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How to Resolve Can’t Open vCard with Multiple Contacts Error ?

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Do you agree that it’s tricky to open vCard with multiple contacts ? Are you someone looking for expert help to resolve the query “I can’t open vCard with multiple contacts ?

If so, know the best way to open multiple vCard contacts with a professional solution.

This guide will walk you through the complete and quick process to open vCard with multiple contacts.

First, let’s know the user query and the scenario that declines opening vCard with multiple contacts. So, here we go!

Some Cases Where User Can’t Open Multiple VCF Contacts Easily

vCard is a common contact file format supported by many email clients and webmail. Also, you can import a vCard file into your android or iPhone. In most cases, the application opens a vCard file with single contacts such as MS Outlook.

Read the user query to understand the MS Outlook limitation and user trouble completely.

“Hello, I have received a vCard file with hundreds of contacts. When I try to open all contacts at one time, Outlook imports single contact. It is undoubtedly an unfair and tedious task. I request professionals to guide me to open multiple vCard contacts at once.”

–         Roger Philips

MS Outlook, the powerful desktop application, allows opening an individual contact from a vCard file no matters how many contacts are present in the file.

You can get out of this scenario if you use an expert utility called vCard to Outlook converter to open VCF multiple contacts easily.

It has a simple and automatic process to open various contact from vCard file with all information. Let’s take a look at its step-by-step working mentioned below:

Steps to Fix Can’t Open vCard with Multiple Contacts are as follow:

download software

  • Now, go to the Open tab and select a mode to browse the .vCard file from your system – Choose File and Choose Folder.click open tab
  • The software highlights your chosen file or Folder in the interface after complete analyses.loaded vcard folders
  • Check your required Folder, and you can see all the contacts one-by-one in the software GUI.check required folder
  • Tap on the contact, and you can see all the information in the Preview window.preview vcard contacts
  • Now, tap on the Export button and check PST as the desired saving option.select saving option
  • Click on the Save button. That’s it! You have successfully converted vCard to PST files, and it’s easy and safe.click save
Now, you have all the vCard contacts in PST files. Open your MS Outlook import PST file in your Outlook application and simply view VCF with multiple address book data.

Here’s Some Good News 

Those who wish to use the software free of cost to  open vCard with multiple contacts test the free demo edition. It is available free of charge and doesn’t need any payment details. As mentioned above, the process is simple and quick, but there are limitations on the vCard file. Once satisfied, get the paid edition of the expert software and open vCard with multiple contacts anytime.

The Standout Features of the Software

  • Complete Preview: The application is useful for all types of purposes and provides an exclusive preview of vCard contacts with information like names, email addresses, contact numbers, and more.
  • Quick Search: It is one of the software’s advanced options to open vCard with multiple contacts. Using it, the user can search for any word like a name from multiple contacts easily.
  • Extract Button: In the menu bar of the software, it provides an extract button. This is specially designed to extract Phone numbers, email addresses, and attachments straightforwardly from the files.

More Benefits of Open vCard with Multiple Address Book Solution

  • Open VCard Address File details in a special preview window.
  • After converting vCard to PST file, the user can check any location for saving results.
  • The software is capable of opening vCard files of any size and edition.
  • Utility is 100% safe and provides results without any modification.
  • Complete export of vCard details, including images, email addresses, etc.
  • Quick search mode for finding vCard file information straightforwardly.

Question / Answer for More Understanding of Software

Q1: Do I need MS Outlook installation on my system to open VCF with multiple contacts?Ans: Yes, to open vCard multiple contacts, you need MS Outlook installation.

Q2: Can I software open vCard 2.1 edition for the task?

Ans: Yes, the app allows to open vCard files of any edition for opening multiple contacts.

Q3: I am a non-technical person. Can I also use the software to open vCard multiple contacts?

Ans. Yes, the software comes with a user-friendly interface that anyone can use to open vCard with multiple address book.

The Conclusion

Opening vCard with multiple contacts is not a challenging task anymore. The above guide provides you a safe and easy way to resolve “can’t open VCF with multiple contacts.”

Users can also take a free trial of the software and then switch to the license edition to open vCard with multiple contacts easily.