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Metadata Scrubbing Tool is an intelligent and trustworthy program to remove metadata from multiple file types. This Metadata Cleaner Software can delete metadata from files and remove their digital traces so that nobody may abuse them. Free download Metadata Eraser Tool now to make sure that no sensitive information is unintentionally shared with other person.

  • Metadata Cleaner Tool to remove metadata from image, document, and other files
  • Successfully supports to scrub metadata from multiple files in batch at the same time
  • While erasing meta, the Metadata Eraser Tool keeps the rest of the files' data intact
  • Metadata Scrubbing Tool has a very user-friendly interface for the ease of users
  • You can choose the location where you need to save files after removing metadata
  • Best Metadata Removal Tool eliminates the worry of unintended sensitive data loss
  • Metadata Scrubber previews File Name, Size, Created On, Last Modified, and Folder Path
  • Ability to quickly scrub metadata properties of files attachments without facing issues
  • Successfully remove metadata from Video files with Metadata Cleaner Software
  • With Metadata Scrubber, you can remove metadata from multiple PDF files in Easy steps
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Awards Winning Metadata Scrubber

DotStella Metadata Eraser Tool is an award-winning tool used by IT professionals. This Metadata Scrubber Tool has gained the trust of many individuals and organizations by properly deleting metadata from files that cannot be recovered.

Need of Metadata Eraser Tool?

safeguard privacy

Safeguard Privacy

Before sharing your files with someone, you can ensure their privacy by deleting meta using Metadata Scrubbing Tool.

lower size of files

Lower Size of Files

You can reduce the size of your files by deleting metadata using the Metadata Eraser Tool for Windows.

increased efficiency

Increased Efficiency

Deleting metadata from files using Metadata Cleaner Tool can help you to increase the efficiency.

freely share files online

Freely Share Files Online

When we share a file online, it usually contains personal information that could be used inappropriately. You can always be safe with the help of this metadata eraser.

prevents to track changes

Prevents to Track Changes

Metadata Cleaner Tool for Windows unauthorized third-party to show where a deletion, insertion, or other editing change has been made in the file.

All-in-one Metadata Eraser Software

Supports All Document Files

Metadata Eraser Tool successfully supports to remove metadata from all type of document files.

List of Supported Document Formats

DOC Files

DOCX Files

DOT Files

DOCM Files

DOTX Files

DOTM Files

RTF Files

DOT Files

Supports All Excel Files

Metadata Scrubbing Software supports to clean metadata from Excel files of any type.

List of Supported Excel Files

XLS Files

XLSB Files

XLSM Files

XLSX Files

XLT Files

XITX Files

XLTM Files

Supports All Powrpoint Files

Metadata Eraser Tool for Windows supports to remove metadata from multiple PowerPoint files.

List of Supported PowerPoint Files

PPT Files

PPTX Files

PPSX Files

PPTM Files

PPSM Files

POTX Files

POTM Files

PPS Files

Supports All Images Files

Metadata Scrubbing Software can easily remove metadata from all Image file types.

List of Supported Image Files

JPEG Files

Supports All Media Files

Metadata Eraser Tool allows you to clean metadata from all Media files.

List of Supported Media File Types

MP3 Files

MP4 Files

Popular Features List of Metadata Eraser Software

Batch Metadata Eraser Tool for Windows

Metadata Scrubbing Software comes up with so many powerful features. Batch removal is one of them. The tool's batch removal capability allows you to remove metadata from multiple files at once. This feature is quite useful for saving valuable time and effort when cleaning metadata from multiple files. You no longer have to go through each file and remove metadata one by one.

Choose Required Destination Path

With this Metadata Eraser Tool for Windows, you can select the output location to save the resultant output. This feature of Metadata Scrubber allows users to readily acess files from which metadata has been removed. Also, Metadata Cleaner application is completely standalone app. You do not have to install supportive program to remove metadata from files on Windows.

Metadata Eraser Tool Offers Dual Modes

The Metadata Cleaner tool provides two options for selecting the files from which to remove metadata. These two options can be chosen based on the size of your files. The options available to you by this Metadata Scrubbing Tool are as follows.

