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Bulk Convert PNG File to BMP Without Losing Transparency

Admin ~ Published: 26-Jul-2022 ~ Convert Data ~ 4 Minutes Reading

The quality of BMP and PNG files is virtually identical. However, because of how BMP manage pixels and their raw structure, they have significantly superior quality. Furthermore, BMP preserves the original colour and quality of the image. As a result, in many circumstances, bitmap graphics outperform PNG. This article is created for individuals who need to convert PNG file to BMP file for better picture use. Continue scrolling down to find the best option for your conversion.

Discover Some Benefits of Bitmap Files

  • Each BMP file is device-independent, which means that it may be saved and shown on a variety of displays and devices without suffering any degradation in image quality.
  • The BMP format is extremely flexible, since it can include a wide variety of colour levels, patterns, and alpha channels in a single file. It can also facilitate data compression.
  • BMP files may be viewed in a wide variety of web browsers and software applications. This file type is supported by a number of different image editing tools, one of which being Adobe Photoshop.

A Hassle-free Way to Convert PNG File to BMP (Bitmap) Files

DotStella Image Converter is a quick and safe solution to convert PNG to BMP without losing transparency. It maintains image quality during conversion and achieves the intended output. It can batch convert PNG image to BMP on any device that supports the Windows Operating System. You may get the utility for free by clicking the link above, and it can convert PNG file to bitmap to a limited degree. The tool’s operation and the conversion of an unlimited number of PNG files are described in depth in the following step-by-step instructions. Please study them to ensure a smooth changeover.

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How to Convert PNG Image to Bitmap: Detailed Instructions

  • Go to the given URL and download the PNG to BMP image converter to convert PNG file to BMP. Then, install and run it on your machine.download png to bmp converter
  • Pick PNG file from the drop-down box after clicking the Open tab. You may explore all PNG files and submit them to the tool by selecting Choose Files or Choose Folders.choose files or folders
  • After you’ve imported all of the necessary PNG files into the software, you may preview them before converting them.preview images
  • Now, go to the Export tab and choose BMP from the saving choices drop down box.select bmp saving option
  • Select a location for the files and then click the Save button to convert from PNG to BMP.click save to convert png file to bmp
  • The converting procedure will begin when you click the Save button. You will be contacted once all PNG files have been converted.conversion completion

This tool has a number of features that can help you transform data in a way that is both easier and more dependable. We thus urge you to examine them in order to comprehend the numerous justifications for why our PNG to BMP Converter is appropriate to convert PNG image into BMP.

Explore Some Functions of the PNG to BMP Converter

  • Dual File Selection: This PNG to BMP image converter’ dual file selection function makes it simple to pick files for conversion. You can pick individual PNG files or folders holding several pictures for conversion.
  • Conversion in Mass: The tool offers the capability to convert PNG file to BMP files in mass. Simply choose as many files as you’d like and convert them all at once.
  • Integrated Preview Function: An image analysis tool is integrated within the PNG to BMP Converter. Before converting them to BMP pictures, you may check any of your PNG files.
  • Stand-alone: The utility may be used on its own without the need to download any extra settings in order to convert PNG image to bitmap. With a few clicks on your end, it operates for free.
  • Compatibility with Devices: You may convert BMP to PNG without losing transparency on every Windows OS version, including Windows 11, 10, 8.1, 8, 7, and any lower version, without difficulty.


The PNG to BMP Converter appears to be a practical choice to convert PNG file to BMP. It is a comprehensive solution with many benefits that makes it simple to effectively convert PNG file to bitmap. There is also a trial version available, although it only permits very little conversion. If you buy the licencing version, you can convert PNG files to JPG, GIF, WEBP, TIFF, and more formats. Therefore, before starting your task, get the software’s free version.