DotStella vCard File Viewer

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Use the admirable way to open, view & read vCard file contacts in a seamless manner.

  • View all contacts saved in vCard / VCF file along with Images
  • Search function to find specific address book details from VCF file
  • Automatic preview of the vCard file that contains all the information
  • Browse VCF files directly from the saved location by the Choose Folder
  • vCard file viewer software supports both single and multiple files
  • It has ability to bulk view and read VCF files items
  • vCard contacts reader supported VCF files from multiple platforms

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Why Choose Windows VCF Viewer Tool ?

A reliable tool for opening, reading and viewing contacts from vCard files on your computer / laptop and other platforms. The VCard File Reader comes with a simple and intuitive interface that every user can understand to view all vCard files from the address book. The tool can also open multiple VCF contacts without restrictions.

Amazing Features of DotStella vCard File Viewer Software

Know More Exciting Features to Open, View & Read Contacts in Multiple vCard Files with Complete Information

Read Complete Data from vCard File

VCF files not only contain contacts, but also contain more information, such as names, images, email addresses, etc. Using a professional vCard viewer tool, users can clearly read all the details of each contact. This means that the tool can also display images in VCF files. The free vCard file viewer software provides the “Choose Folder” option to browse VCF files and read information directly.

Support Both Single & Multiple VCF Files

Free Download VCF Viewer software for Windows. It is designed to support both single and multiple contact vCard files. After that, users can even use the program to preview any file. In addition, the program also provides a view of the group vCard.

Search and View Data in vCard Files

VCard File Viewer is a trusted software for viewing address book data within VCF files with images. It is an all-in-one solution for investigators to search data in multiple vCard files. The best VCF viewer also offers the search functions. You just need to enter a keyword or phone number, and the tool will n search for all files that contain the same details. This is an important function of forensic investigators.

Preview VCF Items from Various Platform

vCard or VCF is a common file format used to store contact details. This file format is supported not only by mobile apps but also by many email clients (such as Outlook, Windows Mail, etc.) The VCF reader tool can Open VCF files from any platform, regardless of file size. It has a unique preview window that can read vCard files.

There is No File Size Restrictions

The professional VCF contact reader is a powerful application that can easily view multiple contacts and attributes. When viewing VCF file data, the software has no file size limit. Users can easily read from a single vCard file to a Group vCard. This utility is called Windows vCard Viewer and is a complete and fast method to read vCard files.

Read Attributes Related to Contacts

The VCF file stores a number of contact information along with numerous attributes such as name, address, email ID, company name, images and more. With the most powerful free vCard viewer software, users can view all attributes of VCF file proficiently. The software is also able to read the in-built attributes like last name, URL and many more.

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Specifications of Windows vCard File Viewer Tool

Pentium Class or higher
Operating System
Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7
512 MB Minimum (1 GB recommended)
Hard Disk
100 MB of free space
Language Supported

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Commonly Asked Questions

Follow these below steps to open and read multiple vCard files within a few simple clicks.

  • Step 1 : Install and run DotStella vCard file viewer tool on Windows.
  • Step 2 : Automatically browse VCF files from "Choose Folder" and "Choose File".
  • Step 3 : Check files / folders as needed to read vcard contact files.
  • Step 4 : Preview VCard with all attributes like name, email address, etc.

Yes, VCF File viewer software for PC is a Windows based tool. It is fully compatible with all editions of Windows operating system, such as Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, and many more.

Yes, the best vCard reader application comes with a search filter that enables users to find specific details of various vCard files.

Yes, the Download VCF Viewer for Window tool allows users to easily sort the contact-related elements in a VCF file.