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How to Convert Kerio Address Book to CSV File with All Properties?

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A file with a .csv extension helps to save the high volume of data in the tabular form. This plain text file can easily be imported into another spreadsheet or database independently. This blog will define a useful method to export Kerio contacts to CSV step-by-step. Therefore, if you are looking for a professional and automatic solution to convert contacts from Kerio to CSV, keep reading this blog post.

The Common Needs to Export Kerio Contacts to CSV 

Kerio Connect is a cloud-based email client to manage data like email, contacts, calendars, and much other information. Now, everyday users of Kerio Connect have to maintain numerous contact data as per the business requirement. This comes as a big challenge for many, and they look for alternatives such as Kerio contact to CSV migration.

Let’s take a closer look at the scenarios:

Hello, I work as a senior support engineer in a top IT MNC. For a long time, I was facing the issue of managing my contact data from Kerio. When looked for the solution, I get to know about convert Kerio contact in the CSV method. I have more than 50 thousand contacts in my Kerio connect account and don’t want to lose even a single bit due to any random manual solution. So, I request the expert to help me find a solution to convert Kerio Connect contacts to CSV safely.

With queries like these, it’s understandable why users are not considering the manual method to export Kerio contacts to CSV.

Now, let’s introduce you to a powerful and expert solution to bulk migrate Kerio Mail contacts to CSV.

Learn More About Authentic Kerio Contacts to CSV Converter 

All-in-one DotStella Kerio Converter Wizard is a professional and accurate solution to migrate multiple Kerio contacts to CSV files without any loss. This software is designed with the best algorithm and secures the user data throughout the conversion process. It has many significant traits such as:

  • Bulk convert Kerio Connect contacts to CSV files.
  • Preview Kerio contacts with all associated details.
  • Allows migrating selected Kerio contact file to CSV.
  • Unique extract option to take out information quickly.
  • Log report after Kerio to CSV migration process completes.
  • Freedom to save resultant CSV file at user desired location.

This is not all about the expert Kerio to CSV migrator tool. The utility also offers a free trial to export limited contacts from Kerio to the CSV file. To find more about this, check the below section

Free Kerio Connect to CSV Export Tool Download

download software

In order to try out the free edition of the Kerio to CSV migration tool, download the trial edition on the Windows system. After that, run the application and select the first ten contacts files for conversion. The process is fast and straightforward. Once completed, the tool provides a successful trial report. Users can activate the license edition by clicking on the Buy Now button and activate the license key for unlimited Kerio to CSV conversion with 100% safety.

Quick Steps to Convert Kerio Contacts to CSV File

Here are the complete steps of Kerio connect to CSV converter toolkit to migrate bulk contacts in CSV files.

  • Install and launch the professional toolkit on Windows supporting system.launch kerio to csv converter
  • Start and go to the Open tab. Select from Choose File/ Folder to browse Kerio contacts from your system. (If the user has a Kerio account configured on the system, pick the configured account option to browse the Kerio contact file from the profile automatically.)choose files or folders
  • Now, the software analyses the selected contacts file and lists the file and folder in GUI. Please mark the checkbox of the required folder to continue the task.loaded folders
  • Tap on the folder and check all the contacts files in the interface. Choose the required contact to get the full view in the special preview window.preview kerio emails
  • After that, click on the Export tab and choose CSV for easy Kerio Connect contact to CSV conversion.select csv as saving option
  • Select location for resultant files. Hit the Save button and watch the live conversion report in the software panel.click save to convert kerio contacts to csv
That’s it. These are the simple steps to export Kerio Mail contacts to CSV file with all information. Now, let’s find out the advance capabilities of the solution that makes it #No.1 Kerio to CSV converter software.

List of Standout Features of One-Stop Kerio to CSV Migration Software

The professional solution to export Kerio contacts to CSV comes with numerous significant advantages. Find out more about them in the below-highlighted points:

  • Intuitive and user-friendly interface:The GUI of the best software to convert Kerio Connect contacts to CSV is easy to use and context sensitive. It makes sure users may not face any challenge during the process and get complete results.
  • Export bulk Kerio contacts at once: This software has the powerful ability to migrate multiple Kerio contact files to CSV format without any loss of single information. The bulk option makes the conversion process quick and time-saving.
  • Multiple Options to Browse Kerio Contact Data: The utility to migrate Kerio Mail Server contacts to CSV file provides three options to browse Kerio contacts. Users with Kerio account configured on the machine can check the configured account option. Otherwise, they can check the Choose File and Folder option to browse Kerio contact files without account connectivity.
  • Maintain Kerio Address Book Properties: The advanced and authentic solution to migrate Kerio contacts in CSV file type keeps all contacts file information intact. It maintains properties like phone number, name, email address, photo, and more throughout the process.
  • Advance Forensic Abilities: The application is designed with numerous forensic abilities like preview mode to analyze the contact files. It also has search filters to find specific details from the Kerio contacts file by entering the keyword. Moreover, the software has an individual extract tab to take out phone numbers, email addresses, attachments, and more straightforwardly.

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