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Solved: Top 5 All-Time Queries on How to Convert EML Files to MBOX

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We have made it to 2021, but yet “how to convert EML to MBOX” user query is unresolved for many. In this guide, we will cover from basic to complex user queries on EML file to MBOX conversion. Also we will talk about a topmost EML to MBOX Converter software to meet the needs of all. So, let’s going.

This page walks you through the following:

  • A Quick Introduction of EML and MBOX file
  • Top 5 questions to convert EML to MBOX file
  • Also topmost solution for EML file to MBOX Conversion
  • The right way to Export bulk EML files to MBOX

Before we start, I am Kevin Phillips and resolving data conversion and migration queries for more than a decade. I work as a senior technical engineer at DotStella and love to share my insights on technology.

There are some email file formats that maximum email client supports. One such is the EML file format. It is an email message supported by multiple applications like MS Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird, Apple Mail, Entourage and also Outlook Express, etc. This file format is prevalent in day-to-day email communication and can also be opened easily in the default MS Outlook application.

Many times, users need to change the EML file into another format, such as MBOX. How I can change my EML files into MBOX format is a trending question all the time. Also people have many good reasons to transfer EML to MBOX files.

Find Out the Top 5 Common Questions on Convert EML to MBOX

The queries mentioned below are picked up from the DotStella support chat. These are the frequent questions one asks to convert EML to MBOX.

Also i will try to provide an instant solution to each question.

Query 1: I am trying to get my emails from eM Client to Thunderbird. How can I directly convert eM Client EML files to MBOX format to import in Mozilla Thunderbird?

Instant Solution: Converting bulk EML files to MBOX with all Meta properties is tricky with a manual trick. So, for fast and secure EML to MBOX conversion, download and use the professional Dotstella EML Converter Wizard. It can convert EML files to Thunderbird compatible MBOX format in bulk easily. Simple steps are below:

download software

  • Go to the Open tab and also Select the EML option.run eml to mbox converter
  • Choose from Select File and Select Folder to upload .eml data in software GUI.choose files or folders option
  • Tap on the email and get a proper preview of all properties.preview eml files
  • Click on the Export button and then choose MBOX as the saving format.select mbox files
  • Also specify a location to save the resultant folder and click on the Save button.click save to convert eml to mbox

Query 2. Is the metadata manipulated when converting from EML to MBOX? I convert emails from .eml to .mbox. The .mbox data gets the date of today.

Solution: This can be possible if you pick any random method for the email file conversion task. Suppose you accomplish the process to convert EML files to MBOX using reliable software like the EML to MBOX Converter toolkit. In that case, the solution will keep the metadata maintain and show email messages with respective dates.

Query 3: I am converting files from EML to MBOX format. 

I need to know that attachments of all file types are migrated. How can I be sure?

Solution: This is one of the significant user concerns converting data from EML to MBOX. Using the EML data converter software, you can also preview the attachment. Simply right-click o the EML attachment, check from Open, Save, Save All for your needs.

Query 4: I have an EML folder with hundreds of messages. I want a solution that can convert hundreds of EML files into MBOX format at once so i can import it into Apple Mail client.

Solution: Please try the advance EML file conversion toolkit. It has a powerful batch mode to bulk convert EML to Apple Mail‘ MBOX format without losing properties.

Query 5: I have EML files of 2020. From those files, I need to migrate EML files from March and Sept. How can I do the selective conversion from EML to MBOX format?

Solution: This is not a common scenario for someone who needs to convert EML files to MBOX. However, it can be simply achieved with EML Forensics Toolkit. It includes an advance search option that enables selective conversion of EML files in MBOX format.

Here’s how to convert selective EML files to MBOX using Advance Search.

  • Go to the Search icon at the right corner of the software.click search icon
  • Advanced Search option is running. Check the email in the search-in box.advanced search
  • Now, choose the date filter to search EML files from March.apply filters

DotStella EML to MBOX Converter – One Stop Solution 

EML to MBOX conversion is a common query of the time. It’s just that users come up with some different needs every time converting EML files to MBOX. Therefore, as a data conversion expert, I also recommend trying out the simplified yet advanced EML Wizard Toolkit. Also, it can convert EML to MBOX with all the user requirements such as:

  • Flexible to convert selected EML files to MBOX.’
  • Retains all the metadata during the bulk conversion from EML to MBOX.
  • Defined Preview mode to check every bit of information of the message.
  • Also it offers spectacular mode to Open and Save attachments from EML files.
  • Powerful Quick and Search mode to meet the specific needs of the user.
  • The software is all Windows compatible to move EML to MBOX safely.


The above guides resolve one of the most asked email file conversion query “how to convert EML to MBOX?” It takes up the top 5 queries and provides the topmost solution for it. Also, we have talked about the powerful toolkit name as EML to MBOX converter in detail in the last section of the blog. So, if you are interested in the solution, go for the FREE Trial.