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Directly Import EML to IMAP Servers Including Every Single Property

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Overview: Are you looking for a means to import EML to IMAP server but can’t seem to locate one? What if we told you that the answer you’re seeking for is right here in this blog? Yes, you read that correctly. So, are you curious as to what that solution is? If that’s the case, let’s get started.

Before you jump to the solution, we’d like to ask you a question. Do you know what values you can generate by importing EML into IMAP server you have set up? If you already know the answer, you can find the solution just below. However, if you don’t, you can refer to the part below.

Why You Need to Import EML to IMAP?

  • IMAP server provides quick access to your data because it can be accessed via any device equipped with a Web browser. Thus, by selecting it, you can improve access to EML.
  • EML files cannot be read without the use of a suitable application or an email client. Thus, you can utilize an IMAP server as a complimentary platform to open and read EML.
  • You can manage and safeguard your EML files more effectively. To be sure, if you put them on a local drive and it crashes for some reason, you risk losing all of your files. However, IMAP enables you to save your data on a cloud server, which provides increased security.

So, were you aware of these advantages? If you didn’t already, you can be more confident in your decision to import EML to IMAP.

Now that you’ve solidified your decision, we’ll show you one of the best methods for importing EML file to IMAP. Therefore, we recommend that you read it well and consider all of the benefits associated with utilizing the solution.

EML File to IMAP Import Tool: An Ultimate Approach 

The EML File Conversion Tool is our best recommendation for you to import EML to IMAP servers. This software is an all-in-one solution that supports any account configured with the IMAP server. As a result; if you want to import EML to Gmail or any other account; the tool may help. All you have to do with this tool is select the EML files and then add your IMAP accounts and click export. Yes, this application makes it extremely simple to export EML files directly to an IMAP server.

download button

Now, allow us to walk you through the process of selecting EML files from the device and adding to the tool. So, we’ve included a full handbook so you can familiarize yourself with it.

Explore the Detailed Process to Import EML Files into IMAP Server

  • By clicking the link above, you can download EML to IMAP import tool on your Windows device. Complete the installation process. Then launch the software to mass export EML file to IMAP server.download eml to imap import tool
  • Now you must click in Open Following that, you’ll have two options: Choose Files and Choose Folders.select files or folder option
  • Browse for and upload all of the EML files¬† into the EML to IMAP import tool.browse eml files
  • As you can see, the tool’s left pane has been updated with the selected EML files. You can now examine your EML files and their associated characteristics in this stage.view eml files before import into IMAP
  • To import EML files into IMAP, navigate to the Export menu and then select IMAP.select imap as saving option
  • Enter your backup account credentials, as well as the name of your IMAP server, and then click the Save button to import EML to IMAP.click save button to import eml to imap

Your assignment has now been successfully completed, and we must emphasise flawlessly.

Now, let’s continue our exploration of the EML file to IMAP export Tool. We’d now like to demonstrate some of the features that improve the speed, appropriateness, and reliability of your data import. As a result, you should also read them to gain a better grasp of the tool.

What Makes EML to IMAP Export Tool So Beneficial?

  • The tool’s user interface is very convenient, so any user can easily perform task on it.
  • You can manually select the individual file or entire EML folders to upload to the tool.
  • Easily import EML to IMAP in bulk / you can export unlimited EML files at once.
  • Import EML attachments, contacts and other related properties to the IMAP server at once.
  • You can also analyze EML files in the tool before importing them into the IMAP server.
  • It helps you scan all emails associated with your EML files in Hex as well as Raw mode.
  • You can find specific emails or attachments from specific addresses by applying filters.
  • You can include the email headers of all your emails while importing them to the IMAP.

In Conclusion

Import EML to IMAP in bulk, including all associated properties, easily and quickly. The EML file to IMAP import tool is the software designed with ease of use in mind. Hence, it has many features that will make your experience better. So, if you prefer an amazing experience with such data conversion, then you have to try the tool.