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Migrate Kerio to Exchange Server In Batch Including All Properties

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Are you tired of being tethered to a gadget in order to view your Kerio-linked essential emails? Do you wish to get rid of it and migrate your data to a more conveniently accessible account? If so, we’ve got an offer and more of a recommendation for you. Migrate Kerio to Exchange Server

The use of an Exchange server to store Kerio connects data such as email and attachments will alleviate not just your problem of being connected to a single device, but also a variety of other concerns. Do you want to learn how? Take a look.

Why should you use an Exchange server to access Kerio data?

  1. It makes data accessibility Easier for You. You can take full use of the cloud and cloud deployment strategies with Exchange Online.
  2. This Exchange can be accessed from any location. Because Exchange is a cloud account, unlike Kerio, you don’t need to keep a specific device with you because you can access it from any device.
  3. It is incredibly user-friendly and allows access to emails, calendars, and messaging platforms from mobile devices as well.
  4. It better safeguards your data since storing all of your data on a cloud server is better than storing all of your data on a hard drive because if your hard drive crashes, you could lose everything and won’t be able to recover it unless you employ a data recovery programme, which can be expensive.

We believe that these advantages are sufficient to demonstrate how migrate Kerio to Exchange might help you. So, let’s look at how you might go about performing and achieving such data migration.

As a result, we’re going to provide you with an epic and extremely beneficial Kerio to Exchange Migration tool, which will allow you to migrate Kerio connect to Exchange servers. So, please take a look and find about more about it.

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Kerio to Exchange Migration Tool: A Data Migrator for Kerio

The Kerio Server Migration Tool is an all-in-one tool that exports the Kerio data along with all its related properties like email and attachments to various user-requested platforms like Exchange. Hence, this app is perfect and also compatible to migrate Kerio to Exchange.

It’s very efficient and supports migrating all account folders at the same time, so even with the large amount of data you don’t have to spend extra time migrate from Kerio to Exchange 2016 and others.

So, to help you migrate entire folders and select Exchange servers in the app, we’re going to explain the complete procedure. We encourage you to go through it and figure out what to do with each step.

Complete Instructions on How to Migrate Kerio to Exchange

  • Download and install the Kerio to Exchange Migration Tool on your Kerio configured device by clicking the link below.
    download button
  • Now click Open and then either Choose Files or Choose Folders to transfer Kerio data into the tool.choose files or folder option
  • Browse through all of the Kerio Connect data that you want to migrate to Exchange.browse kerio files
  • After making your selections, you will see that all of your files have been loaded into the left pane of the Kerio to Exchange Migration Tool.loaded kerio files
  • Here, if you wish, you can preview all of your files as per your requirement.preview kerio emails
  • Now click on the Export tab and then choose IMAP from the different platforms offered.select saving option
  • Enter the backup email addresses and password, also provide the IMAP name and port number for your Exchange server, then click the Save.migrate kerio to exchange server
  • Once all files have been migrated, you will be notified along with the portal “Open folder” to access the account directly from the application.open folder

Your task is now completely done.

Now we’d like to ask you a question. Are you interested in learning more about the tool? If that’s the case, you can do so by looking at the features we’ve covered below. The functionalities listed below will help you understand the tool’s full potential and will help you decide whether or not to use it to migrate Kerio to Exchange.

Kerio to Exchange Migration Tool: Features with Associated Benefits

  • Migrate Kerio to Exchange server along with all of its folders and properties in bulk.
  • Migrate Kerio attachments, contact calendars, and other related properties at once.
  • This app gives you a preview of all your Kerio emails and attachments with just one click.
  • Also gives you previews of the Hex View, Raw View, and Message Header of Kerio emails.
  • Allows you to include the email header if you want to verify the email path after migration.
  • The search function enables you to find specific emails and from specific addresses.
  • The Kerio to Exchange Migration Tool comes with an interface that is very easy to use.

In Conclusion

Migrate Kerio to Exchange server, along with all of its associated folders and properties, in no time. The Kerio to Exchange migration tool made it possible for you. Its and fully automated app that requires little help on your part. So if you want to migrate your data as easily as possible, try the suggested tool.