EML Attachment Extractor

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EML file attachment extractor utility is programmed with latest algorithms. Officials will observe an integration of advantageous features in it, to save attachments from EML files.

  • Batch extract attachments from EML files in an effortless manner.
  • Choose Files & Choose Folders – Dual modes to add bulk EML files.
  • View EML files with internal data and attachments of each email.
  • Offers folder filtering to fetch attachments from required folder only.
  • Quick search feature to quickly achieve desired email from a bundle.
  • No requirement of any supportive email client to attempt extraction.
  • Save and Save All option to archive attachments from preview panel.
  • Works with EML files of Gmail, Thunderbird, Mac Mail, and more.

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What Makes EML File Attachment Extractor Different?

The very first aspect that makes EML attachment extraction unique is – People don’t have to Convert EML files to PDF, CSV, or TXT, to download attachments from EML files. DotStella provides the straightforward method to extract attachments from EML file without conversion technique. Customers simply have to click on Extract button to permit tool to retrieve attached files from chosen EML files.

Eminent Features of EML Attachment Extractor Software

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Batch Extract Attachments from EML Files

EML file attachment extractor is a powerful tool for extracting attachments from .eml files. Professionals can easily fetch bulk amount of attachments from large amount of emails without any hassle. The product has been consolidated with excellent features to process EML files in a limitless manner.

Offers Dual Modes to Browse EML in Bulk

EML Attachment Extractor offers two options to browse one or more EML files simultaneously. People can click on ‘Choose Files’ to add a single or multiple .eml files from a single folder. On the other hand, ‘Choose Folder’ allows clients to browse all EML files collectively, which are present in selected folder.

Preview EML Messages Before Extraction

It is a common requirement of enterprises’ officials to check messages before getting attachments from EML. Therefore, our developers had programmed the app in a way that all content after browsing, gets loaded on preview panel. Now customers can view EML files without any time restrictions.

No Email Application Installation Required

To batch extract attachments from EML files, the EML attachment extractor does not demand for the installation of mail client. Officials does not have to configure or install Microsoft mail client to accomplish EML attachment extraction procedure. No dependency issues are related with the application.

Filtering on Basis of EML Messages

When customers preview an EML email with attachment, they can right-click on anyone attached file. This opens a menu with three options, out of which, ‘Save’ and ‘Save All’ option is useful. It enables professionals to archive attachments of each email messages separately on local PC.

Microsoft Windows 64-bit Edition Support

DotStella EML Attachment Extractor is compatible with all available versions of Windows operating system. Officials can operate it on digital platforms having Windows 10, 8.1, 8, etc., installed on them. In addition to this, the program supports both 32-bit and 64-bit edition of Windows OS.

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Specifications of EML file Attachment Extractor

Pentium Class or higher
Operating System
Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7
512 MB Minimum (1 GB recommended)
Hard Disk
100 MB of free space
Language Supported

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Commonly Asked Questions

Implement the following steps to convert PST to MBOX (Thunderbird) :

  • Step 1: Run PST to Thunderbird converter on your system.
  • Step 2: Click on Open File >> Choose From a Folder.
  • Step 3: Browse PST file, which is to be processed further.
  • Step 4: Preview items and then click on Export >> MBOX.
  • Step 5: Select PST items to be moved & click on Save.
  • Step 6: Finally, open MBOX in target Mozilla Thunderbird.

Yes, our EML file attachment extractor product will support .eml file of Gmail and other mail clients that store single message in .eml format.

There is no limitation on total number of EML messages to be processed at one time. You can add as much files as much you wish to add simultaneously.

Yes, You can disable the checkbox of those folders whose EML files you don’t wish to process. It is not compulsory to add all folders for extraction purpose.