number of features that work together to make your export as simple as possible. It’s also incredibly efficient, as it can export Gmail to CSV in bulk, with all of the characteristics included.

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In addition, the procedure to export Gmail emails to CSV is very simple and only requires two tabs. So the first thing we need to do is explain the same process to you so that you can familiarize yourself with it, and once you perform the task, you will not run into any obstacles.

Step-by-step Process to Export Gmail to CSV in Bulk

  • Download the Gmail to CSV Export tool on your Windows operating system. Install it in accordance with the terms and conditions and launch it to export Gmail emails to CSV.download gmail to csv export tool
  • Click the tab that open, then select Add Account from the drop-down list.add account to the tool
  • Provide the tool with the Gmail email address and password. Also, provide the IMAP server name and port number and then click the Add button.enter gmail credentials
  • As soon as you add an account to the tool, the folders associated with Gmail will be loaded in the left pane.loaded folders
  • Here, in this step, you can preview your Gmail emails and attachments if needed.preview emails
  • After reviewing the data, click the Export tab and then select CSV from the various storage options.select csv as saving option
  • Browse the destination path and choose the one that best suits your resulting files.browse destination path
  • Enable the various options that appear for better output. Finally, click the Save.click save to export gmail emails to csv
  • Once the files have been exported, you will get an Open Folder tab to access your files directly from the tool.click open folder tab

Your task is now completely done and, we must say, very effortlessly.

Let’s take a closer look at the tool’s functions, which we briefly described earlier. We just show you the most basic features so you can get a sense of the Gmail Folders to CSV Exporter’ actual potential. So, let’s get started.

Gmail Data to CSV Export Tool: Explore its Functions

  • You can add any number of Gmail accounts in the tool to export data in CSV format.
  • You can choose the folders of your choice from which you want to export data to CSV.
  • Export Gmail to CSV in bulk from any of the folders like Inbox, Outbox or Personal.
  • The Gmail Folders to CSV Exporter allows you to create a single CSV for all of your files.
  • It allows you to include the attachment details and email header during the process.
  • Allows you to choose the destination of your choice for your resulting files to protect them.
  • Gives you a preview of all your Gmail emails and attachments before exporting them.
  • You can also check the Hex and Raw views as well as the email header of your emails.
  • With the help of the search function, you can find the specific email and also attachments.

In Conclusion

We have given you the opportunity to carry out such a tricky export in the simplest possible way. Gmail to CSV Export Tool is the tool that takes care of your convenience and export Gmail to CSV in the easiest way. It’s also very efficient and is packed with lots of great features. So if you also want to export Gmail emails to CSV easily and in minutes, give the tool a try. Furthermore, you can purchase its license version to export Gmail to PDF, HTML, PST, Text and other files as well.