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How to Strip Metadata from Image Files in Bulk to Maintain Privacy?

Admin ~ Published: 19-Apr-2023 ~ Strip ~ 5 Minutes Reading

Overview: In this write-up, learn how to safely strip metadata from image files in easy steps. You may complete this work without difficulty by using the best ways found here.


Lets start this post with users queries taken from popular forum site:

Users Queries

Hello, how can I bulk remove the metadata from image files? I looked for a solution, but I couldn’t find anything that lived up to my expectations.

Hello, I have a lot of image files with various file types. I have to provide someone access to these files for a professional reason. I looked for a solution that would let me remove the metadata from any kind of image file, but I couldn’t find one. Please let me know if you know of a solution that can help me.

Reasons to Strip Metadata from Image Files

For a number of reasons, users require to strip metadata from image files. They can safeguard their privacy of files and remove the chance of disclosing sensitive or private information by eliminating metadata properties.

By removing metadata properties, hostile actors may be kept from using specific data that could be used to monitor a user’s online actions. Image files can also be made smaller by deleting metadata, which makes it simpler to store and share them online.

There may be more reasons why users need to remove metadata from image files.

Without further ado, let’s get to the solutions for doing this challenge.

How to Strip Meta Properties from Image Files Manually?

  • Step 1. Open your image file in a graphics program such as GIMP or Adobe Photoshop.
  • Step 2. Select File and then File Info.
  • Step 3. Select the “Description” in the File Info box, then scroll to the bottom.
  • Step 4. Click the “Remove Properties and Personal Information” link.
  • Step 5. Decide which attributes to remove.
  • Step 6. Press the “OK” button to save the modifications.

By following the above simple steps, it is possible to strip metadata from image files.

Limitations of the Manually Remove Meta from Image File

  • Batch removal is not supported by the manual solution. For each file, you must adhere to every step.
  • Complete removal is not guaranteed with the manual approach.
  • It will take a long to manually remove metadata from each image file.

There are numerous other restrictions in addition to this. This approach is only useful if you only need to remove the metadata from one or two image files.

Introduction of Exclusive Image Meta Remover

DotStella Metadata Eraser Tool is a complete and tested application available on the internet. This solution is very useful for any type of users. With this application, it is possible to strip metadata from image files in bulk or selectively. This computer program is specially developed to remove all personal information from images such as date, name, GPS, and many more.

In addition, the application has a very user-friendly interface. So, if you don’t have any technical knowledge, you can still use this application without facing hassle. Also, when the tool strip metadata from image files, the application maintains all the properties. You will definitely get the accurate results without losing and altering information in some easy steps.

Step by Step Working Process with Screenshots   

  • Download Image Metadata Removal Software on your Windows computer.
  • Install it properly on your system and click the Open tab to begin process.
    click open
  • Now, choose the Images option and choose require file type.
    choose images
  • Click on the choose files or choose folders option and browse your image files.
    choose files or folders
  • This app will load your selected images on the left panel. Click the loaded files and preview your images.
    preview your images
  • Go to Actions tab and select the option Clear Metadata.
    clear metadata
  • Select the required Destination Path and click Save to begin process.
    click save

See Live Status

The software starts removing metadata from image files. You can see the live status on your software screen. Please wait until you get the complete message.

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What Makes the Professional Software Best?

The application offers a wide-range of advance features which make it unique.

  • Batch Removal: This feature is helpful to strip metadata from image files all at once.
  • Override Existing File: The application allows users to enable the option “override existing file”.
  • Get Accurate Results: This application will only strip metadata from image files. There will be no changes done with other content.
  • Choose Output Location: Image Metadata Removal Tool allow users to choose location where they need to get the resultant files.
  • Select Required Files: If you need to strip metadata from selected image files, it is also possible with this app.
  • Standalone Application: This Image Metadata Remover is complete standalone. You don’t need a supportive program to get this task done.
  • Windows Based Application: This solution is compatible with all the versions of Windows including Windows 11.

These are only a few features of the app. Download it now and know everything about it.


In todays content, we have covered “how to strip metadata from image files”. Here, we have provided both manual and professional ways to remove meta properties from image files. Hope you will find the solutions helpful.