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Know How to Convert VCF to HTML using Step by Step Guide

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Are you thinking of converting Android or email vCard file to document format such as HTML? Want to know a complete step-by-step guide to convert vCard to HTML ?

If yes, you have come to the right place. Contacts are precious data that no one dares to lose.

The best way users can secure their contact files from any threat is to convert VCF to HTML document format.

In this guide, we will help you with a straightforward and easy method for vCard to HTML conversion.

Reading the write-up user will also discover a professional VCF to HTML converter for automatic and quick process.

Let’s start by taking up some user scenarios that explain the need to convert vCard file to HTML format.

How Can I Convert vCard to HTML Format ?

Some User Scenario May Similar To Your Needs

The situations mentioned below for vCard to HTML file conversion received by the DotStella support team. Below, we mentioned some simple cases for VCF to HTML file conversion.

Query 1:  I have multiple vCard files from my Android phone. To free up my phone space and save my contacts in a safe file format, I decided to convert my vCard files to HTML documents.
 I looked for solutions but didn’t get any helpful answer to perform vCard to HTML conversion. Can experts tell me workable solutions?
–   Henry 
Query 2: Many email application doesn’t open vCard with multiple contacts. For my ease, I decided to convert my vCard Outlook contacts to HTML format. Can someone help me to convert vCard contacts to HTML documents?
–    Roger

It may be possible that your need to convert VCF to HTML is similar to the above user queries, or you have better reasons for the conversion.

Some other reasons can be the benefits of HTML over vCard are:

  • HTML is more convenient than vCard
  • HTML is suitable to view and print at any time.
  • A file with a .html extension supports all types of browsers.
  • A user can also edit HTML files as per the need.

Now, let’s learn about the one-stop solution to convert VCF to HTML format with all contact information.

The below steps demonstrate the complete working of the professional solution.

It has a user-friendly interface and advanced mode for VCF to vCard conversion.

It’s Time to Know Quick Solution for vCard to HTML Document

Before we talk about the top VCF to vCard converter, we want to clear the user that there is no such way you can convert multiple vCard to HTML documents at once.

Therefore, if you want a reliable and helpful solution for VCF to HTML conversion, download the vCard converter.

It is a proper solution for converting bulk vCard files in HTML format with all contact information. Also, the best thing is users have the opportunity to preview contact information before conversion.

The software has many other advanced modes for quick VCF to HTML file conversion.

Let’s talk about the steps user need to follow to convert vCard contact to HTML format.

6 Simple Steps to Convert vCard to HTML with All Information

The below stepwise method helps you convert vCard to HTML documents easily.

download software

  • Click on the Open tab and browse the vCard file or folder from your system.click open tab
  • The software analyses the data inside vCard with advanced technology and after that list in the software GUI.loaded folders
  • Now, the user can see all the contacts in the software interface. When the user taps on the contacts, they can check the complete preview with respective information like name, contact image, email address, and more.preview vcard contacts
  • Go to the Export tab and choose HTML from the document file, then click on the save button and commence the conversion.select html as saving option
Now, the users need to be patient when the vCard to HTML conversion is running. The software provides a complete conversion message followed by a log. text containing all the details of the task.

When running the software, you may have witnessed specific advanced modes for vCard to HTML conversion.

In the following section, know about all the dynamic features of the best VCF to HTML conversion tool.

Unique Features of vCard to HTML Converter Software

  • Consistent GUI: The top application to convert vCard to HTML comes with a plain and intuitive interface. Any novice, professional, or non-technical can use the tool without any external help.
  • Bulk convert VCF to HTML file: The utility is a standalone application and can convert multiple vCard to HTML document straightforwardly.
  • View contact with all information: The application has a special preview window that helps check all contact data properly.
  • Compact View: This feature of the software is available in the best VCF to HTML converter that allows hiding system folders and highlights only required contact files and folders.
  • Search Modes: Another superb feature of the tool is that it has dual Search modes. The Quick Search helps to find words inside multiple vCard files. Advanced Search has a much powerful option for forensic investigators.
  • Extract Option: The tool has a useful extract option that provides an easy way to extract phone numbers, email addresses, and attachments from contact files.

The Final Thoughts

If you believe that vCard to HTML conversion is a challenging task, it is no more a truth!

Read the above step-by-step guide to know a quick and easy way to convert VCF to HTML files with all contact information.

Users can also check the free demo edition of the software and later switch to Pro edition for unlimited vCard to HTML document conversion.