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Migrate Gmail to Zimbra Directly In Easiest Way Including All Properties & Mailboxes

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Do you wish to migrate Gmail to Zimbra? Well, we wish you to help you with that.

We all know that data transfer from one account to another is fairly common these days, but finding a solution for the same is difficult and time-consuming. Plus occasionally you came away empty-handed due to the solution’s unavailability or the unavailability of the features you want in your end solution.

However, such things are not going to happen here. You will find the solution and all the functions you need for it.

So, let’s take a look at what you’re going to get here.

  • An automated solution to migrate Gmail to Zimbra.
  • The simplest method for migrating entire mailboxes to Zimbra.
  • Features that enable data migration; Over speeding, Reliable, Appropriate

So, these are the important things you’ll find on our website. So, let us begin by presenting you to one of the most effective methods for migrating Gmail to Zimbra.

Gmail Folder to Zimbra Migration Tool: An All-in-one Data Migrator

Our best recommendation for you is Gmail Backup Wizard. It’s a fantastic app with fantastic and advanced features for you. This is an app that is specifically intended for Gmail data migration, so users who wish to backup their emails or switch accounts may do so with ease.

To migrate Gmail to Zimbra, all you have to do in this app is add an account, as many as you want, and then choose the storage option you want. That’s it; this Gmail Folder to Zimbra Migration Tool will take care of the rest.

So, let us walk you through the process of adding an account and choosing your saving options. We will provide you with a detailed guide. So, don’t skip any steps and double-check what you need to accomplish at each stage.

Detailed Guide to Migrate Gmail to Zimbra Using Suggested Method

  • Download the Gmail folder to Zimbra migration Tool to the device you want to migrate Gmail files to Zimbra on. Install it by following to the given instruction.

download software

  • Launch the Gmail folder to Zimbra migrator to begin the process.


  • Click on open tab, and then choose Add Account from the drop-down box.


  • Enter your Gmail address and password, enter IMAP and port for your account, then click Add button


  • Once you’ve added a Gmail account, you’ll see that all of the account folders have started to load on the left pane of the tool.


  • Here, you can preview your Gmail emails and associated properties.


  • You can also get an additional view of your message like raw view, hex view etc.


  • Now click on the Export tab and then select IMAP from the various storage options.


  • Give a check on Gmail folders that you want to migrate in Zimbra.


  • Enable the various options for getting more effective output


  • Enter Zimbra email address and password. Also enter IMAP address and port number for Zimbra


  • Lastly, click the Save button to finally begin the migration. Once the Migration is complete, you will get the portal “Open Folder” to access the backup account directly from the tool.


Your task is now completely done.

Now that you’ve gone through the process, we recommend that you focus on a few other qualities of the tool. We bring you some of the primary features now. They are able to tell you what this app is capable of and why it may prove to be the best option for you.

Gmail Folder to Zimbra Migrator: Discover its Primary Functions

  • You can add any number of Gmail accounts in the tool to migrate data at the same time.
  • You can migrate the selected folder and deselect the entire unnecessary folder.
  • Migrate Gmail to Zimbra account in bulk with no restrictions, errors or slow process.
  • Migrate the entire folder such as Inbox, Outbox, Inbox and other related folders.
  • Migrate attachments, contacts, calendar and other related properties of the Gmail account.
  • This app also gives you a one-click preview of Gmail emails and other related properties.
  • It also gives you a preview of the raw, hex view and message header of all Gmail emails.
  • It contains the email header of all Gmail emails before they are migrated to the Zimbra.

Note: As mentioned in the header, the functions discussed are only primary and therefore only a few of many. So we recommend that you run the tool if you are ready to explore all of its other great and advanced features.

In Conclusion

Migrate Gmail to Zimbra in the easiest way and in no time, including all properties and mailboxes. The Gmail folder to Zimbra migrator is an all-in solution designed with ease of use in mind. So, if you prefer an amazing and easy journey even with such a data migration, this tool is a must to try.