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Convert PNG to JPG Files In Batch Without Reducing Size

Admin ~ Published: 19-Jul-2022 ~ Convert Data ~ 4 Minutes Reading

With their lossy compression, PNG may sacrifice quality, while JPGs may reduce huge pictures into more manageable file sizes. This may speed up page loading speeds and is useful if you don’t have a lot of disc space to work with. This is only one advantage JPG has over PNG. Therefore, you may still alter the photos if you believe that JPG is preferable than PNG. This post intends to provide you with a simple method to convert PNG to JPG. So go through the method to learn all there is to know about it.

Why Should You Convert PNG Files to JPG?

  • To keep high-quality digital photographs with a lot of information and colour, JPGs are the best. They reduce the size of enormous images, making them simpler to post and distribute online.
  • Given its extensive use, JPG files may be viewed and edited using a broad range of apps and operating systems, so you probably won’t need any specialist software to deal with them.
  • JPGs are very popular among photographers and enterprises with extensive picture archives. JPEGs may maintain a well organised picture library with short file-opening times.

The Best Way to Convert PNG to JPG Without Losing Quality?

DotStella Image File Converter is the most efficient Image converter, capable to convert PNG image to JPG as well as other saving choices. The utility is incredibly efficient and intends to concurrently convert hundreds of photos into JPG/JPEG files without lowering size. You may use it to convert large PNG files to JPG on any Windows-compatible device without any problems. You must read the step-by-step instructions below to understand what you must do while running the application.

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Steps to Convert PNG image to JPG/JPEG Files in Bulk

  • Download the PNG file to JPG Converter onto the device. Then, you need immediately install and use it in order to convert PNG files to JPG free.download png file to jpg converter
  • Now, in the top menu, choose the “Open” tab and click it. Select “PNG Files” from the menu that drops down from the top. When the additional option appears, choose either Choose Files or Choose Folders.choose png files or folders
  • Once the chosen files have been uploaded to the left pane of the application, you will have the option to preview all of the files before you change PNG to JPG.preview png files
  • Then, go to the tab labelled “Export,” and use the drop-down menu to choose “JPG” files as the kind of file you want to save.select jpg as saving option
  • Clicking the “Browse” option will allow you to choose the location where your newly created files will be stored. After that, you may convert PNG to JPG by clicking the Save.click save to convert png to jpg files

That sums up all that needs to be said. Following these steps is all that is required of you to successfully convert your files to JPG on Windows. You will be alerted as soon as the conversion of all of the files has been completed.

Learn more About the PNG File to JPG Converter Tool

  • Data Selection Mode: There are two options for selecting and uploading PNG files to the software. You will be able to pick individual files, accompanied by the option to select folders.
  • Bulk Conversion: The tool has the ability to convert a massive number of image files at once. You may convert PNG to JPG in bulk without any restrictions or lags in the transfer process.
  • Images Preview: You may look at PNG files with the PNG image to JPG converter before converting them to JPG. It will help you choose the appropriate files to convert.
  • System Requirements: This application is compatible with all Windows-based devices. You may add PNG image to JPG on Windows versions 11, 10, 8.1, 8, and lower.
  • Independent: You do not need to download additional settings in order to convert PNG file to JPG since the PNG image to JPG converter is self-sufficient.


A very helpful and straightforward tool to convert PNG to JPG files is the DotStella image converter software. It comes with a demo edition that, to a limited extent, enables you to convert PNG file to JPG as well as to GIF, TIFF, WEBP, BMP, and other formats. By clicking the aforementioned link, you may download the tool and start working on your conversion right away.