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How to Open All VCF / vCard Contacts File on Computer ?

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Are you looking for a solution to open VCF file contacts in a safe way? If it is, then you will be in the right place where you can find the ideal solution.

Additionally, VCF is considered a standard file format for storing contact information into business cards. It is also called a vCard. This file extension is used to exchange contact information between address books. Apart from that, it has all the important details like name, phone number, picture, email, address, and many more. Therefore, in the next section, we will discuss trustworthy solutions for users who can’t open vcard.

Real User Query

“I download 1000 files with name, address, zip and website status and the files can only be downloaded in VCF format. Now, i want to open these VCF files on my PC. I have downloaded it in “Documents/Downloads”. Now, I am trying to view it on the computer. What is the solution ? Please, can someone tell me how to open VCF file on a PC ? Any clues would be greatly appreciated.”

Have you encountered the same issue? Are you familiar with this query? If the answer to this question is yes, then don’t worry.

The post is dedicated for solving the problem that the user is facing when the VCF file does not open. The method discussed here not only helps any user to read VCF files and view VCF files, but also export them to a personal computer. Yes, you can also convert vCard contacts to Text and other file format to view them locally.

Instant Solution to Open VCF File Without Outlook

There is no direct manual solution for opening all contacts in a VCF file. Therefore, it is recommended to use a professional solution, such as DotStella vCard File Viewer Tool. This is an amazing application that has been specially programmed to open and view multiple vCard files in batches. In addition, it is compatible with single and multiple contact .vcf data files. Furthermore, it is a standalone utility, which provides an easy-to-use interface that even novice users can use. Also, you just need to view all the contacts in the vCard.

Working Steps to View VCF File in PC

Step-1: First you have to Install and run the DotStella VCF opener tool.

download software

Step-2: Automatically browse VCF files from “Choose Folder” and “Choose File”.

choose files or folder option

Step-3: Check the files / folders which you want to open in the VCF file.

check files to open

Step-4: Preview the vCard data with all attributes (such as name, email address, etc.).

preview vcard data

Step-5: Then go to the search options and type a word / phrase to find information in the vCard file.

search within vcard files

The vCard file reading process accomplished successfully.

Features of  Tool to See vCard Contact on Computer

  • Sort All Contacts Data within VCF File – Another great feature of the software is that it allows you to search for contacts saved as a vCard file. Hence, users can easily sort all VCF contact files according to their needs such as alphabetical order, date, size, etc. Moreover, you don’t need to install any other email client to view the VCF file.
  • View One or More VCF Data Files – The vCard Viewer tool has Add Files and Add Folder options for adding .vcf data files. If the user wants to add one contact vCard file at a time, use the Add File option. On the other hand, if the user wants to add an entire folder consisting of multiple vCard files in batch mode, you can select the Add Folder option. This is the best way to open VCF files in bulk without using Outlook.
  • Display Contacts and Images of VCF Files- Using the free vCard Viewer tool, users can easily open, view and read VCF files. It provides the ability to view all the built-in attributes (such as name, address, email ID, etc.) associated with the .vcf vcard file type. In addition, the program can also display contact images.

Final Note

When it is necessary to open a VCF file without Outlook, manual approaches are not available online. Moreover, to make it easier and more suitable for users, we have suggested a hassle-free solution. It is one of the best solutions to open VCF files in batches. In addition, we explicitly mentioned some advanced features of the software. Finally, if users want to convert VCF to HTML or to PST format, they can use another excellent utility, which is to convert vCard to Outlook Folder properly.