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Read How to Convert vCard / VCF Contacts to Excel on Windows

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Excel files have prolific use for businesses in terms of data storage, analyses, and management. A file with .xls can store from complex to simple data efficiently. The wider benefits of Excel files to businesses and professionals can be a reason for the switch from vCard to Excel format. There can be other better reasons for someone to convert vCard to Excel file.

After you decide to change vCard to Excel, the big question is the best way to vCard to XLS format?

How to convert .vcf to .xls is one of the most common questions asked by users every time. If you are also wondering about converting vCard to Excel in windows, welcome the ultimate DotStella vCard to Excel conversion guide.

Overview on Eminent Solution to Convert vCard to Excel

Here, we will talk about the top-most solution to convert VCF into XLS properly with all information. Once vCard to XLS conversion is done, users have the freedom to open Excel files in various OS and email applications such as Gmail, Outlook, and more.

So, let’s bang on the knowledge to convert VCF to Excel file format quickly without delay.

Why User Choose Excel File Over vCard Format? Top Reasons

Excel is a spreadsheet program that allows storing, analysing and organizing information in binary format. In the present time, Excel is a dominant file format used by all business professionals. Many primary reasons are responsible for preferring Excel over vCard; some of them are listed below:

  • Great for budgeting: It’s hard to deny any better file format than Excel for company budgeting. According to research, more than 70% of the organisation depends on Excel sheets for their company budget data.

In comparison to vCard, Excel is the more commonly used file format.

  • Data Management: The File with .xls extension not only stores data but also performs functions and formulas that help manage records. On the other hand, CSV doesn’t come with many options.
  • Easily accessible: One of the main advantages of Excel is platform independence. It means a .xls file can easily be open in Google Sheets, Windows Computer, and many more.

After discussing the primary reasons to change vCard to Excel, let’s move on to the standard solution to convert vCard file to Excel format.

Professional Method to Convert vCard to Excel with Complete Information

Start with a Free Trial

The best way to convert vCard to Excel is using dynamic vCard Converter software. DotStella also comes with an expert vCard to Excel converter tool to free download to convert .vcf to .xls format.

vCard to Excel free download allows changing 10 vCard files to Excel format with all information. Using the trial edition, you get to learn about the software functionality and features.

Once you understand the application, switch to its pro edition and convert multiple vCard contacts to Excel without any restriction.

Read More About the Best vCard to Excel Converter

Let’s first inform you that converting vCard into Excel manually is not possible at all. It is why to let’s introduce you to an expert solution to change VCF to XLS easily.

Download DotStella vCard to Outlook Converter software. It is a complete and safe solution to change multiple vCard to XLS with information associated.

The application has a consistent interface and easy-to-follow working procedure. It can be easily used by any beginner, professional, business, and more.

VCF to XLS Converter application comes with much-advanced functionality helpful for the user to transfer vCard to Excel.

First, let’s know the step-by-step working of vCard to Excel converter to export VCF into XLSX/ XLS format.

Steps to Convert VCF File to Excel XLS / XSLX Format

These are quite a few steps to convert vCard to Excel file that is mentioned below:

download software

  • Go to the Open Tab and select from Choose File or Choose Folder to browse the vCard file from your system.click open tab
  • The software analyze the picked vCard file/ folder and after that list in the left pane.loaded files
  • Now, click on any of the vCard files and get the detailed preview with all contact information.view vcard contacts
  • To convert vCard to Excel, go to the Export option in the menu and select CSV as the saving.select csv saving option

Go to the browse tab and specify a location in your system. Click on the Save button at last, and the process of changing vCard to XLS started. Users can check the complete conversion status in the software window with file count.

That’s all for the simple vCard to Excel conversion process.

Exceptional Features Offered by vCard to Excel Conversion Tool

We have earlier mentioned that the best VCF to XLS software comes with many vital features. Take a tour of the list:

  • Convert bulk VCF to Excel file: The best utility to convert vCard to Excel format is a stand-alone and multiple vCard files to XLS straightforwardly.
  • View Information and Contacts:There is a unique preview window provided by vCard to XLS Converter that helps you check all contact data correctly.
  • Compact View:This feature of the software is available to hide the system folder and highlight only required vCard files and Folders for the conversion process.
  • Search Mode:Another magnificent feature of the tool is that there is a dual search mode. Quick Search helps to find words in many VCARD files. Forensic Investigators can take the help of powerful options in advanced Search.
  • Extract Option:There is an easy way to extract attachments from contact files, including phone numbers, email addresses, using the convenient extraction option.

Bottom Line

If you are tired of looking for solutions to convert vCard to Excel format, read the above guide. It narrates a superb solution for properly converting vCard to XLS with all information.

For user convenience, a complete step-by-step section is placed to change VCF to XLS easily.