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Move Windows Live Mail to Another Computer With Few Simple Procedures

Admin ~ Published: 29-Aug-2022 ~ Windows Live Mail ~ 4 Minutes Reading

Synopsis: Upgrading to a newer system is becoming commonplace. However, dealing with emails, especially on a desktop email client, is the most challenging component of this work. Emails are tough to move from one PC to another. Users using Windows Live Mail are encountering this issue. It’s a common question amongst consumers to learn how to move Windows Live Mail to another computer. This page has the solutions if you’re one of them.

How to Manually Move Windows Live Mail to Another Computer?

  • To export messages, Windows Live Mail requires a folder on your previous computer. Start File Explorer with “Ctrl-E,” choose “Desktop” under Favorites, click the “Home” tab, and select “New folder.”
  • In Windows Live Mail, choose “File“, “Export email“, and “Email messages.”
  • Click “Next” and “Browse” after selecting “Windows Live Mail” as the file format.
  • To transfer emails from Windows Live Mail to another computer, click “Next” and then choose all the email folders to export. After exporting, click the “Finish” button.

Insert a USB flash drive or external hard drive. The exported email folder must be dragged from the desktop to the USB key or hard drive. Once the files have been copied, remove the device and connect it to your new computer.

  • In Windows Live Mail on your new computer, choose “File” and “Import messages
  • Locate “Windows Live Mail” from the list of file formats, then click “Next” and “Browse” to select the folder containing the exported emails.
  • For coping Windows Live Mail to another PC, click “Next” and “Finish.”

All of the steps necessary to manually move Windows Live Mail to another computer have been outlined above. Being manual, these processes are time-consuming and restrict you to utilising Windows Live Mail to view your exported emails. This, if consider an appropriate means of exporting Windows Live Mail to another computer and opening them in separate programmes, then you should look at the approach below.

A Professional Approach to Move Folders from Windows Live Mail

When you need to transfer Windows Live Mail folders to another computer, a Windows Live Mail Converter is your best and most effective option. This software is designed for moving Windows Live Mail messages and contacts to another PC or other formats. Therefore, you may utilise your Windows Live Mail EML files on a new computer with whatever account you choose, rather than utilizing the same Live Mail account. Check out the steps below to learn how to make use of the instrument effectively.

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Complete Steps to Export Emails from Windows Live Mail to another Computer

  • Download, install, and execute the application to move Windows Live Mail to another computer.download the tool to move windows live mail to another computer
  • After running the programme, choose Windows Live Mail Accounts or Folder from the drop-down option on the Open tab.choose windows live mail folders
  • Navigate to the Windows Live Mail Folders you want to transfer and select them to get them into the tool.browse windows live mail folders
  • After uploading all Microsoft Live Mail files to the programme, you can review the data prior to transfer.preview emails
  • Choose the storage option from the Export Tab. If you want to export Windows Live Mail to Thunderbird, choose the MBOX saving option.select saving option
  • By clicking the Browse button, you may determine where the output files will be saved. To transfer Windows Live Mail to another computer, click Save.click save to move windows live mail folders

After the conversion of each and every file, you will be able to move your data to a new computer by utilising the USB stick.

Read More About the Windows Live Mail Data Exporter   

  • The programme can move Windows Live Mail to another computer in batch quantity.
  • It can also move Windows Live Mail attachments and contacts to another machine.
  • Permits you to examine emails prior to moving them to another computer or saving option.
  • Enables in-depth examination of Windows Live mail emails using hex and raw modes.
  • Provides a search tool for locating any particular Text or email from a certain period.
  • Allows you to relocate Windows Live Mail folders using over 25 different saving options.
  • It is compatible with Windows 11, 10, 8.1, 8, 7 as well as all prior Windows versions.


Several fantastic options to move Windows Live Mail to another computer have been given in this article. You may utilise the time-consuming and restrictive manual process, which requires a Windows Live Mail account in order to move data. Or you may use the simplified automated process. You may utilise an automated tool that, with just a few clicks, will let you copy your Windows Live Mail emails to New PC as well as into Outlook, Yahoo, Office 365 as well as any other email account you might have. Examine both methods and decide which is most convenient for you.