  • Choose Files: The Metadata Scrubbing Tool provides a choose file option, which allows you to select one or more specific files to be submitted for metadata erasure.
  • Choose Folders: Choose Folders is another option in the best Metadata Removal Tool. The option allows you to pick an entire folder so that you can upload a large number of files to the metadata scrubbing tool at the same time.

Metadata Cleaner Knows What to Remove

The Metadata Cleaner is completely intelligent and automated. This Metadata Scrubber detects what has to be removed from your Doc, Excel, PowerPoint, and othet files. When removing the metadata from files, Metadata Removal Tool always maintain the other data. We ensures you that you wil definitely get the accurate files. In addition, with this Metadata Eraser Tool, you can scrub multiple files at once without facing any type of hassle.

Download this valuable Metadata Scrubbing Software on your Windows computer and remove metadata from files of any type in a few simple steps.

Metadata Scrubber Tool's Preview Mode

Metadata Eraser Tool's preview feature allows users to see a preview of any file that they are about to clean of its metadata. This amazing mode of Metadata Cleaner allows users to preview File Name, Size, Created On, Last Modified, and folder path before deciding whether to scrub its metadata or not. Metadata Scrubbing Tool preview mode also enables users to quickly identify and clean any sensitive information that may be embedded in the digital file including.

Metadata Removal Software for Windows

Metadata Eraser Tool is completely a Windows based application. You can use this Metadata Cleaner Tool on Windows 11, 10, 8.1, 8, and earlier editions. Additionally, this best Metadata Removal Tool gives you the option of selecting the necessary output location. This function of Metadata Cleaner Tool will assist you in saving the resulting files to that area for simple access and management.

Search Specific Files to Erase Metadata

Metadata Eraser Software has a plethora of useful features. It includes a search function for the convenience of users. You can use search to find specific files and delete metadata. This option of Metadata Scrubbing Tool will be useful if you have a large number of files and need to delete metadata from some of them.

Open Files with Associated Applications

It is the most advance Metadata Eraser Tool that allows you to open your files with associated programs. Once you add your files into the software panel, double-click on the required file to open them into their associated applications if you want. Otherwise, the app does not require supportive program to remove metadata from files.

Multiple Filters to Eraser Metadata

The application provides you with a number of filters when you select the location where you need to save the files from which you erased the metadata. Kindly check the required filter:

  • Delete old folder
  • Open folder after export is done
  • Override existing file
Remove Metadata from Files Accurately

Metadata Eraser Software is a completely safe, easy, and accurate application available on the internet. The advanced feature of the application is that it protects your other properties when removing metadata from files. We guarantee that DotStella Metadata Scrubbing Software will deliver correct results in a timely manner.

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Metadata Eraser Software - System Specifications
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System Requirements

Intel® Core™ 2 Duo CPU E4600 @ 2.40GHz 2.39GHz Processor

Operating System
Windows OS 11 (64 bit), 10, 8, 7 (32 bit or 64 bit) & Windows Server 2019, 2016, 2012 R2, 2008

Minimum 2 GB RAM

Hard Disk
37.4 MB of free Hard Disk space

Software Delivery


Interface Available

Language Supported

Free Demo Edition

Metadata Eraser Software free demo version is only capable to remove metadata from some files.

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Metadata Eraser Tool - FAQs
How to remove metadata from Audio files?

Follow the step by step process of this Metadata Cleaner Tool:

  • Step 1: Install and run DotStella Metadata Eraser Tool on Windows PC.
  • Step 2: Click the Open tab and select the Media option drop-down list.
  • Step 3: Choose Files or Folders as per your requirements.
  • Step 4: Click the loaded files and preview the content along with metadata properties.
  • Step 5: Go to Actions Tool and select Clear Metadata option.
  • Step 6: Choose Location and click the Save button to begin the process.

The professional Metadata Removal program firstly detects and then remove all forms of metadata from digital media files, such as EXIF data, author information, and other file features. This Metadata Scrubbing Tool safely remove all metada

Yes, the expert Metadata Remover Program is completely safe. Advanced algorithms are used by the Metadata Scrubber to completely remove any traces of metadata from digital media files.

It is the highly advance Metadata Scrubbing Tool that offers a wide range of valuable features.

Yes, the Metadata Eraser Tool allows you to remove all the metadata information including authors name.

Yes, the corporate license can be used to remove information from multiple files on up to four machines.