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Learn How to Convert vCard / VCF File to CSV Format – Stepwise Guide

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A CSV is an excel sheet file that stores all your data in number and text. Mainly CSV is used to maintain data for years such as financial, employees’ records, etc. The vCard is an electronic business card file stored in your email. Do you want to convert the vCard file containing exported contacts into CSV files? Looking for a complete guide to change vCard to CSV step-by-step ?

If you say yes in the affirmation, my friend, you have landed on the right page.

In this blog post, you will learn a straightforward way to convert multiple vCard files to CSV format that you can later import into Google sheet, Excel, Apple, and more.

So, here we begin!

What’s the Need to Convert vCard to CSV Format ?

As we all know, vCard (.vcf) is a widely used file format for email contacts. When export contacts from an email or address book application, they are often saved as .vcf files.

It is sometimes stressful with a vCard file as you can’t open VCF files directly on your PC or computer. Also, mostly one contact is saved as a vCard file that takes up much space on the system.

If you want to view your contacts in a spreadsheet, you can convert the .vcf file to a comma-separated values (.csv) file.

Before knowing the best solution for multiple vCard to CSV conversion, let’s look at some user queries on how do I convert vCard to CSV.

“I am a MS Outlook user and work as a technical support. I receive multiple vCard files every day about the customer information. Since Outlook reads one vCard file irrespective of the number of contacts, I plan to convert my entire vCard file to CSV format. Can someone tell me good software to convert multiple vCard to CSV at once?”

–         Laurence Shaw, Technical Support

–         Do you know?

Lotus Notes and Mac products often read multiple contacts from a single vCard file but are limited to a specific data length. That is, if your vCard file contains 200 contacts, they can only read 100 contacts.

The above scenarios clearly explain the limitations of the vCard file and the need to convert CSV to vCard. So, now, let’s talk about the best method to convert multiple vCard files to CSV.

Is there any Manual Solution to Change VCF to CSV Contacts ?

Before we jump to the world-famous solution for converting vCard contacts to CSV, let’s clear out some facts.

  • If you are looking for a manual solution to convert VCF to CSV, not a single available.
  • Some software converts a single vCard to CSV once a time that is again time-consuming.
  • Some solutions change the information within the vCard file after the conversion is done.

To overcome all the limitations mentioned above and use the best vCard to CSV converter software, read the following section.

Best vCard to CSV Converter to Change Multiple vCard Contacts to CSV 

If you want to convert your vCard file to CSV format quickly and straightforwardly, use DotStella vCard to Outlook Converter software. It is professional third party software to resolve the following user queries:

  • How to convert vCard to CSV automatically?
  • How do I convert VSF to CSV files without loss of any information?
  • Can I convert VCF contacts to a CSV file?
  • How to convert multiple VCF files into CSV?
  • What is the step-by-step process to export vCard to CSV?

Now, VCF to CSV converter software free download allows users to test the software functionality and features.

Making the use of the best vCard to CSV converter, you have the following perks:

  • See the vCard address file description in a special preview window.
  • After contacting VCF for CSV conversion, set any location.
  • Browse all sizes of the task’s vCard / VCF file.
  • Unlimited contacts are exported using the application
  • No changes or data loss during the export process
  • Complete export of CSV details, including images, email addresses, etc.
  • Quick search mode for finding information in vCard files.
  • 100% secure platform for exporting contacts from VCF file to CSV.

Step-by-Step Guide to Export vCard to CSV Files in few Minutes

Follow a few steps to quickly change multiple vCard to CSV using the Pro solution VCF to CSV converter software.

  • Run the best vCard to CSV converter software on a Windows machine.

download software

  • Go to Open tab then select Choose Files or Choose Folders option.click open tab
  • Browse vCard files from your system and then tap on the Select Folder button.browse vcard folders
  • Now, preview the required vCard file on the software interface.preview vcard contacts
  • Next, go to the Export option and select CSV from the file format section.select csv as saving option

Then, specify a location to get the results after the conversion and tap on the Save button. After a few minutes, you will receive a complete conversion message. The software also opens your filled destination location. Get 100% accurate results!

The Conclusion

Converting contacts from one format to another is not a challenging task anymore. The above guide provides you a safe and easy way to convert vCard to CSV.

Users can also take a free trial of the software and then switch to the license edition to convert multiple VCF files to CSV as well as other alternatives like HTML, Office 365, Excel, Text and more.