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How to Remove Metadata from TIFF Images for Privacy?

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Summary: In this write-up, either manually or using the finest Metadata Eraser Software for Windows.


In today’s developing world, we have seen users who, for a variety of reasons, need to convert files and delete metadata from their files. As previously said, our focus for today is the removal of information from TIFF files. Let’s first comprehend the causes.

What Are the Reasons to Remove Metadata from TIFF?

Metadata information of TIFF files can contain copyright notices, license data, and other important details related to ownership. By removing metadata from TIFF images, you can easily reduce the risk of someone using your TIFF file without your permission.

TIFF Metadata can include information about the creator of the file including name and the contact details. By deleting the metadata from TIFF images, you can protect your identity and any personal crucial information.

Metadata information can take up a very large amount of space in a TIFF image, making it larger than required. Erasing the metadata information from TIFF can result in a smaller size, making it easier to save and share.

How to Remove Meta Properties from TIFF Images?

You can see that there are several options, including manual methods and expert software, on the internet. We will describe both procedures and their processes in the information that follows. Select the approach that best meets your needs.

Manually Scrub Metadata from TIFF Image Files?

Follow the steps to manually remove meta properties from TIFF images:

  • Step 1. Kindly open your TIFF file in image editor like Adobe Photoshop.
  • Step 2. Choose “File” menu and select the “File Info” to view the metadata of your file.
  • Step 3. Kindly select the Remove button to delete the metadata properties.
  • Step 4. Save your image with new changes.

These are the steps for manually removing metadata from TIFF images.

What Are the Limitations of Manual Process?

  • The manual process is time-consuming as it doesn’t support bulk removal. You have to follow all steps for every file.
  • There is no guarantee of accurate metadata removal. We cannot even say that it only remove meta properties.
  • This manual process of removing meta from TIFF images require some technical knowledge.

Exclusive TIFF Image Metadata Removal Software

TIFF Metadata Eraser Software suggested in the top is the highly advance and secure application available. With this solution, it is possible to remove metadata from multiple TIFF files in bulk at the same time. Also, the solution allow users to choose the files from which they need to remove meta properties.

The straightforward user interface of this program is one of its most intriguing features. Without assistance from a technical person, both technical and non-technical users may effortlessly utilize the solution. Additionally, the program keeps all attributes while removing meta from TIFF pictures. There won’t be any modifications made to the files’ original formatting.

Also, the software offers a wide-range of attractive features which we will mention below. Firstly, have a look at the working process.

How the Software Work?

  • Step 1. Download the software on your Windows computer.
  • Step 2. Run the application and click the Open tab first.
    click open
  • Step 3. Now, from the given options, choose Images.
    choose images
  • Step 4. Select TIFF images from the given options.
    choose tiff images
  • Step 5. Choose TIFF files or folders as per your requirements.
  • Step 6. The application will load all TIFF images on the left panel.
  • Step 7. Click on loaded files and preview your TIFF images.
    preview images
  • Step 8. Now, go to Actions Toolbar and choose Clear Metadata.
    clear metadata
  • Step 9. Finally, select the Destination Path and click Save button.
    process of removing metadata from tiff images

That’s it. By following the above procedure, you can easily remove metadata from TIFF images in bulk.

People Also Ask

Powerful Features of TIFF Metadata Removal Tool

  • Batch Removal is Possible: With this application, you can easily erase meta properties from multiple TIFF images in bulk at once.
  • Selective Removal is Possible: You can easily use this solution to delete metadata from selected TIFF files as per the need.
  • Preview TIFF Images: With this solution, you can preview your TIFF files before removing metadata.
  • Preserves Other Data of Files: The other file information is preserved when the program removes the metadata from TIFF files. The solution just eliminates meta attributes. so feel free.
  • Choose the Required Destination: This solution will allow you to select the location where you need to save resultant files. It will help you to easily access the resultant files.
  • Supports All Versions of Windows: This software is compatible with all the earlier and latest version of Windows including Windows 11.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Question 1. Do I need to use a supportive program to remove metadata from TIFF images?

Answer 1. No, you don’t have to install any supportive application to accomplish this task.

Question 2. Does the application override existing file?

Answer 2. If you want to, the software provides you an option. Please enable the option “Override Existing File”.

Question 3. Can I use this application to remove metadata from a large number of TIFF images?

Answer 3. Yes, with this app, you can easily delete complete metadata from a large number of TIFF files.

 The Conclusion

In the above post, we have covered the topic how to remove metadata from TIFF images. Here, we have provided both manual and professional solutions. Choose the solution which meets your requirements.