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How to Convert GIF to PSD With Layers? The Best Answer

Admin ~ Published: 15-Jul-2022 ~ Convert Data ~ 4 Minutes Reading

A PSD file is a file that contains an image that supports most Photoshop imaging capabilities, such as layers with masks, CMYK Mode, colour spaces, ICC profiles, transparency, alpha channels, text and spot colours, clipping paths, and duotone settings. Accompanying picture formats, such as GIF, solely save the image and no other data. Therefore, if you desire layers, masks, and other features, you must convert GIF to PSD.

PSD Files Provide a Number of Advantages.

  • PSDs may keep up to 30,000 pixels in both their height and width, which means they can contain a significant amount of color and picture quality information despite their relatively small size.
  • They are one of the few picture formats that can have their content edited over several layers, which means that numerous images may be superimposed on top of one another and independently modified.
  • PSD files may be imported with little effort into other Adobe applications such as Illustrator and Premiere Pro.

An Outstanding Way to Convert GIF to PSD Files

DotStella Image Converter is the only and most ideal tool for converting GIF and various other image files to a multitude of other alternative storing options. It can change GIF file to PSD files with layers without requiring many steps. It allows you to convert GIF animation to PSD in bulk while maintaining picture quality. Therefore, you should be aware that regardless of the volume of your photographs, you may convert them in a short period of time. We recommend that you follow the thorough instructions below in order to comprehend the necessary actions.

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Detailed Instructions for Converting GIF Files to PSD

  • Download the GIF to PSD converter onto your personal computer. To install, make sure to follow the instructions that appear on-screen. Following the installation, you will be able to use it to convert GIF to PSD.download gif to psd converter
  • Once the tool has been started, go to the Open tab, and then choose the GIF file to work with. Choose either the choose file or the choose folder option in order to browse for and upload files to the tool.choose gif files or folders
  • When you have finished transferring all of your files to the application to convert GIF to PSD, you will have the option to preview them, if required.preview gif images
  • After you have done analyzing your images, select PSD as the type of file you wish to save by going to the Export tab.select psd as saving option
  • Now, select a spot on your computer to save the newly created files, and then click the “Save” button to convert GIF file to PSD file.click save to convert gif to psd

All of your GIF files will be converted to PSD format in a couple of seconds. Once the conversion is complete, you will be informed. Now that the conversion is complete, you may continue to learn more about the GIF file to PSD converter application. For a better understanding of the best tool to convert GIF to PSD, please review the following list of major functions.

Read More About the GIF to PSD Converter Tool

  • Mode of Data Selection: Depending on the magnitude of your data, you have two options for submitting GIF files for conversion. You can pick a single GIF or, if you have a large amount of data, you can upload folders containing many GIF files.
  • Conversion Capacity: If you wish to convert an endless quantity of data at once, this tool is ideal. You may use it to mass convert GIF to PSD. The application is effective and secure, and it retains image quality during mass conversion.
  • Analyze Function: Before converting a GIF to a PSD file, you will have the ability to examine and evaluate it. The tool’s integrated viewer allows you to examine all of your GIF files.
  • Path to Destination: Before converting a GIF animation to a PSD file, the tool prompts you to select the location. Using the Browse option, you may designate a place to save the generated PSD files.


PSD files are more handy than GIF files if you wish to alter your photos layer by layer. In order to meet your needs, we’ve provided you with an excellent solution to convert GIF to PSD file. The most effective tool is the DotStella image file converter. It can convert numerous GIF files to other formats, including EPS, SVG, BMP, AI, WEBP, and more. You must download the free utility from the aforementioned URL and use it to convert your files.