Thunderbird Forensics Wizard

Best Thunderbird Forensics solution for data extraction and analysis.

  • Thunderbird Email Forensics Analysis with attachments
  • Read and open multiple Thunderbird emails without limitations
  • Effortless way to analyze and examine Thunderbird activities
*Free Download is only for evaluation purposes and provides preview of messages and limited conversion of Thunderbird mailbox data

#No.1 Thunderbird Forensics Tool with Powerful Features

Thunderbird, an email client, is a critical platform for inquiry since it comprises chat, emails, feeds, newsgroups, and many other features. The qualitative data may be analyzed by investigators using the Thunderbird Forensics Wizard. Thunderbird allows you to open and view numerous emails at once.

  • Research every bit of information stored in Thunderbird emails.
  • Multiple Email preview modes to scan Thunderbird mailbox data.

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independent forensics tool

A Forensics Tool that is Independent and Quick

It helps investigators to perform Thunderbird email forensics with speed and accuracy. The application is designed with the latest algorithm & advanced forensics knowledge. It is a highly preferred solution to open and read Mozilla Thunderbird data without a support application.

  • Quick and Advance Search provides in-depth analysis of the data.
  • Perform Thunderbird forensics without Thunderbird installation.

Noteworthy Features of Thunderbird Forensics Wizard

Analyze Thunderbird Emails with Accuracy

Thunderbird Forensics utility is a proven solution for examining Thunderbird emails with respective attachments. It can be used in all types of investigations such as forensics investigations, digital forensics and more. It efficiently handles and Thunderbird data and scans it in a few moments. It allows you to dig deeper and collect all the relevant information from the Thunderbird mailbox. It provides a complete preview of Thunderbird emails with all properties.

Open & Read All Thunderbird Emails

When it comes to investigating an email client, emails are an important source of evidence. Using Thunderbird Forensics wizard you can scan all the Thunderbird mailboxes such as Inbox, Sent emails, drafts, and many more. The application has no limitations and provides a view of all Mozilla Thunderbird emails with maintained originality. It will help investigators to access the relevant information and details of their work.

Powerful Dual Search Mechanism

Advanced Thunderbird forensics software helps investigators to analyze Thunderbird mail. The program comes with Quick & Advance Search options. The Quick Search helps users to search or find any word, text, or more in the Thunderbird emails. Advance Search differentiates the emails as per their need. They can search Thunderbird emails by filters like date, subject, to, from, cc and many more. It makes a detailed investigation procedure to help researchers.

Forensically Scan Thunderbird Mailboxes

Thunderbird Email Forensics provides a powerful email view with all the properties, such as email headers. Researchers can also analyze the hexadecimal view of Thunderbird emails. They can take a closer look at the evidence with advanced search options. This Thunderbird forensic software is a useful utility for investigators. It allows gathering the required evidence that is essential and provide justice to the victim.

Advanced Analysis of Meta Data

When we talk about email forensics, metadata is a vital component. This Thunderbird email Examiner utility is capable of analyzing every bit of meta properties. The forensic investigators can check the details by clicking on the properties right side of the content preview. The program provides a thorough study of Thunderbird's email data to collect all the information required for forensic investigations. It guarantees no data loss and alteration during the investigation.

Freedom to Hide System Folders

Thunderbird Mailbox Forensics application aims to simplify the investigation process and make it more efficient & faster for all the investigators. It offers the best approach to examine and extract evidence from Thunderbird emails with attachments. Moreover, investigators can save all attachments from a Thunderbird email to any of the locations. It is now possible to track & analyze all information from the emails.

100% Secure & Compelling Performance

The software provides an on-spot investigation of the bulk of Thunderbird emails along with attachments. One of the best things is that the Thunderbird forensics wizard examines the emails without the installation of any supportive application. The software is well-known for its accuracy, reliability, speed and user-friendly interface. The interface of the application is interactive and intuitive that any type of investigator can access.

Compatible with Available Windows OS

The application is designed for all the editions of the Microsoft Windows Operating System. This offline Thunderbird forensics tool can be installed on the latest and earlier versions without any trouble. The support team of the product is quite active and works around the clock. You can communicate anytime via emails, live chat and more. The all-in-all Thunderbird email forensics software is the best solution for extracting evidence from Thunderbird emails.

Software Walkthrough
  • Step 1
    Add Thunderbird Files & Folders

    Click the "Open” icon to add all the Thunderbird data.

  • Step 2
    View All Thunderbird Files

    Select all the required items to preview in content.

  • Step 3
    Export the Thunderbird Mailbox Database

    Once the Thunderbird file & folders are loaded » Click Export to save.

Add thunderbird Files
Add thunderbird Files
preview thunderbird Files
export and save thunderbird data
Making Your Choice Easy

Converts All Thunderbird Mailbox Folders and Files


  • For 2 PCs / Laptops, Personal License
  • Provides option to preview Thunderbird messages before exporting them
  • Free Lifetime Upgrade Included
  • Free Product Support Included
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Converts Unlimited Thunderbird Mailbox Folders and Files

$199 $99

  • For 10 PCs / Laptops, Business License
  • Provides option to preview Thunderbird messages before exporting them
  • Free Lifetime Upgrade Included
  • Free Product Support Included

Converts All Thunderbird Mailbox Items


  • For 50 PCs / Laptops, Enterprise License
  • Provides option to preview repaired photos before saving them
  • Extracts thumbnails of badly corrupt photos
  • Repairs multiples corrupt photos in one go
  • Recovers lost or deleted photos
Client′s Review for Thunderbird Email Forensics Tool

I loved the way the tool opened Thunderbird emails with attachments. It is exactly what I have been looking for. This Thunderbird forensic tool is a savior for me.

Stanley Peters

Stanley Peters, USA

I discovered the Thunderbird email forensics tool during an investigation for the organization. It worked perfectly. I was able to perform an analysis of all Thunderbird emails and collect evidence.

Melinda Fernandez

Melinda Fernandez, Queensland

We have to say that the developers have done justice with the pain point of the researchers. Now, I can analyze the Thunderbird mailbox with attachments in a few clicks.

Ethan Brown

Ethan Brown, California

Technical Specifications
About Product

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Release Date

March, 2021


Single User


Personal, Business, Enterprise

Language Supported


System Requirements

System Requirements



Operating System

Windows 11, 10, 8, 8.1


512 MB minimum (1 GB recommended)

Hard Disk

100 MB Free Space

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*Free Download is only for evaluation purposes and provides preview of messages and limited conversion of messages
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Yes, you can examine Thunderbird emails of two years. Go to Advanced Search and fill date and year.
Yes, the software provides an option to open Configured Thunderbird files.