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How to Move Kerio Connect to Another Server ? DotStella Solutions

Admin ~ Modified: 24-May-2023 ~ Migration ~ 4 Minutes Reading

In this blog, we will briefly discuss how to move Kerio to new server ? Here we will provide a simplified solution to fix this problem. Most of the users are looking for a solution to this issue. So do not need to worry, users will get the best complete solution here.

Many Kerio connect users want to transfer their Kerio connection to another server. One of the main disadvantages of Kerio Connect is that it cannot move email from the mail server. For this reason, users want to transfer their Kerio connection information. Also, users don’t know the right solution to accomplish this task.

Basically, Kerio Connect does not provide a solution for moving Kerio Connect to another server. Therefore, users must use third-party solutions to accomplish this task. DotStella Kerio Converter is one of the most suitable programs for users. This is a straightforward method that can easily done this task without losing any data.

How to Move Kerio to New Server Instantly ?

Kerio Email Converter is the most suitable software for all users. The program supports all MS Windows OS. The user can transfer unlimited Kerio connect data, such as contacts, calendars, emails, attachments, tasks, etc. Hence, uses the Kerio connect migration tool to keep the folder hierarchy intact. The utility has the option of migrating selective Kerio mailbox data based on various criteria such as From, Date, Subject, etc.

The software is 100% secure for users and virus-free. This is the best program to consider user queries. Let’s take a look at how the application works to make this procedure simple for the user.

Steps to Migrate Kerio Connect to Another Server

Follow these simple steps to complete this task easily and seamlessly:

  • First you have to, download and run the Kerio migration tool on your system and hit the Next tab.

download software

  • Now, choose Kerio files and folders with double selection modes, for example, Select File or Select Folders.choose kerio files or folders
  • Then check the preview and pick the mailbox folder which you want to export to the new server.check preview
  • Now, select the desired saving option from the list of various saving options.select saving option
  • Enter account credentials and hit the Save button.enter account credentials
  • Finally, the process of moving Kerio to another domain has completed successfully.process completion

Interesting Features of Kerio Connect to New Server Migration Tool

  • 100% Safe Software Interface:-The application comes with a 100% secure interface panel for moving Kerio to new server. The tool has been tested by various professional users and laboratories. Thus, you can use this utility without any error issue.
  • Preserve Email Folder Hierarchy:- When Kerio Connect is moved to a new server, the software will maintain the email folder hierarchy. Now, after completing the migration process, you will get an exact copy of the Kerio Connect email hierarchy.
  • Simple and Reliable Interface:- Many users have no technical skills. Hence, the program has been developed using advanced algorithms that provide a simple and friendly interface. This makes it easy for both technical and non-technical users to use this application without guidance.
  • Maintain Data Structure and Attributes:- During the process of migrating from Kerio Connect to another server, the application will retain email attributes, such as emails with attachments, email addresses (recipients, cc, Sender, Bcc), email subject, email online image, email title. , etc.
  • Dual Modes of Kerio Data Selection:- The software offers two selection options that allow you to select multiple Kerio profiles at the same time. Using the add folder option, you can select multiple Kerio profiles in a single process.
  • Selective Email Items Migration:- The program gives several additional filtering options for moving selected Kerio Connect emails to a new server. After selecting the Kerio profile, you can also select the email folder.
  • Compatible with All Microsoft Windows OS: – The software is compatible with all versions of MS Windows and Windows Server, such as Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Windows Server 2019, 2016, 2012, 2008, etc.


The above article described the complete process to move Kerio Connect to another server. If you want to transfer the Kerio mail server to a new server, please download DotStella Kerio to new server migration tool. This application is a completely Windows based program. It is also available for Windows laptops and desktops. The company offers a demo edition of this program that you can use before purchasing. Our technical support team is available 24 * 7 * 365 days a year to answer your questions.