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Export Gmail to Webmail Including All Folders and Related Attributes

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Do you want to save all your Gmail data to your Webmail account so that you may continue to use your email even if you stop using Gmail? If this is the case, you must first export Gmail to Webmail. Yes, this is a feasible option, and we will show how you can make it happen. Therefore, let us begin.

To begin, Webmail is a web-based email service; its advantages include the fact that it does not require any special software to access. You may view them from anywhere as long as you have a web browser and an internet connection.

In addition, the webmail are various such as Roundcube, squirrel mail and horde and many more. We have examined these contemplating the fact that your solution should be one that the spite of the fact that whatever one you are utilising can support all and achieve your work as easy as feasible.

Thus, we give you a solution that allows you to export Gmail to any Webmail client, regardless of which one you are currently using. Therefore, have a look at that truly remarkable and all-in-one solution.

Discover the Most Beneficial Method to Export Gmail to Webmail

Gmail email backup Assistance; this is the option that is capable of completing your work in the simplest manner feasible. It’s an incredible tool with an abundance of incredible features. To begin, it enables you to export folders from any number of Gmail accounts simultaneously with batch data export.

In addition, no matter how large your data is you will only need to follow the process once in order to export entire data at once

So, let us tell you the whole process that is related with the program and that you must go through to export Gmail to ProtonMail, Roundcube, Horde or other Webmail. So, we supply you with the step by step approach, and all you have do is look at each one to find out what they required you to accomplish.

Detailed Manual to Export Emails from Gmail to Webmail Accounts

  • By clicking on the link, you may download the Gmail to Webmail migration tool on your Windows-compatible device. Install it in the sequence specified.


  • To export Gmail to Webmail, launch the application.

launch the gmail to webmail migration tool

  • On the menu bar, click Open, and then select Add Account from the drop-down box.

click open select add account

  • Enter your Gmail username and password, as well as the IMAP and port numbers for your account, and then click the Add.

enter gmail account credentials

  • After adding a Gmail account, you’ll notice that the left pane of the application has began loading all of the account folders.

loaded folders

  • This step may provide a preview of your Gmail emails and their related characteristics.

preview gmail data

  • Select the Export tab and then IMAP from the list of available saving choices.

click export select imap

  • Select the checkboxes shown before the Gmail folders that you wish to move to Webmail.

select gmail folders

  • Enable the various options for a more effective output.

include email headers

  • Enter the email address and password for your Webmail account. Additionally, provide the Hotmail IMAP address and port number. Finally, click Save to initiate the migration.

enter webmail credentials and click save to export gmail to webmail

This step completes the migration procedure.

After learning how the Gmail to Webmail transfer tool works, it’s time to learn about some of its extra perks. We’d now like to discuss some of its outstanding features and the value they may generate for you. Therefore, have a look at them.

Know More about the Gmail to Webmail Migration Tool

  • The user interface of this approach is extremely basic and intuitive, which means that even non-tech aware individuals can use it.
  • You may export data from an unlimited number of Gmail accounts in the programme.
  • You may choose and deselect folders to transfer only the most critical ones.
  • Export Gmail to Webmail in bulk / simultaneously export all Gmail account folders.
  • Gmail attachments, contacts, and other associated elements may be migrated to Webmail.
  • Gmail to webmail migration tool provides a preview of all Gmail emails & attachments.
  • Gmail to Webmail Migrator enables you to see Gmail emails in hex and raw format.
  • When migrating, you can add the email header to check the email route.
  • It is entirely self-contained and compatible with any version of Windows, old or new.

Note: These are only a sampling of the features; there are many more that you should be aware of, and the best way to do so is to utilise the tool.

In Conclusion

We’ve provided you with one of the most advantageous and practical methods to export Gmail to Webmail. It’s an incredible approach with a plethora of incredible capabilities that you may utilize for a variety of objectives. It is efficient in that it exports data in batches, that it exports data from any number of Gmail accounts, and that it gives the necessary outputs. You must also note that when you purchase its license version you may also migrate Gmail to Zimbra, Gmail to Exchange server and other platforms as well. So, quickly download and start working on your task.