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Convert Thunderbird to EML In Bulk With All Attachments & Other Attributes

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Do you wish to convert Thunderbird to EML in bulk and in a few steps, including all attachments and other properties? Well, you’ve come to the right spot because this site aims to give you with all you need. So, come along with us to find out what it is.

When Archiving Thunderbird Data, Why Use EML Files?

  • If you’re switching from a Thunderbird account and need a good place to save your data, EML is ideal. This is due to the fact that EML files can be sent as single messages to recipients without disclosing all of the contents.
  • Yes, if you want to show the recipient what they need, EML is ideal, since if you choose a file format that can maintain all of your Thunderbird data into a single file format, you’ll have to disclose all of your other emails as well if you wish to send some emails to other users.

As a result, a file like EML can assist you in keeping your data private and only exposing what is essential.

Therefore, we’ve created the greatest solution to assist you convert Thunderbird to EML in the most wonderful and simple method possible. So please read over it and learn everything you can about it and how it can make data conversion easier for you.

Thunderbird to EML Converter: An all-in-one Thunderbird Data Migrator

Thunderbird Mail Converter is the software that can convert Thunderbird to EML files easily and in a few moments. This app is exclusively dedicated to the Thunderbird account and gives you the option to migrate all of its data to your desired platforms like EML. This Thunderbird to EML Converter works with any of the accounts you’ve set up with Thunderbird and converts data from all of them.

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So let’s first tell you how to add an account to the tool and then convert data from it. To do this, we will show you the whole process. We encourage you to go through it and see how you can convert Thunderbird to EML.

Step-by-step Process to Convert Thunderbird to EML

  • Download the Thunderbird to EML Converter. While accepting some terms and conditions, install the tool. Then start the Thunderbird folders to EML Converter to export Thunderbird to EML.download thunderbird to eml converter
  • Now go to the Open tab and choose either Thunderbird’ configured accounts or Choose folders at will.click choose folder option
  • Select the desired Thunderbird folder that you want to convert and load it into the Thunderbird folders to EML Converter.browse thunderbird data
  • You will now see that all of your Thunderbird mailboxes have been loaded into the field on the left. Preview your Thunderbird emails before converting them.preview thunderbird emails
  • Now click on the Export tab and select EML from the drop down box.select eml as saving option

Note: The tool offers a wide range of saving options, as seen in the screenshots above. Therefore, you can use the tool if you ever want to convert Thunderbird emails to MBOX, PDF, PST, or another file format.

  • Browse the destination for your resulting files.¬†And then click the Save button.click save to convert thunderbird to eml

We now suggest that you have a look at some of the tool’s features as well. The reason for this is that you can know why this Thunderbird to EML Converter is ideal for you. So, we’ve listed a few of them below; please go over them one by one.

Thunderbird Folders to EML Converter: Discover Its Main Features

  1. You can select any of the accounts configured with Thunderbird to convert data.
  2. You can also select the data manually if you are not configured with an account.
  3. Convert Thunderbird MBOX and MSF files to EML in bulk without encountering any error.
  4. Export Thunderbird attachments, contacts, calendars and other related properties.
  5. Gives you a preview of all emails and attachments connected to your Thunderbird.
  6. This app is valuable for forensic scientists as they can see the hex and raw data of emails.
  7. You can include the email headers of emails while converting them to the EML file format.
  8. You can use search function to find specific emails or attachments from specific address.

Note: The functions described are only a small insight. So, take a look at all of the ones that we haven’t disclosed yet and to know them we recommend you run the Thunderbird Folders to EML Converter.

In Conclusion

You can now convert Thunderbird to EML in just a few moments, even with large amounts of data. The Thunderbird to EML Converter is the one that will make you do it. This app is fully automated and requires just a few clicks from you during the task. So if you want to export Thunderbird to EML as easily as possible, you must give this tool a try.