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Kerio to Office 365 Migration Software to Move All Kerio Connect to O365

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Do you have a data migration need from Kerio to Office 365? Are you looking for a user manual guide to explain “how to migrate Kerio to Office 365” in simple and easy way. If yes, spend your few minutes here.

The below comprehensive Kerio to Office 365 migration guide helps you to export multiple mailboxes from Kerio Connect to O365. Also it talks about user query, expert tips, professional software, and complete step-by-step process to accomplish the task.

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Migrate Kerio to Office 365 Common Scenario

Kerio Technologies provides a useful desktop based client to enterprise named as Kerio Connect. Also it helps to manage the data such as email, contacts, calendars, tasks and more. Kerio Connect service is used by number of small and large enterprises due to its impressive enterprise benefits such as low cost of ownership.

On contrary, Microsoft Office 365 is famous cloud-based service employ the enterprise needs in terms of security, reliability, and productivity. So numbers of enterprises access O365 services such as business suite to manage the massive user database.

Without a doubt, MS Office 365 has an upper hand to manage the workforce data with advance technology.

However, enterprises looking for a solution to migrate Kerio to Office 365 may have other solid reasons for the task.  One such scenario is shared by a multinational company in America. Below is the complete synopsis.

We are a Human Capital Management firm in North America with work force of 300+ employees. Due to current business requirements, we get the Microsoft 365 Business license. It has fabulous features for our business needs. So, now, we want to know how we can migrate data from Kerio Connect accounts to Office 365. We request industry expert to help us with the and safe and workable solution.

Unlike the above query, there are many that are unanswered in Kerio to Office 365 migration scenario.

The following section talks about an all-rounder solution to migrate from Kerio to O365 with complete information. It is highly professional in approach and recommended by experts.

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The Ultimate Toolkit for Kerio to Office 365 Migration

Migrating Kerio Server to Office 365 is an important task for the enterprises. They are exporting volume of data that may include confidential, financial, or many vital information. Therefore, choosing an expert solution that is tried and tested is an ideal choice.

Download and launch DotStella Kerio Converter Toolkit on Windows system to migrate bulk Kerio Connect mailboxes with all properties. It is a reliable, easy-to-use, and 100% error-free software. Also it has the ability to migrate emails, contacts, calendars, tasks, and other information from Kerio to New Server, Gmail, CSV, Office 365, etc.

The major benefits of the software for enterprises are listed below:

  • Batch Migration of Kerio mailboxes with attachments
  • Feasible to export multiple Kerio account data at once.
  • Also allows to browse data from configured Kerio connect account.
  • Pro in previewing Kerio emails, header, attachments, etc.
  • Advance search advantage for selective Kerio to O365 migration.

Now, you have get a clear picture of the facilities provided by the Kerio to Office 365 migration. The good news is you can also take a free trial.

Start the Free Trial in Few Minutes

The powerful Kerio Connect to O365 migration tool comes with multiple licenses as per the requirements. User can test its free demo edition without giving any payment details. Just download the edition on your Windows system and migrate 10 emails, messages, contacts, or more from each folder. It is the limitation imposed on demo version. To overcome this and to boundlessly migrate Kerio to Office 365 as well as Kerio to Exchange and other account, get the license edition.

download software

Solved: How to Migrate Kerio Mail Server to Office 365 Account?

If you want to know the step-by-step instructions to migrate Kerio to Office 365, check the below screenshots with details.

Firstly, you need to install the professional Kerio to Office 365 migration utility on your Windows system. After that, look into the steps mentioned below.

  • Run the application and tap on the Open button. Now, upload the Kerio mailboxes in software panel using various modes: Choose File, Choose Folder, and configured account. Select the option as per the need.select kerio files or folders
  • Browse and import the Kerio files or folders into the software pane.browse folders
  • Tap on the mailbox and software list all the emails or other data in the interface. Also click on the email to get the detailed view in the special preview window.preview kerio emails
  • Now, go to the Export tab in the menu and pick Office 365 as the saving option.select office 365 saving option
  • Also enter the credentials and hit the Save button to finish the Kerio email to Office 365 migration process.click save to migrate kerio to office 365

Read ore on Helpful Option for Migrating Kerio Connect to O365

  • Automatically Browse Data from Open Kerio Account: The best solution to migrate data from Kerio Mail Server to Office 365 provides a configure account option. If you pick this, you can browse folder from your configured Kerio Connect account easily.
  • Straightforward Preview Function: The expert utility allows the users to preview the properties of Kerio data in special Preview window. In case of email, user can check email herder, raw information, hex view, and more.
  • Strong Search Modes: The software provides dual search mode to look specific information from Kerio data. The Quick search helps to navigate specific word in Kerio data items. The other Advance search option helps to find information in the specific filed such as email, contact, calendar, and more. These two features are of great use to forensic investigator.
  • Free from any Type of Limitation: The license Kerio to Microsoft O365 migration toolkit has no limitation in terms of file size, volume of data, and more.

The Conclusion

The above step-by-step guide to migrate Kerio to Office 365 helps to export emails, contacts, calendars, tasks and more conveniently from Kerio Server to O365. It shares information about a expert recommended solution to migrate data from enterprise Kerio Connect to Office 365 account.