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Kerio to Gmail Migration Tool to Move Kerio Emails to Gmail Account

Admin ~ Modified: 24-May-2023 ~ Migration ~ 5 Minutes Reading

Migrating from Kerio to Gmail remains one of the most trending users’ query to transfer data from one platform to another. The core reasons may differ depending on the business requirements, but the challenge to accomplish Kerio to Gmail migration is still faced by many. However, not anymore!

This guide talks about a stellar third-party solution for bulk Kerio Mail to Gmail migration. However, Kerio Technologies also provides a free solution that allows migrating Kerio emails to Gmail using IMAP Server. But, the process is complex, and hours waiting for results.

Therefore, we are going to accomplish migrate Kerio to Gmail process using automatic software. So, stay tuned!

This guide walks you through:

  1. Common scenarios for Kerio Connect to Gmail migration.
  2. An automatic way to migrate Kerio Mail Server to Gmail.
  3. Free trial of best Kerio to Google Mail migration tool.
  4. The standout feature of professional software.
  5. Conclusion

Top Queries to Migrate Kerio Server Data to Gmail Profile

Scenario 1: Our Company is using the Kerio Mail Server service for more than ten years. We are an IT firm in North America. The company was facing loss in multiple projects and decided to cut down the expenses. Our management team has decided to shift the entire Kerio Mail Server folder to a personal Gmail account for organization comfort. We are approaching the top service provider in data migration; please let us know about your solution. – Samuel Wisely 
Scenario 2: We urgently need to migrate folders from Kerio Connect to Gmail account without any loss of information. We request professionals to take our case and suggest a reliable solution to our needs. – Annie Clark.

As discussed in the introduction part, Kerio to Gmail migration is an unresolved query for many. In the below section, we mentioned a spectacular software to move Kerio to New Server or Gmail account with all details. It is a complete automatic solution with various advanced options for IT admin. So, let’s find out about the one-stop solution in detail.

All You Need to Know About Spectacular Kerio to Gmail Migration Tool 

Firstly, we want you to know about the quick and straightforward solution to migrate Kerio Connect to Gmail. Therefore, download DotStella Kerio Converter Tool. It is a fabulous solution to migrate emails, messages, contacts, calendars, and folders from Kerio Mail Server to Google Mail profile without any restriction.

This Microsoft Windows OS all edition compatible software maintains the user data throughout the migration. It has unique traits like:

  • Preview Mode to read Kerio message with important details.
  • Compact View tab to hide the system folders.
  • Function to Open and Save all attachments.
  • Dual Search Mode to analyze the Kerio data.
  • Direct Extract mode to separate attachments, headers, etc.

This software is the one-stop authentic way to migrate data from Kerio Connect to Gmail with complete accuracy.

Now, let’s find out the working of the utility step-by-step.

Follow A Few Easy Steps to Migrate Kerio to Gmail Account 

First of all, we recommend you download and launch the free trial edition of the Kerio to Gmail Migration software to migrate the first ten emails from Kerio Connect to Google Mail. Once satisfied, activate the license key of the software to migrate the overall Kerio Mail Server folder to the Gmail user profile.

Please go through the following steps to migrate from Kerio to Gmail:

  • Run the professional software on your Windows system.

download software

  • Go to Open Tab and select from dual option – Choose File & Choose Folder to browse Kerio files. Here, we pick the Select File option.choose files or folders option
  • The software scans all the selected Kerio files and allows you to preview them before the migration process.preview emails
  • Tap on the Export button and choose Gmail as the desired saving format.select gmail saving option
  • Enter your Gmail account email address and password. Enable the advance mode option provided by the software as per the requirement, such as empty folders, include email headers, and more.enter gmail credentials
  • Finally, hit the Save button and witness the live migration from Kerio s to Gmail account.click save to migrate kerio to gmail
  • At some time, a complete conversion message pops up; click on Ok and check the log report.click ok
  • At last, click on Open Gmail and get your Kerio folders.check output

That’s all to migrate Kerio Connect mailboxes to Gmail and Kerio Mail Server to Google Mail account.

Fabulous Features of Kerio Mail Server to Google Migrator

  •  This best application to migrate Kerio to Gmail is tested by various professional users and laboratories, provides 100% complete results.
  •  When the Kerio mailbox is migrated to the Gmail account, the software maintains the email folder hierarchy.
  •  Also, while migrating Kerio Mail Server folders into Google Mail profiles, the app maintains email functions such as attachments and email addresses.
  • Programs provide many additional filter options to move selected Kerio Connect emails to Gmail. It is a simple and easy task.

The Endnote

The above guide resolves the most trending user query on Kerio to Gmail migration. The process is accomplished by using a professional and simplified solution that comes with many advanced features. In the above blog, we explained the step-by-step process to migrate Kerio Mail Server to Gmail without any loss of information.