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Free EML File Viewer

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Introducing the best & commendable EML file viewer software to freely read EML files of any number and size. The tool makes it easy for people to access EML files with attachments from any email client. Free EML viewer is a portable application that not only reads email and properties but also attachments. One can quickly open EML files in Windows 10 and all other editions the need of installing any other external application

  • View large or small EML files without any file size limitation.
  • Best EML viewer is standalone & read EML without configuration.
  • Read .eml file from supporting email clients with attachments.
  • Support bulk EML files to scan & read to save time & effort.
  • View multiple EML files in Normal, Properties & Hex Preview Mode.
  • Quick & Advance Search option helps reading details from EML file.
  • EML file reader provides Compact View to hide the system folder.
  • Access an EML file on all the available Windows OS editions.

Why Choose this Best EML Viewer Software ?

There are many email clients such as Windows Live Mail, Outlook Express, and Apple Mail that store emails in the .eml file format. Many times, users need to read these emails in a protective environment without email clients. In such situations, the EML file viewer helps them to read multiple EML files with attachments. One of the best qualities of the product is that it works without any external application. Users can add unlimited .eml files to read the content & save all attachments.

Admirable Features of Free EML File Viewer Tool

Read EML File for Free with Attachments

Portable EML Viewer is a popular software for reading EML files on all Windows machines. You can add as many .eml files as you want to read with attachments. The tool to view EML files offers the best user-experience while reading EML files with attachments. It works effortlessly and views EML files instantly without installing any external application.

View EML File Created by Email Clients

The tool is capable of reading EML files from multiple email clients, e.g., Windows Live Mail, Thunderbird, Outlook Express, and many more. Free EML viewer is a powerful platform that instantly views the EML file content with all the information. It is 100% secure & trusted by thousands to extract information from email files.

Consolidate View of Multiple EML File

The EML file viewer utility comes with an inbuilt preview that gives a clear and detailed view of .eml file message with attachments. One can check the preview of multiple EML files in multiple modes. The EML reader tool offers a Normal view, Properties view, and Hex view to scan .eml files with attached files with complete precision.

Search & Filter Details from EML File

This intelligently designed EML viewer helps users to read emails in a simple manner. While reading .eml files in the software panel, users can scan EML files via dual search options. The Quick search helps users to find keywords, text, and more in the EML file. The Advance search provides multiple filters to sort emails by date, time, subject, etc.

100% Independent & Easy-to-Use

Free EML viewer is a trustworthy tool to view and read EML files with all the respective attachments. The tool is confident to preview EML files without email client dependency. It means you can read .eml without any configuration on your machine. The program is fast, reliable and user-friendly for all types of users.

Extract & Save EML File Attachments

EML file reading tool is a highly- rated application to view bulk .eml files from multiple email clients. It reads emails along with attachments. No matter what data the attachments contain image, document, and more, the EML file viewer read the attachments. It allows offers an option to save all attachments from an EML file to a user desired location.

Preview EML File Attributes & Properties

One can quickly see all the attributes from the EML file using the EML reader application. It provides a preview of EML files with date, time, subject, email headers, attachment, signature, etc. Users can analyze all the details from EML file components in a few mouse clicks. The program to view EML files does not alter any of the EML file information during the task.

Support Working with all Windows OS

This best EML viewer application is designed with an interactive interface and provides the best user experience. One can free download the EML file reader solution on all the available Windows OS versions. It is not compatible with Mac editions. Users can easily perform the EML file view process and read a .eml files clearly without any data loss.

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Specifications of Free EML File Viewer Wizard
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System Requirements

Pentium Class or higher

Operating System
Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7

512 MB Minimum (1 GB recommended)

Hard Disk
100 MB of free space

Software Delivery


Interface Available

Language Supported

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FAQs on Viewing EML Files
How to read EML files with attachments on Windows?

Follow the simple technique to read EML file with attachments.

  • Step 1: Free download EML file viewer on Windows machine.
  • Step 2: Tap on Open to select .eml files from the system.
  • Step 3: Check the required EML folder and hide system folders.
  • Step 4: Click on the email to check the preview with attachments.
  • Step 5: Go to EML attachment and right-click to and Save.
  • Step 6: Click the Search icon at top of the preview mode to find details.

Yes, the EML message viewer helps users to extract EML file attachments.

Yes, the software allows users to load and preview tons of EML files.

Yes, go to the Properties view and see the sender’s IP from the EML file.

One can save all attachments from an .eml file to the computer at once.

Yes, the application to view EML files maintains the meta-properties while reading .eml files.