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Convert PNG File to PSD For Effectively Modifying Specific Part of the Image

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The PNG format does not support numerous pictures in a single file, but the PSD format does. This enables you to modify numerous photos in a single file. So, if you need to edit photographs with layers and discover that PSD files are better for the job than PNG ones, you may convert them. This post describes how to convert PNG file to PSD; keep reading for a quick answer.

Why Might It Be a Good Idea to Use the PSD Files?

  • The ability to preserve different layers of an image is a pro. Because of this, you will have the ability to make modifications to specific parts of the file at a later time.
  • You are free to return to editing at any time. When you save a copy of the document, you give yourself permission to make any changes you like to the original file.
  • When dealing with a PSD picture, it is considerably simpler for experienced Photoshop users who have a solid grasp of the many editing tools that are available.
  • You are able to save the finished file in any format that is most suitable for you (PNG, JPG, etc.).

How to Convert PNG File to PSD? The Best Solution

DotStella Image Converter is one of the most effective tool to convert PNG to PSD. The application’s sole purpose is to convert photos to various formats. Thus, you can be certain that the application can convert PNG image to PSD, but if you wish to convert your PNG photographs to another format, this tool is still beneficial. It is an all-in-one application with a plethora of advanced features that can facilitate the converting process. To understand how to convert your photographs with the toolkit, we propose that you first review the procedure below.

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Complete Steps to Convert PNG to PSD 

  • Download the PNG to PSD Converter onto a Windows-based computer. Install it, then run it, to convert PNG image to PSD.download png to psd converter
  • From the menu bar, select the Open After you’ve selected your PNG files, click the Choose files or Choose folders option and go to the files you want to convert.choose files or folders
  • You will be able to preview the chosen PNG files once the program’s left pane has displayed all of the files in the selection.preview png files
  • At this point, you have to select the Export Select PSD so that you may convert PNG to PSD.select psd as saving option
  • After that, pick the location where you want your files to be saved by clicking the Browse option. When you are finished, click the Save button to convert PNG file to PSD.click save to convert png to psd
  • The conversion process will take a few moments, and as soon as it is finished, you will be alerted of its completion.conversion completion

So, using the finest PNG to PSD converter application, you may convert a PNG to a PSD in this manner. Now, we’d like to demonstrate you some of the tool’s characteristics to help you understand it better. You must examine the following features to discover why this tool is perfect for you.

Discover Some Traits of the PNG to PSD Converter

  • Simple to Use & Secured: To begin, we would like to inform you that the user interface of the PNG to PSD Converter is basic and intuitive. Furthermore, this tool is quite dependable and will keep your data protected throughout the conversion procedure.
  • Convert PNG to PSD in Batch: You may convert PNG file to PSD files in mass with this tool. It is possible to convert an unlimited number of files at the same time.
  • Manual Selection: During PNG conversion, the application allows you to manually choose folders. You can select all that require conversion and deselect those that do not.
  • Compatible with the Following Operating Systems: The tool is compatible with Windows systems. Furthermore, you may convert PNG to PSD on any version of Windows, including Windows 11, 10, 8, 7, and earlier.
  • Location Selection: The PNG to PSD Converter does not force you to save your files in a certain destination, but rather allows you to specify a location for your created files.


To quickly and safely convert PNG file to PSD file, we have provided you with the greatest PNG to PSD converter. The application is completely dependable and preserves image quality throughout conversion. It can convert PNG image to PSD in a few simple steps and in mass. The application gives you a lot of different saving choices in addition to PSD files. Among other formats, the utility allows you to convert PNG files to JPG, GIF, TIFF and EPS. Download the tool from the URL above and use it to complete your assignment.