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Remove Metadata from MP3 Files With Two Best Methods

Admin ~ Published: 14-Apr-2023 ~ Scrub Metadata ~ 5 Minutes Reading

Looking to remove metadata from MP3 files? If so, continue reading.

At the moment of creation, a metadata property is saved to an audio file that comprises most of your personal information such as your name, location, date of creation, and even the hardware on which the files were made.

Such metadata is an effective tool for con artists to defraud you. Therefore, it’s a good practice to remove metadata from audio files, especially when sharing them online, to prevent yourself from being scammed.

There are basically two major techniques for removing metadata from MP3 files: the manual procedure, which has its own repercussions, and the automated process, which has its own advantages. Examine both methods and choose the one that you find most useful.

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A Method to Manually Remove Metadata from MP3 Files

  • Choose your MP3 files on your PC first.
  • Right-click the MP3 file again and choose “Properties
  • When the dialogue box displays, you must then choose the “Details” tab.
  • The “Remove Properties and Personal Information” link can be found below.
  • You must select “Remove all the following properties from this file” after clicking the link. After that, Click “Select All” and click OK to remove metadata from MP3 files.

So, that’s how the manual approach to remove metadata from audio files works. If you haven’t already noticed, we must bring out some of the limitations of the suggested strategy that you should take into account before to using it.

Issues with the Manual Approach

  • It takes time to manually erase metadata from MP3 files.
  • You will not be able to delete MP3 metadata in mass.
  • You must remove the metadata from each MP3 file individually.

We have created the greatest software after realizing all the shortcomings of the manual approach and the user discomfort in doing so. You must read on to find out how it gets around the manual approach’s drawbacks.

Quick Steps to Remove Metadata from Audio Files

  • Download, install and start the Metadata Eraser Tool
  • Select the MP3 files you want to remove metadata from
  • Click the Action button and select the Clear Metadata option
  • Browse to the location and click Save to clear MP3 metadata.

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A Technique for Mass Metadata Removal from Audio Files

One of the popular and clever programs to remove metadata from MP3 files is DotStella Metadata Eraser. In contrast to the manual method, the software enables you to effortlessly delete the metadata from a large number of MP3 files at once. Click the green button to download the demo version the tool.

download button

It is far easier to delete MP3 metadata with the help of software than it is with a manual procedure. We have provided all the processes below with associated screenshots to assist you understand how the tool works. Now is the time to review them so you can easily comprehend how the tool functions.

How Does the Software Remove All Metadata from MP3?

  • Download, install and launch the software to remove metadata from audio files.
    download the tool to remove metadata from mp3 files
  • Click the Open tab, and then select the Choose files or Choose folders.
    choose files or folders option
Note: If you want to remove metadata from MP3 files in bulk; select the Choose folder option.
  • Browse and load the audio files into the tool from which you want to remove the metadata properties.
    load audio files into the tool
  • Then click the Action button and select Clear Metadata from the drop-down menu.
    click action button
  • Click the browse button to select the desired location for the output files. Click the Save button to erase metadata from MP3 files.
    click save to remove metadata from audio files

So, with the software’s assistance, you can delete metadata from audio files at this degree of ease. In order to help you understanding the qualities of the tool, we have described some of its traits below. Kindly review them now.

Find Some Traits of the Audio Metadata Removal Software

  1. The software is designed with a simple graphical user interface for the ease of the users.
  2. The software allows you to remove metadata from MP3 files in bulk and in few steps.
  3. It gives you dual mode options to select MP3 for removing metadata properties.
  4. Allows you to select the destination location to save the resulting audio files.
  5. It is 100% safe and does not tamper with your MP3 files while erasing the metadata.
  6. The software is compatible with all devices with Windows operating system.


We have given you options to manually remove metadata from MP3 files as well as automatically doing so. While the software is suited for mass metadata removal processes, the manual procedure allows you to erase MP3 metadata one item at a time. You can examine both the techniques described above and begin eliminating metadata. If you opt to use the software, you can download it from the aforementioned link and use it for free.