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Export Thunderbird to PST Including Every Single Bit of Information

Admin ~ Published: 16-Nov-2021 ~ Export ~ 5 Minutes Reading

Are you seeking for a solution to consolidate all of your Thunderbird data into a single file? Are you unsure which platform will best suit your requirements? You can, however, experiment with the PST file format. This platform is ideal for storing big amounts of information. So, if you believe this is the ideal format for you, let us show you how to export Thunderbird to PST.

Why Should You Use PST to Save Your Thunderbird Data?

  • It’s understandable that your Thunderbird account might have a lot of data in it, including attachments, calendars, contacts, and so on. Therefore, to manage them more effectively and easily, you’ll need a format that can store all the data at once, & PST is ideal option.
  • Calendar events, contacts, and email messages are can be stored in a single file with PST. As a result, even if you have a significant amount of data, you will only have to manage one or a few files.

PST can assist you with your Thunderbird data in this way. We now have to bring you a compatible solution to help you export Thunderbird to PST in bulk, including all associated data. So, have a look at it and you’ll be able to solve your Thunderbird issue.

Thunderbird to PST Converter: A Tool to Export Data Directly from the Account

Thunderbird Export Utility is the software that has been designed with all the needs of the users who wish to export data in mind. Its all-in-one software that not only does export Thunderbird to PST, but it can do many things as well. This app takes in consideration of all kinds of user situations and therefore offers them various great and advanced features. With this Thunderbird to PST Converter, you can add Thunderbird accounts, and if you are not set up with the account, you can select the files manually to convert data from them.

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So, let us go over the tool in further detail. First and foremost, we must describe the procedure to export Thunderbird to PST. So, check over the steps we’ve covered below and see what you’ll need to do at each one.

Detailed Instructions to Export Thunderbird to PST Format

  • Download the Thunderbird to PST Converter to the device you configured with the account. Install it to convert Thunderbird to PST. Finally Launch the application to migrate Thunderbird to PST.download thunderbird to pst export tool
  • Click the Open tab, and then select either Configure Account or Choose Folder as needed.click choose folder option
  • Browse through all the Thunderbird folders that you want to convert in PST and then load them into the software.browse folders
  • You will see that all of your selected Thunderbird folders have now been loaded into the left pane of the software. Here you can preview your Thunderbird emails as well as attachments if needed.preview emails
  • Now click on the Export tab and then choose PST as required.select pst as saving option
  • Now browse the location for your resulting data. Check the visible options like include email header for better results, then hit the Save.click save to export thunderbird to pst

Now let’s move on to another learning process about the Thunderbird to PST Converter. We would now like to explain to you the functions that make your data export faster, more reliable and more useful. So go through them and see what this app does best for you.

Thunderbird to PST Converter: Features with Benefits

  1. Gives dual mode option to select files. Either via the configured account or manually.
  2. When selecting the configured accounts, you can select the folders for exporting data.
  3. This application supports all accounts that you have configured with Thunderbird.
  4. Export Thunderbird to PST in bulk from any of the folders like INBOX and any personal.
  5. Export Thunderbird attachments as well as the contacts and calendars to the PST files.
  6. Enables you to conduct a Thunderbird Forensics as you may view emails in hex and raw modes.
  7. It enables you to create a single PST file from all of your Thunderbird related folders.
  8. You can browse the location and choose the protective location for your resulting files.
  9. It is 100% secure and ensures the integrity of all your data during the conversion.

Note: We have only given you the primary functions of the tool, so these are just a few of many. We recommend starting the tool when you want to get to know the tool at its full capacity.

In Conclusion

Batch export Thunderbird to PST, including all attachments and other properties. Credit for all of this goes to the Thunderbird to PST Converter. It is all-in-one software that has many advantages for you. It has various features that can make your data conversion quick and safe. With this tool, you may also migrate Thunderbird to Exchange server and other alternatives once you have upgrade to its license edition. Hence, for an amazing benefits and amazing data migration quickly download the tool.