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Remove Metadata from Excel File to Safeguard Your Sensitive Information

Admin ~ Published: 17-Apr-2023 ~ Scrub Metadata ~ 5 Minutes Reading

When Excel files are initially created, the metadata property is automatically attached. Such metadata property must be hidden or permanently erased to protect your personal information from con artists. This essay is meant to address the same topic. You can find all of the best ways to remove metadata from Excel file right here. You must continue to browse it in order to find your final Excel metadata removal solution.

The best ways to scrub metadata from Excel essentially fall into two categories. The manual method, where Excel remove metadata, is the first. The second is software that removes metadata in bulk and permanently. Examine both the procedures and the accompanying consideration before employing them.

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How to Manually Remove Metadata from Excel File?

  • Open the Excel file from which you wish to delete the metadata.
  • The “File” tab should be selected, followed by the “Info” tab, and then the “Check for Issues” box.
  • From the menu, select “Inspect Document“.
  • Tick each box and click “Inspect” to include all metadata types in the analysis.
  • Check out the Document Inspector dialog box’s examination results.
  • Click the “Remove All” button next to a certain metadata type to delete it from the Excel file.

So that’s how you remove metadata from Excel manually. However, before you begin using it without hesitation, you should be aware of some of its downsides.

The Shortcomings of the Manual Method

  • The manual procedure is ineffective when dealing with large amounts of data.
  • The manual method is time intensive and technically demanding.
  • The procedure may differ depending on the Excel version, such as 2019, 2016, and so on.
  • To delete an Excel file’s metadata manually, you must open each one individually.

You might think about employing the next strategy that we have outlined below if you discover that the manual technique is not ideal for you.

4 Simple Steps to Delete Metadata from Excel File

  • Download, install and launch the application
  • Select and import Excel files/folders into the tool
  • Click Action button, select Clear Metadata option
  • Select location for output files and then click Save.

A Best Way to Scrub Metadata from Excel

DotStella Metadata Eraser readily overcomes the drawbacks of the manual method. The application may be used to remove metadata from Excel file in bulk, which the manual process cannot. The software is absolutely safe to use and keeps the Excel files’ general integrity while removing metadata. We suggest you to click the button below to get the free version of the software.

download button

The software works the same whether you wish to delete metadata from Excel file from 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, or earlier. We’ve outlined all of the actions you’ll need to do to use the tool below. You must go through them right now.

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Step-by-Step Process to Delete Metadata from Excel File

  • Download, set up, and execute the software to scrub metadata from Excel.
    run the tool to remove metadata from excel file
  • After launching the software, navigate to the Open tab and select Excel Files. To wipe metadata from Excel files in bulk, select Choose Folders.
    choose files or choose folders
  • Browse the Excel folders, and then import each of them into the application.
    browse excel files
  • You must click the Action Then select Clear Metadata option.
    click action button
  • Choose a location to save the resulting files. Finally, to remove metadata from Excel file, click the Save.
    click save to delete metadata from excel

So, that is how you may remove metadata from Excel file using the tool. This method seems to be easier and faster than the manual one. Now, you must find the tool’s characteristics below if you want to understand more about it.

Why is Software Better than a Manual Approach?

  1. Simple to Use: The software consistently outperforms the manual procedure in every way. The software has been created with the simplest interface possible. Therefore, whether a person is technical or not, using it to remove metadata from Excel file won’t be difficult for them.
  2. Erase Metadata from All Excel Versions: The application allows you to scrub metadata from Excel file in any version. You can scrub metadata from Excel 2019, 2016, 2010, 2013, and prior versions with the aid of the application.
  3. Support for Every Variation: The software is developed to be compatible with all Excel files. The software allows you to remove metadata from XLS, XLSX, XLT, XLTX, XLSB, XLSM, XLTM and other Excel files.
  4. Unrestricted Eraser Capabilities: While manually removing metadata from Excel requires going through each file one at a time, the software gets around this restriction. The app enables you to simultaneously delete metadata from any number of Excel files.


Two of the finest methods to remove metadata from Excel file have been provided in this article. To delete all metadata from Excel file, you can either use the software or the manual way. While the manual approach takes time and requires technical skill, the software saves time and may be used by non-technical people as well. You can immediately start deleting your metadata from an excel file after reviewing the above method.