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Import EML to Windows 10 Mail Using The Default “Add Account” Function

Admin ~ Published: 25-Aug-2022 ~ Import ~ 5 Minutes Reading

Summary: If you’ve been looking for the finest way to import EML to Windows 10 Mail, this article is ideal for you to read. Here you will discover the best option for importing EML files from any account, including Windows Live Mail, Thunderbird, Gmail, and others, to Windows 10 Mail. You must continue scrolling down the page to expedite your data movement.

Hello, i was previously using Windows Live Mail for my email communications. But now that I’ve switched to the Windows 10 operating system, I’d like to maintain my old Windows Live Mail EML files in the default Windows 10 mail account. I have however no clue about how do i import EML files into Windows 10 Mail. So, could someone kindly offer a way for me to export EML to Windows 10 Mail?

Windows 10 Mail is the default account included with the Windows 10 operating system. This email account has many more features than its predecessor; however it misses a crucial one.  “Mail” does not provide an import/export capability; therefore you cannot upload .eml files straight into it. However, it contains the Add account functionality that you may utilise. So, using this add account functionality, let’s examine “how can i import EML files into Windows 10 mail”.

How Do i Import EML Files into Windows 10 Mail? The Best Answer

EML Converter Tool is the best and most comprehensive tool to import EML into Windows 10 Mail. Now that you are aware there is no direct way to import EML files to Windows 10 Mail, we will utilise the Add account capabilities with this app. Using this, we can export EML files into any email provider, such as Gmail, and then add that account to Windows 10 mail in order to access any EML. This is the only feasible method for migrating EML to Windows 10 Mail. Read the accompanying instructions to learn how to use the tool.

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Step-by-step Process to Import EML to Windows 10 Mail

  • To download the utility straight from this blog page, you must first click on the highlighted text or download button above. Install it and then run it to obtain the solution to “how do I import EML files into Windows 10 Mail?”download eml to windows 10 mail migration tool
  • After launching the application, you must click Open Select Choose Files or Choose Folders option to search for and upload.eml files to the tool.choose files or folder option
  • After submitting all EML files to the programme, you may preview them if necessary.preview emails
  • You must now choose the Export tab and then choose the saving choices. Choose the IMAP option if you wish to import EML into IMAP first.select saving option
  • You must now enter the email address and password for your backup account. Click the Save button once complete to export files into Windows 10 Mail.click save to import eml to windows 10 mail

Once all EML files have been moved to your chosen account, you may add that account to Windows 10 Mail in order to retrieve all EML files. Refer to the procedures below to simply add an account to Windows 10 Mail.

How to Add Account to the Mail App on Windows 10

  1. Select the programme from the list of choices after clicking the Start button and typing “Mail.”
  2. If you start the Mail app for the first time, you will get a Welcome screen…
  3. Select Add a New Account.
  4. From the drop-down option, select the kind of account you want to add….
  5. Please enter the required information after clicking the Sign in button….
  6. Select the completed option.

Consequently, this is how you may import EML to Mail App using the programme. Now, if you like to know more about it, please see the part that follows.

Read More about the EML to Mail Migration Tool

  • Conversion in Masses: The tool has the capacity to import EML files into Windows 10 Mail in huge numbers, making it suitable for conversion in masses. No matter how few or how many EML files you might have, the utility is able to transfer them all at the same time.
  • Support for Multiple Service Providers: As you may be aware, in order to import EML to Windows 10 Mail, you must first get them to a cloud-based account. As a result, the programme allows you to export EML files to Gmail, Roundcube, and other services, allowing you to select the account that best meets your needs.
  • Preview Modes: The application allows you to see and open EML files prior to importing them. It also offers several data preview modes. You may analyse EML messages in hex, raw, or header mode. Use them according to your needs.
  • Maintains Integrity: It is essential that the integrity of EML files be maintained when they are exported to Windows 10 Mail. In such a circumstance, selecting The Programme is the best option. The technology ensures that the confidentiality of each and every email is maintained.


The suggested EML migration tool is a highly convenient and simple method to import EML to Windows 10 Mail. It includes a trial edition that permits limited EML importation into Windows 10 Mail. You may download the full version of the application to convert EML files to a variety of formats, including PDF, Text, HTML, MBOX, and others. You may download the tool by clicking the link above and immediately begin your conversion.