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How to Remove Metadata from RTF Files in Two Different Ways?

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Introduction: Find a step-by-step tutorial on how to manually or professionally remove metadata from RTF files in this page.


The data that describes a document’s attributes, including its title, the author, creation date, and other information, is referred to as metadata in RTF. Although it is saved in the file, this information is hidden when viewing the document. Users may find and search for documents more easily because to metadata.

Why Users Want to Remove Metadata from RTF Files?

  • The metadata information files include the sensitive personal data, such as the identity of the author, the name of their business, contact information, and other particulars.
  • The creation and modification dates of the document, as well as other specifics, can easily found in metadata.
  • Many people would rather keep the information contained in the document private and not make it public.
  • An RTF file’s sensitive information is kept private and are not accessible to anybody else if the metadata has been removed.
  • The document can be protected against potential data breaches and illegal access by removing metadata.

These are the most typical explanations for why it is crucial to remove metadata from RTF files. There can be further factors. After understanding them all, let’s move on to the answers to complete this challenge.

How to Remove Meta Properties from RTF Files Manually?

Follow the steps mentioned below to erase metadata from RTF files:

  • Step 1. In the Text Editor, kindly open your RTF document file.
  • Step 2. Look through the document for any hidden metadata tags. These tags typically start with the letter “{\”
  • Step 3. Kindly delete the tag if you find any.
  • Step 4. Save the document with new changes.

To remove metadata from RTF, follow the instructions for each individual file.

Limitations of Manual Process

  • Manual process is very time-consuming and ineffective to remove metadata from RTF files.
  • There is no guarantee of complete metadata removal of RTF metadata.
  • The manual process may also include several types of errors.
  • Manually removing metadata from RTF files is not always sufficient because metadata can also be saved in other formats, such as XML or HTML.

Professional RTF Metadata Removal Software

Metadata Eraser Software for Windows is the highly advance and powerful solution available. We have developed this solution for all type of users. With this application, users can easily remove metadata from multiple RTF files at the same time. Additionally, it is possible to remove meta attributes from a selected RTF. The UI of this RTF Metadata Remover is very straightforward and easy to use. You won’t experience any problems of any kind when using the software. The program keeps all properties even when you remove information from RTF files. The other content of RTF files won’t be altered or changed in any way.

Before learning more about the solution, let’s first comprehend how it works.

How to Scrub Metadata from RTF Documents with Screenshots?

  • Download RTF Metadata Removal Software on your Windows computer. You can test the functionality and features of this free demo version feature without spending any money.
  • Now, install the solution and click the Open tab to begin procedure.
  • Choose Document Files and select RTF Files from the given options.
    choose rtf files
  • Click on Choose Files or Choose Folders option to browse your files.
    choose files or folders
  • The solution will instantly load all the selected files or folders on left panel.
  • Click on the loaded files and preview your RTF documents before removal.
    preview your data
  • Now, go to Actions Toolbar and select the Clear Metadata option.
    choose clear metadata
  • Choose the Destination where you need to save changes and click Save.
    process of removing metadata from rtf files

That’s it. The software begins removing metadata from RTF files. The program starts deleting metadata from RTF files. It won’t take long to delete the associated metadata. Please wait for a moment.

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Eye-Catching Features of the Software

  • Remove Metadata from Multiple Files: With this app, it is possible to remove metadata from multiple RTF files in bulk. This batch removal option is good to save time and efforts.
  • Remove Meta from Selected RTF Files: The application allows users to remove meta properties from selected RTF files as per the need.
  • Preview Your RTF Documents: With this RTF Metadata Removal Software, you can preview your RTF documents. The application provides the detailed preview of content, message headers, hex values, and more.
  • Choose the Required Destination Path: With this solution, you can select the location where you need to save the resultant files. This feature will helpful to easily access the resultant data.
  • Windows Compatible Software: This RTF Metadata Remover Tool is completely Windows-compatible. You can download and install it on Windows 11, Windows 10, and earlier versions easily.
  • No File Size Limitations: There is no file size limitations impose on this RTF Metadata Scrubber Tool. With this app, you can easily delete meta properties from unlimited RTF files without facing issues.


Question 1. Are there any risk associated with this application to remove meta from RTF files?

Answer 1. No, there is no risk associated with this application. With this application, you can remove metadata from RTF files without losing and altering information.

Question 2. What are the limitations of free demo edition?

Answer 2. With this help of freeware, you can scrub metadata from some RTF files. This freeware is good to test the tools features and working.

Question 3. Can I run this application to preview my RTF files message headers before removing?

Answer 3. Yes, the application provides the detailed preview of RTF files before removing meta properties.

The Conclusion

It’s a quick and easy process to remove metadata from RTF files, which can help you maintain your privacy and secure sensitive data. You can quickly and simply remove metadata from RTF files with only a few clicks if you use the right file editing tools. You now know how to remove metadata from your documents if you need to.