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Learn How Effectively You Can Export Gmail Mailboxes to PST

Admin ~ Published: 20-Oct-2021 ~ Export ~ 6 Minutes Reading

We have no idea how many pages you went through and how much time you spent trying to find a suitable solution to export Gmail mailboxes to PST. But we are absolutely certain: you will get what you want only if you can spend a few minutes on this platform.

See What Users are Going Through

“Hello, my Gmail account space is almost running out and before I get restricted from receiving new emails, I want to clear up some of the space. So, I need to download my emails first, for this I choose PST as I use Outlook as a secondary account, after that I can delete some of the items. So can you explain me how to export Gmail mailboxes to PST?”

“Hi, I just asked to convert Gmail to PST files. Now the problem is neither I have any idea how to do it nor am I using an Outlook account. I am looking for a suitable method but cannot find it. Can someone explain to me how to export Gmail to PST without Outlook?”

See, the problems increase with the number of users, but if we focus, the main problem that most users are asking for an answer to is how to “download Gmail emails to PST” even without Outlook.

We therefore offer you the possibility you want to export Gmail mailboxes to PST so you can get your job done right away. So go through the solution we discussed below and get it off this platform.

Gmail to PST Export Tool – An Ultimate Possibility to Convert Google Mail Data to PST

The Gmail backup tool to export Gmail mailboxes to PST without Outlook is a very effective tool for its users as it allows them to get their job done in no time while having all the convenience. It’s very perfect and you just need to add an account to do the task without making any additional settings. It brings you the simple interface so that you won’t have any trouble exporting Gmail to Outlook PST. On the other hand, another thing that this app is supposed to save time is the process that you need to follow to get your job done. So we suggest that you take a look at the process below to know how the Gmail to PST Export Tool works.

download button

Detailed Instructions on How to Export Gmail Mailboxes to PST

  • Download the Gmail to PST Export Tool on the device you want to convert Gmail to PST file on. Install it in the order presented and complete the setup. Finally; launch it to start the process.download gmail to pst export tool
  • Click the Open tab visible in the upper left corner, then choose Add Account from the drop-down menu.add account option
  • Enter your Google Mail address and password, type or search for IMAP and port for your account, then click Add Accountenter gmail credentials
  • Once you’ve added an account, you’ll see that all of your Gmail account folders have been uploaded to the left pane of the tool. You can preview all of your Gmail emails here if you want to review the information in them.preview gmail emails
  • Now you need to click on the Export tab and then select PST files as needed.select pst as saving option
  • Browse the location so you can choose the preferred destination for your resulting files. Lastly, click the Save button that you can see in the top right corner of the tool’s interface.click save to export gmail to pst files

Now you will have no trouble when you export Gmail mailboxes to PST as we have brought you the complete guide. So, these are the general steps that you need to follow when completing the task.

Now that you’ve gone through the detailed process, we recommend that you thoroughly familiarize yourself with the Gmail to PST export tool. Therefore we would like to offer you some of the functions. You go through them as they will help you get to know the tool better.

Gmail to PST Converter – Features with Benefits

  • There are no restrictions in the tool and you can easily bulk export Gmail mailboxes to PST.
  • You can convert selected folders from the Gmail account from the entire displayed folders.
  • Convert entire Gmail folders like Sent Box, Outbox, Inbox and all of your personal folders.
  • Converts all the items associated with the Gmail account such as contacts, calendars, etc.
  • You can create individual PST for each folder and also make them different for each one.
  • Gives you a preview option for Gmail data, you can preview all emails and attachments.
  • Provides you with detailed previews of emails like; Content, message header, hex view etc.
  • Gmail to PST export tool allows you to choose any location on the device to save your files.
  • You can enable the option to include the email header if you need to view email fields.

Attention: Do you have any questions about this Gmail Folder to PST Converter? You can solve it right away; all you have to do is look below.


Can I use this tool to download Gmail to PST without Outlook?

Yes, you don’t need to be configured with your account to convert your files. This tool can easily help you download Gmail to PST without Outlook.

Can I export Gmail calendars to PST using this software?

Yes, you can use the Gmail to PST Export Tool to export all of the items in your Gmail account. You can also use this tool to easily export Gmail calendars to PST.

I have 50 different folders in my Gmail account. Can this tool convert them all at the same time?

Yes, this tool is designed to convert the large amount of data so that you can download Gmail to PST in bulk regardless of whether you have 50 folders and more.

Note: If you have any other questions about this Gmail to PST export tool, please feel free to ask us anytime.

In Conclusion

Whatever the problem with your Gmail account causing you to export it to PST; you can do it easily now. The Gmail to PST Export Tool has everything you need. It’s powerful with one of the most simple user interfaces. It is efficient and can batch export Gmail mailboxes to PST. So, if you are looking for the best and easiest way to download Gmail emails to PST, give this tool a try.